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Are Cats Psychic?

Famed clairvoyant Jeane Dixon authored a book entitled, "Are Cats Psychic?" Although there is no definitive answer to this question, cat owners and psychic investigators are certain that the answer is yes. Cat lovers (as well as cat haters) can attest that a cat will be drawn almost magnetically to the one person in the… [Read More]

5 Ways a Pet Medium Can Improve Your Life

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most difficult things we can go through in life. Your pet was there for you when things got tough, they celebrated with you when you accomplished something, and they were by your side when no one else was. Now that they’ve passed on, we know that you… [Read More]

What to Expect During a Love Tarot Reading

If you have ever had your tarot cards read, you know it can be fun, informative and eerily accurate. Whether you sought them out yourself or partook in a reading at a social function, like a bridal shower or birthday party, you likely earned something. if you are thinking about getting your cards read, you… [Read More]

What’s Your Tree Sign? Everything You Need to Know About Celtic Druid Astrology

Celtic Druid Astrology and Your Tree Sign Sometimes, even if you like the zodiac, you just feel like your star sign doesn’t align with you. But there’s more than one form of astrology out there. Celtic astrology, for example, was created by the Druids sometime around 1000 BC. The Celts believed that we are all… [Read More]

Astrology Signs Can Help Direct Your Career Path: Here’s What You Need to Know

How Astrology Signs Can Help Direct Your Career Path Are you struggling to choose the best career or wondering if you made the right decision? Learn how astrology signs can help direct your career path. Finding your path in life does not come easily. It is a constant effort of balancing your desires and responsibilities… [Read More]

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Psychic

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Psychic There are many different reasons one can benefit from a psychic reading. We have compiled the top 3 reasons to help give you that extra push if you’ve been on the fence of getting a psychic reading. Understand Your Life Better We’ve all probably been in situations where… [Read More]

Holiday Magic

Holiday Magic You don’t need a psychic to tell you that the holidays can be stressful.  Especially if you’re wondering if the person you’re dating could be the one or if you told Santa you’re looking for someone to love.    “For most people, most of the time, dating is a lot of fun—especially if you’re dating… [Read More]

There’s a First Time for Everything

There’s a First Time for Everything Psychic Suzi takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge of the psychic realm with people, that’s why you’ll see her name at the top of many articles in the collection of free psychic articles offered byPsychics Directory.   Suzi understands that the majority of people have never had a psychic reading.  “When… [Read More]

No Library Card Needed

No Library Card Needed Cathy Mantis digs into some very interesting topics as one of the writers whose work you will find featured in the Psychics Directory library of free psychic articles.  Among the topics she has written about are Halloween: Christian and Pagan Syncretism, Truth and Misconceptions About Wicca & Witches and Fate in a Teacup: The Art of Tasseography.   Cathy… [Read More]