How Does Mythology and Legends Effect My Everyday Life?

In our world of constant skepticism, it’s easy to believe that mythology and legends are the stuff of history, with no effects on the modern-day. However, mythology and all its iconography continue to affect us even now. Their names, symbols, and influence are everywhere, from the brands we buy to the stories we tell, to our daily… [Read More]

Get Lucky! 8 Fascinating Good Luck Rituals from Around the World

Do you believe in luck? Many experts will tell you that it’s possible to create your own luck by being open to new experiences and meeting new people. The desire for good luck is something that people are all over the world share. So if you’d like to draw more of it into your life,… [Read More]

The 5 Most Romantic Greek Mythology Love Stories of All Time

The ancient Greeks may not have seemed like the most romantic bunch, what with the epic tales of war and conquest over their enemies. Romantic, yes, but not lovey-dovey, love conquers all type of romantic. Mythology is riddled with violence, betrayal, and unspeakable acts of degradation between so-called couples. The gods weren’t particularly warm or… [Read More]

Greek Gods vs Roman Gods: Comparing the Mythos

Greek and Roman mythology informs a startling amount of culture that we’re exposed to every day. Understanding references to ancient myths can give us a lot of insight into modern art, culture, and our personal beliefs. The thing is, not many people understand the difference between Greek mythology and Roman mythology. It can be difficult… [Read More]

Which Mythical Creature Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Astrology is the ancient practice of seeking guidance and answers from the stars. Civilizations have been practicing some form of astrological prediction for millennia. Babylonians were the first people to apply mythology to celestial constellations. But it was the ancient Greeks that created the zodiac as we know it today. Millions of people worldwide still… [Read More]

Breaking Down the Mythology of the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky: Nut

In every religion, ancient or current, there are explanations for why things exist and how they came to be. Egyptian mythology is no exception. Westerners are most familiar with Greek mythology.  Most of us learning Greek mythology in history class or when we read the Odyssey and/or Iliad for English class. Yet Egyptian mythology is… [Read More]

Valentines Day: From Past to Present

February 14th. Love it or hate it, it’s widely celebrated the world over as a day for lovers. Cue the red roses, chocolates, candlelit dinners and marriage proposals, at least for those lucky in love. But how did the feast day of Saint Valentine become synonymous with love and affection? It certainly wasn’t Saint Valentine… [Read More]

The Oracle of Delphi

The Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi was one of the most prominent shrines in the ancient world, and it is hard to think of any shrine before or since that has surpassed it in influence. Delphi is located in Greece, below the Phaedriades Cliff, on the outer edge of Mount Parnassus and about 110 miles… [Read More]