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Are Cats Psychic?

Famed clairvoyant Jeane Dixon authored a book entitled, "Are Cats Psychic?" Although there is no definitive answer to this question, cat owners and psychic investigators are certain that the answer is yes. Cat lovers (as well as cat haters) can attest that a cat will be drawn almost magnetically to the one person in the… [Read More]

A Guide to Chakra Balancing With Aromatherapy

Have you been feeling a little off or under the weather lately? If so, you might be in need of some chakra balancing. Read on to learn more about using aromatherapy to balance your chakras and improve your overall quality of life and well-being. What Are Chakras? Before we get into what you can do to… [Read More]

The Ultimate Intro to Crystal Cleansing

If you are new to using crystals, you might not be aware of how important the cleansing process is. Crystal cleansing isn’t about keeping them shiny but removing energies the emotions of other people or yourself have exposed them too. These energies can be released once the crystal is charged, or at any other time…. [Read More]

Wicca and The Divine Feminine

Of the thousands of religions, few have captured as much attention and notoriety as Wicca. The belief system, based on pre-Christian paganism, has been under attack for centuries. As is the case with many other religions, these attacks are largely based on gender and politics. What sets the Wicca apart from its predecessors is that… [Read More]

Finding the Spirit Guides to Navigate Your Journey

Everybody needs a little help from time to time. It would be nice to have someone on hand who understands what’s best for us. Someone who can show us the way to go. What a lot of people don’t realize is that they already have this person. We all do. They’re known as spirit guides,… [Read More]

What You Need To Know About Chi Meditation

Meditation is a powerful practice. It can enable you to relax physically and mentally and engage with your spirituality. It also can have many general health benefits. Chi meditation is a form of meditation that relaxes your body, mind, and spirit by focusing on the unity of the universe. Anyone who is interested in meditation… [Read More]

Am I Psychic? How To Determine If You Have Psychic Powers

Asking yourself “Am I psychic?”? Do you go through your day experiencing instances of on-point intuition or heightened physical sensitivity? It’s not a simple coincidence. Many of us exhibit psychic abilities. We all house a sixth sense that provides us with wisdom and guidance. There’s no shame in acknowledging your psychic powers. 57% of Americans… [Read More]

A Guide To Protecting Your Spiritual Energy

Everyone should learn about spiritual protection, regardless of their faith. Unfortunately, negativity can cause damage to the human energy field, known as an aura. For instance, negativity could be from fear, an argument, depression or negative people. This negativity can often cling onto a person or within a person’s home to cause more problems. To… [Read More]

How To Create A Wiccan Altar At Home

An altar is integral to the practice of Wicca, paganism or witchcraft. When someone is new to the path, they might be tempted to buy a special table for an altar. Yet, you don’t have to. If you’re on a budget, there’s no reason why you can’t create an altar for your sacred space. If… [Read More]