Top 5 Most Surprising Facts About Eastern Philosophy

Buddhism has been around for more than 2,500 years. Most people have heard of Buddhism, but Buddhism is only a small fraction of Eastern philosophy and religion. Much of our world has been Westernized due to colonization, and we’ve lost touch with the influential ideals of the East. Diving deeper into Eastern philosophy opens a horizon of opportunities… [Read More]

What Are the Philosophies Included in Eastern Philosophy?

Eastern philosophy and mysticism have fascinated us ever since we first learned of their existence. Whether it’s meditation, chakras, or yoga, we have always appreciated the spiritual ideas of the East. However, appreciating eastern philosophy and understanding eastern philosophy are two different concepts. Let’s explore some of the core concepts and ideologies which feed into these… [Read More]

An Enlightening Look Into Buddhism Beliefs on Success

If you have been working hard, you may have pondered what the meaning of success is. We all have huge ambitions in life and we feel when we accomplish our goals, we will feel a sense of success. But do we? Do we ever feel satisfied when we accomplish our goals? Do we feel successful?… [Read More]

When Did Eastern Philosophy Begin? A Timeline

Most of the Western world is influenced by the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks, the theology of Christianity and science and rationalism of the Enlightenment. The Eastern philosophy of many Asian civilizations offers us another perspective on the world. Many of the concepts and ideas of both Western and Eastern thought have its origins in… [Read More]

7 Great Eastern Philosophy Teachers & Their Teachings

It’s difficult to pinpoint the core differences between Eastern and Western philosophy. There are those that divide the types of philosophy based on the simple notion of their geographical location. Others make mention of their focus on parts (or lack thereof) of a whole. This isn’t a debate of Western vs Eastern philosophy. Rather, what we’d… [Read More]

What is Taoism?

Though most may not know it, Taoism is one of the main systems of thought underpinning traditional Chinese religion, philosophy, political philosophy, and ethics. The historical importance of Taoism in China cannot be understated, even though the current communist rulers are loath to admit it. "Tao" is quite a difficult term to translate, and is… [Read More]

The Concept of Time in Hinduism

Most religions have their own sense of history and perhaps predictions of human destiny. Hinduism also has it’s history, but Hinduism also has something else: It’s own unique sense of time and cosmology. It is not just about human destiny, but the destiny of the universe. Where Westerners tend to think of time as a… [Read More]

The Spirituality of Jade

Jade is the national gemstone of China and has been known to the Chinese since prehistoric times. There are two varieties of jade known as nephrite jade and jadeite (sometimes known as imperial jade). Interestingly, nephrite jade has a structure similar to quartz crystals. Both nephrite jade and jadeite come in green, although other natural… [Read More]