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Are Cats Psychic?

Famed clairvoyant Jeane Dixon authored a book entitled, "Are Cats Psychic?" Although there is no definitive answer to this question, cat owners and psychic investigators are certain that the answer is yes. Cat lovers (as well as cat haters) can attest that a cat will be drawn almost magnetically to the one person in the… [Read More]

6 Things to Know Before Joining an Online Psychic

  Sometimes you need to break out of your norms when you need answers in life. A lot of ground has been made in the field of mental health in recent years, to the point that going to therapy is no longer taboo. I believe that the next progression in society will revolve around the… [Read More]

Understanding the Basics of Tarot Card Reading

So you want to channel your inner psychic. The thought of doing so excites you so much that you’ve already started looking at tarot card decks. As happy as we are for you, you might want to hold your horses. Tarot card reading isn’t as simple as buying a deck, arranging some cards, and prophesizing… [Read More]

6 Reasons to Join a Live Psychic Chat

  What if there was a way you could talk to your lost friends and family members – right in this moment? What if you could see the future right from your computer or phone screen? What if you could talk to someone who could help you experience your best life – all in a… [Read More]

5 Wiccan Love Spells: To Love Yourself & Others

Maybe you’re pining after someone you wish would return your love, or maybe you are suffering from extreme heart break. Perhaps you’ve wished you had some witchcraft capabilities to mend a heart or make someone fall in love with you. There is good news: the world of Wiccan love spells is here and available to… [Read More]

7 Great Eastern Philosophy Teachers & Their Teachings

It’s difficult to pinpoint the core differences between Eastern and Western philosophy. There are those that divide the types of philosophy based on the simple notion of their geographical location. Others make mention of their focus on parts (or lack thereof) of a whole. This isn’t a debate of Western vs Eastern philosophy. Rather, what we’d… [Read More]

The 7 Chakra Colors & What They All Mean

The first mention of the chakra colors was made by philosopher Christopher Hills in his book Nuclear Evolution. There is no mention of them in the original texts of any of the Upanishads from which we receive much of our spiritual inspiration. Hills suggested that each color is related to one of the colors of… [Read More]

Psychics Are Just a Phone Call Away

If you are looking for a psychic phone number; a free psychic hotline; free psychic chatline; a 1-800 service that will help you find the answers you seek – from what attracts a Pisces man to what keeps a Taurus man interested and from questions about your past lives to questions about your future; then, look no further!   The PsychicDirectory offers… [Read More]

Is ESP Real?

Wikipedia writes, “The scientific consensus does not view extrasensory perception as a real phenomenon.   “Skeptics claim that there is a lack of a viable theory of the mechanism behind ESP, and that there are historical cases in which flaws have been discovered in the experimental design of parapsychological studies.   “There are many criticisms… [Read More]