Ghostly Haunts of Toronto Canada

Toronto, Canada, is thought of as a young city, a city most people would not associate with ghostly activity. When one thinks of places and cities with ghosts then places like London or Paris, Dublin or the old battlefields come to mind. However, Toronto, though not near as old as many cities in the world,… [Read More]

Native American Spirituality: The Maidu

The Maidu are a group of Native American people who originally resided in northern California of the U.S., in the area between the Sacramento River and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Maidu culture is known for skilled basket weaving and beautiful rock art. The Maidu also had a rich spiritual tradition, particularly when it came… [Read More]

Signs Your House Could Be Haunted

While anecdotal hauntings are common, and while hauntings take place in a variety of locations, truly haunted houses are rarer than you might think. In most cases, alleged hauntings can have simple explanations such as a leaky pipe, furry intruders, or even pranksters. However, there are certain paranormal signs that your home is experiencing a… [Read More]

The Haunting History of the University of Alabama

On the surface, the University of Alabama located in Tuscaloosa looks like a normal institute of higher education. But like many other institutions that have seen many years of human activity – often violent – this university puts a new twist on “school spirit.” The Civil War Era Hauntings The University of Alabama opened its… [Read More]

The City of a Thousand Ghosts

In 2003 the Ghost Research Foundation International (GRFI) conducted intensive research into haunted places around the world and named the city of York in England the most haunted city in the world. In the field of the paranormal this is an impressive honor. However, it is not surprising that York was selected since it has… [Read More]

Is My House Haunted? Probably Not (But Maybe)

It is a question that paranormal investigators often hear, "Is my house haunted?" … or … "Is there a ghost in my home?". Maybe you are curious about your house possibly being haunted. For traditional scientists, there are no such things as ghosts or hauntings. So, for many people the answer to ‘is a house… [Read More]

Philippine Mythology in Everday Life

Every culture has its own paranormal and mythical culture, especially Asian cultures. The Philippines is no different. Well, the Philippines is different in a sense. The Philippine paranormal culture is similar to many others; they have mythical creatures, ghost stories, and the like. What makes the Philippines different is that many Filipinos truly believe in… [Read More]

Ghost Hunting for Beginners

Introduction: With the growing number of ghost hunting shows available on television the interest in this field has never been higher. Amateur ghost hunters are taking to the field in record numbers, and many do not have the skills needed to be both safe and effective. Interest in the paranormal is certainly not new and… [Read More]