A Look at Guardian Angels

Although the idea of spiritual beings has been present since ancient times, the contemporary, popular image of the guardian angel is relatively new in historical terms. Very early in human history the belief in spirits, or animism, was universal. Primitive man did not believe in fundamentally all-good or all-evil entities; rather, spirits possessed a form… [Read More]

Brief History of Angels

When you hear the term “angel”, what image enters your mind? For hundreds of years, the western angel has been represented in art as a human with wings, usually adorned with a white robe and sometimes with armor and sword. The angel is depicted as an agent of God and as a force of divine… [Read More]

Feng Shui Explained for Skeptics

If you’re skeptical when it comes to New Age ideas, old age mysticism and psychic concerns, you may be equally doubtful about whether feng shui is a genuine rather than dubious concept. The idea that the placement and design of objects could alter the future may seem outlandish and obscure. Yet, many people swear that… [Read More]

A Brief History of Sanskrit

Anyone who has begun to explore spirituality or seek out the origin of particular words eventually runs into and ancient language called ‘Sanskrit’. The words ‘yoga’ and ‘chakras‘ trace their origin back to Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language of special interest to many linguistic, historical, and religious circles. Although many consider Sanskritic a… [Read More]

Who Was Buddha?

Gautama Buddha (also known as Siddhartha Gautama Buddha) was a spiritual leader from the country of India whose teachings later helped for the religion of Buddhism. The specific word Buddha is used to describe the first period of awakening for the followers of Buddhism as well. Gautama Buddha is referred to in the Buddhist religion… [Read More]

Difference Between The Old And New Testaments

The Old Testament and New Testament comprise the two parts of the Christian Bible. They are both similar in that they each share the same format of books with chapters and verses. The Old Testament, however, comes first not only in the Bible itself but also in the historical time it was written. Dates are… [Read More]