What Do Angels Have to Do With Christmas?

You see them on top of Christmas trees every year, but what do they have to do with Christmas? Why are angels a part of our annual holiday celebration? If you are familiar with the Christian background of Christmas, you know that angels play a prominent role in the Christmas story about the birth of… [Read More]

Brief History of Angels

When you hear the term “angel”, what image enters your mind? For hundreds of years, the western angel has been represented in art as a human with wings, usually adorned with a white robe and sometimes with armor and sword. The angel is depicted as an agent of God and as a force of divine… [Read More]

Tips On Contacting Your Angels

Communicating With Angels Is Easier Than You May Think Have you ever found yourself stopping right before you walk into the road only to have an unseen car rush by. Suddenly you know had you walked into the road you likely would have been hit by that car. Why, you might wonder, did I suddenly… [Read More]