Psychic Specialists

Every once in awhile, you may find yourself seeking ‘special’ assistance from a psychic specialist – a reader who may have a special touch with a particular skill or an affinity with a particular topic. Below are some psychic readers who seem to have such talents.

psychic finders Psychic Finders – Lost an item? Seeking hints about a long, lost lover? Want some paranormal help finding someone, perhaps a family member or old friend … even a pet? Then, these psychics may prove to be very helpful. Using psychic finders is actually more popular than most know

Christian psychic readingsChristian Psychic – Although it is difficult for some Christians to accept, there is a long history of devote Christian mystics and psychics, Edgar Cayce and Jeane Dixon, to mention a couple of modern readers. If working with a Christian psychic is something that you’d enjoy, then go visit.

ghost helpGhost Help – Have you seen a ghost? Maybe you found the experience disturbing (or maybe exciting) and want to talk with someone experienced in ghostly phenomena? These psychics have direct experience in dealing with ghosts, spirits and related events. Want insights or help with a haunting? Why not speak with someone who truly understands that such things are possible. It is also fun to check out’s collection of ghost stories.

rune stone readingsRunestone Readings – Rune stones are one of the most under appreciated, and historically controversial, forms of divination. Runes divination is very similar to tarot, in that you can ask any specific questions of the Runes. And, rune stones, like tarot, seems to tap into a readers clairvoyant gifts. Have questions about love, money, family? Try a runestone reading. Learn more about Rune Stones.

gay psychic readingsGay Psychic Readings – For many in the LGBT community, it can be helpful when sharing personal information to know that the listener honestly understands what it is like being gay or bi-sexual or transgender. Although, ALL psychics understand what it is like to be thought of as ‘different’ and/or ‘disliked’ just for being who they are. Still, if you wish a psychic reading with someone who can relate to your sexual perspective, go visit.

psychic numerologyPsychic Numerology – At one time, in Ancient Greece, almost NO venture was undertaken without first consulting with a professional numerologist. Numerology was used to find compatible mates; for financial timing; where one should live and/or where a business should be located; when a wedding should be held to promote the most harmony. Numerology is one of the oldest, and (according to believers) one of the most potent forms of divination. Check out History of Numerology.

psychic angel readingsAngel Readings – Those who correspond with angels can be found throughout history. Celestial beings, spiritual beings, angels, call them what you will, have been assisting earthly beings since before recorded history … sometimes in the open, sometimes in secret. What messages do these loving beings have for you? Try talking with a reader who honestly feels they work with angels. You might be surprised at what you learn.

after death readingsAfter Death Contact – Contacting those who have crossed over to the other side is one of most controversial aspects of psychic readings – not to mention the controversy over if there is life after death. (Check out Scientist Who Discovered The Afterlife). However, it is hard to deny that gifted psychics do seem able to provide some astounding information only our departed loved ones could know. Check out this psychic medium and clairvoyant for contacting those who moved to the spirit realm.

psychic crystal readingsCrystal Readings – Crystal readings are another form of divination pre-dating human history. Scrying, or crystallomancy, is one of the most common types of crystal readings. Nostradamus is considered one of the most famous scryers (using a bowl of water rather than a crystal ball) to seeing both into the future and past events. If you wish a reading with a true crystal reading, this psychic is worth contacting.

reincarnationReincarnation Readings – Have you lived a previous life? Could a previous life be influencing your current circumstances? Those who believe in and/or study reincarnation say various souls choose to reincarnate together. They may gather as a family; or be drawn to a time and place to gather; or seek to find each other in similar lines of work. Incidents of remembering a past life is more common than most know. Could knowing about a past life assist you in better understanding an attraction to a certain individual? Talk with a past life psychic specialist – you may be impressed with what you discover.

psychic shaman JoyShaman Psychic – With a shaman psychic you are going to receive a unique psychic reading experience, especially with a psychic who has studied with medicine men and with those who are versed in the Celtic traditions. You will also be connecting with a reader who has a deep appreciation with Nature, as well as the spirits that inhabit all life.

Free Help Picking PsychicPsychic Selection – Finding the perfect psychic for your questions or your needs can sometime be challenging. That’s why Psychic Selection offers free help picking the right psychic for your needs. Really a great, free service. You call them, live support listens to your needs and questions, and together you arrive a good psychic to help you answers. For more on this topic you may want to check out Finding the Perfect Psychic