Feng Shui Explained for Skeptics

If you’re skeptical when it comes to New Age ideas, old age mysticism and psychic concerns, you may be equally doubtful about whether feng shui is a genuine rather than dubious concept. The idea that the placement and design of objects could alter the future may seem outlandish and obscure. Yet, many people swear that feng shui can be a positive tool for life enhancement. They use it to aid all aspects of their lives, whether professional or personal, and wouldn’t want to do without this ancient art as part of their lifestyle. So what makes feng shui popular?

When trying to fathom a reason as to why feng shui is so widely believed to be an accurate tool, you might imagine, as you are skeptical about it being genuine that the placebo effect comes into play. The placebo effect is most readily known in terms of medicine and the positive outcome attributed to taking lotions and potions. The idea is that a patient takes a drug, expects the outcome to be that he or she will be cured of an ailment, and so makes this happen by using the power of his or her mind and expectation. You may imagine that, just as with placebos, the effects of feng shui are a result of positive attribution and belief.

A less cynical, yet similar type of scientific approach might result in you pondering whether psychology and the workings of the human brain could lead people to benefit from using feng shui. An example of this occurring could be when people take the advice of feng shui knowledge and refrain from using sharp-edged furniture and other pointed objects in their home.

According to the principles of feng shui, pointed corners are bad, as they project poison arrows, otherwise known as negative energy. The scientist inside you may recognize that the poison sharp edges produce is that of danger and the potential to be physically injured. Adopt round furniture instead, as feng shui advises, and the danger of being injured by having physical contact with your belongings is reduced.

Think even deeper on the subject and you may come to realize that simply looking at sharp corners could be unsettling to the mind, if only on a subconscious level. Your brain knows that being scraped or struck by sharp objects results in pain, and this information might make you uneasy when you have to walk around a square table if there is little space to move in, or when you reach across a prickly potted cactus to pick something up.

Other aspects of feng shui may also be regarded as sensible advice. Hence, not hanging a mirror in front of your bed so that your own reflection doesn’t frighten you when it catches you by surprise might be a good idea. However, even the part of you that leans on science for answers to life’s questions may not be able to fathom out why other practices regarding feng shui could possibly work.

For example, junk can be a bad thing if it’s left in a pathway, but surely cluttering up the space under your bed couldn’t negatively alter your love life? In addition, leaving rubbish around might be unhealthy and look dirty, but how could it block positive energy from reaching you?

Once more, you can look to psychology for the answer. If your home or office looks a mess, you are likely to reach a state of apathy and misery far quicker than you would if it was clean and tidy. The human brain likes things to be in order, and frowns about visual chaos. In fact, the saying ‘a tidy house is equal to a tidy mind’ has truth to it. The state of your living space often reflects what’s going on in your psyche. This is why depressed people often live in a heap of mess.

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The depression causes them to feel tired and cease caring for themselves and their surroundings. If you follow feng shui advice and get rid of clutter, positive energy really is likely to flow freely, if not through your house at least through your brain.

As you can see, feng shui isn’t necessarily a magical and mystical influence, unless you want to view it that way. It can be seen in terms of helping to keep a calm, balanced mind that’s unhampered by unconscious disturbance caused by the environment. Adopting feng shui practices, indeed, might be a wise choice rather than a dubious one.

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