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Are Cats Psychic?

Famed clairvoyant Jeane Dixon authored a book entitled, "Are Cats Psychic?" Although there is no definitive answer to this question, cat owners and psychic investigators are certain that the answer is yes. Cat lovers (as well as cat haters) can attest that a cat will be drawn almost magnetically to the one person in the… [Read More]

What to Expect From a Past Life Regression Session

Reincarnation is a belief held by many of the world’s major religions. Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism all hold beliefs in reincarnation. The major tenants of these religions are that the souls recycle after death.  To the individual, this belief means that they may have had a previous life experience. And, this life (or lives) may have… [Read More]

What Do People Believe About Reincarnation and Is It Real?

There are many different theories as to what happens to us after we die. Reincarnation is one of the earliest and longest-lasting conceptions of the afterlife. Its history is long and storied, and it has played a huge role in various different religions. But, what is reincarnation? And is reincarnation real? Let’s go through the history… [Read More]

A Guide to the Zodiac Symbols, Signs, and Dates

There has been a massive resurgence of interest in Astrology in the past few years. Learning about your Zodiac symbols, daily horoscope, and astrological profile is a comfort in times of strife. If you want to gain a better understanding of the Zodiac, keep reading. This article will explain sun, moon, and ascendant signs and how to interpret them…. [Read More]

Is There Such a Thing as a Haunted Doll?

Horror movies like Chuckie and The Conjuring have made haunted dolls a popular topic. Buying and selling haunted items online is incredibly easy. However, should you join in this paranormal practice? Continue reading to learn about the history of possessed dolls and how to make contact with a spirit. The History of Haunted Dolls The… [Read More]

Top 5 Most Surprising Facts About Eastern Philosophy

Buddhism has been around for more than 2,500 years. Most people have heard of Buddhism, but Buddhism is only a small fraction of Eastern philosophy and religion. Much of our world has been Westernized due to colonization, and we’ve lost touch with the influential ideals of the East. Diving deeper into Eastern philosophy opens a horizon of opportunities… [Read More]

Astrology 101: The Powerful Differences Between Your Rising and Sun Sign

Astrology has become more popular in recent years due to people turning away from organized religion and toward ancient practices that resonate with their spirits. Knowledge about astrology makes meeting new people interesting as you can dissect them and discuss their personalities. While Astrology 101 tells you about your personality, life path, and tips for creating a… [Read More]

Top 6 Big Benefits of Getting a Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readings have deep meanings behind them for you and your life. Here are the top 6 big benefits of getting a Tarot card reading you should know.

Psychic Readings: 6 Sure Signs It’s Absolutely Time to Call a Psychic

The benefits and advantages of getting a psychic reading are plentiful. Here are 6 sure signs it’s absolutely time to call a psychic.