A Look at Guardian Angels

Although the idea of spiritual beings has been present since ancient times, the contemporary, popular image of the guardian angel is relatively new in historical terms. Very early in human history the belief in spirits, or animism, was universal. Primitive man did not believe in fundamentally all-good or all-evil entities; rather, spirits possessed a form of supernatural power called manna, the manifestation of which could be either good or dangerous. While the terms ‘angels’ and ‘demons’ may be late comers to the realm of human spirituality, the concept of protector spirits is present in almost every known culture, primitive or modern.

With the rise of more elaborate religious belief systems, especially in the case of the monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam, belief in spirits was often condemned. Most of the old spirits or gods of native peoples, ancient civilization and pagan cultures were pushed out. Spirits not part of the larger religions came to be regarded as demons or were banned from discussion by being labeled heresy. Some supernatural beings, however, were adopted because they served the higher good – we generally call them angels. Belief in demons and angels (as all good beings or all evil beings) seemed to begin in the ancient Persian. In ancient Persian spirituality there were two supreme beings: Ahura Mazda, a benevolent deity, and his eternal opponent, Angra Mainyu. Angels served Ahura Mazda while demons were the minions of Angra Mainyu.
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In the theology of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, angels are spiritual entities that act as messengers and agents of God’s divine will. Angels possess superior intelligence, enormous power, and matchless holiness and are composed of ethereal matter (so they can assume various physical forms according to their needs). A special class of angels is represented by the guardian angels, who share an intimate connection with individual human beings. These same beings are sometimes interpreted as guardian spirits in some religions and cultures.

In some older Christian and Judaic writings it is put forth that every human has an associated guardian angel, created from the same divine essence as that person’s soul. It can be said that guardian angels represent a higher aspect of the human spiritual essence, and that their role is to provide subtle guidance and assistance throughout life. A pure and sublime connection of unconditional love is believed to exist between human beings and their guardian angels.

Depending on their spiritual level, people have a guardian angel belonging to one of the nine angelic orders: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. A Seraphim protector belongs only to those who have come into the world with an extremely elevated spiritual level. Guardian Angels inspire us, guide us, and mysteriously protect us.

Regardless of rank, the chief mission of guardian angels involves offering protection from visible and invisible threats and guidance towards light and the eternal God. But it must be said that people have been endowed with free will, so angels cannot intervene in the human quest for spiritual perfection unless their help is solicited. Guardian angels simply exist as a manifestation of God’s unconditional love for all its creatures.

Free will and limited understanding place humans in a special, but volatile relationship with the divine and all creation. Guardian angels, as ethereal guides and protectors, can help balance energies or actions that spiritually move us in conflicting directions, and serve as constant reminders of our true, pure essence.


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One might think that the idea of guardian angles and spirits would have vanished given the rapid development of humanity from primitive hunter gathers to civilizations that reach for the stars with advanced technologies undreamed a thousand years ago. But, such is not the case. Where one may choose to ignore spirituality and spirits and angels, it seems spirituality and the angels are not about to be denied. People still have experiences with angelic beings just as our ancient ancestors. If you enjoyed this article, you may also appreciate the article The Third Man Phenomena where even those who are not particularly religious seem to encounter or experience what can only be called guardian angels or spirits. You may also enjoy checking out Tips for Contacting Angels

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