Which Mythical Creature Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

which mythical creature are you

Astrology is the ancient practice of seeking guidance and answers from the stars. Civilizations have been practicing some form of astrological prediction for millennia.

Babylonians were the first people to apply mythology to celestial constellations. But it was the ancient Greeks that created the zodiac as we know it today.

Millions of people worldwide still read their horoscopes daily. And one-fourth of Americans believe in the accuracy of horoscopes.

Many astrological signs share characteristics with mythological creatures. So, which mythical creature are you?

Keep reading to find out which mythological creature corresponds with your sun sign!

Aries: Valkyrie

Valkyries are the supernatural champions of slain soldiers according to Norse mythology. They were responsible for conducting warriors to Vallhala after dying in battle.

As an Aries, you are brave, bold, and loyal. Like the Valkyrie warriors, you aren’t afraid to fight for what you believe.

You like to be the best. You’re the hero of your own story and you fight valiantly for your beliefs — no matter the difficulty or cost.

Taurus: Gargoyle

Gargoyles guard cathedrals and churches. Terrifying and grotesquely carved gargoyles ward away evil. Like a gargoyle, you are stable, devoted and loyal.

Friends of Taureans feel safe and secure in their company. Those protected by gargoyles respect and love them. Your loved ones also hold you in high esteem because they know you always have their backs.

Gemini: Fairies

Fairies are mythological creatures from European folklore. They are small, beautiful, and ageless creatures adorned with butterfly wings.

Fairies are mischevious and love to play pranks. But for the most part, they are well-intending.

These high-energy sprites mirror the explosive creative energy of Geminis.

Geminis are innovative and free-thinkers. Just like fairies, Geminis don’t like being in one place for too long. They are free spirits who crave and embrace change.

Cancer: Merperson

Merpeople are legendary fish-tailed humans that live in the sea. They are curious and cautious. And can be dangerous to the sailor who follows them into their watery homes.

Cancers are highly intuitive and emotional individuals. Like Cancers, merpeople can be very protective and secretive. But once you open up, you are very compassionate and gentle.

Your half-human, half sea-creature existence make you a flexible thinker. You’re always able to see both sides of a situation.

Leo: Griffin

Griffins are a mythical cross-bred of a lion and an eagle. Griffins are the king of all creatures. They are extremely noble and powerful.

Similarly, Leos are natural leaders with vivacious personalities. You are captivating and exude royalty.

Even though Leos are fabulous to be around, don’t cross them. Like the Griffin, Leos can be vicious when provoked.

Virgo: Sphinx

Sphinxes guarded temples against unworthy visitors with complex riddles. Greek mythology characterized the Sphinx as a terrifying and malevolent creature. But the Egyptians believed they were noble guardians.

Many people think of Virgos similarly. They are wonderful friends but a formidable enemy to those who cross them.

You are logical, analytical, and systematic, just like the mythical sphinx. Virgos are practical and always take care of business. You wouldn’t hesitate to keep a trespasser from entering your sacred temple.

Libra: Unicorn

You love the beauty and harmony of the world. Like a unicorn, you are a magical presence to be around. Those close to you delight in your kindness and optimism.

You always see the best and brightest in those around you. Your innocence is a comfort to those who love you.

Unicorns symbolize peace, and Libras bring peace and tranquility to every situation. You are a valued addition to any friend group.

Scorpio: Vampire

Scorpios are passionate, mysterious, and enigmatic — just like the alluring vampire.

Vampires are timeless creatures with centuries to pursue their passions. Similarly, Scorpios will single-mindedly pursue their passions and goals until they achieve them.

You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to go after it. No matter how long it takes, you always get what you want.

Sagitarrius: Centaur

Centaurs are mythical creatures that are half-man, half-horse. They have philosophical minds that contrast with their lusty animal instincts.

Sagittarii are similarly deep thinkers and they also crave adventure and excitement. You have a firey creativity and a warm personality.

You love to travel and adventure and live a passionate carefree life. You crave a full and exciting life. And you are often consumed by multiple pursuits at once.

Capricorn: Sea-Goat

The sea-goat is an ancient mythical creature that is half-goat and half-fish. Sea-goats are able to navigate the deep waters of the ocean and the steep heights of mountain ranges.

You are able to wade through the deep emotional waters of your mind while remaining grounded.

Capricorns are goal-oriented and committed. And like the Sea-Goat you are able to use your many talents and strengths to achieve your dreams.

Aquarius: Pheonix

The mythical phoenix is a force of goodwill and loyalty. Pheonixes are fierce and warm friends who protect and heal those closest to them.

Phoenixes have magical healing properties. And Aquarians have a very healing energy that put their friends and love ones with ease.

Phoenixes and Aquarians are independent and free. You march to the beat of your own drummer and you are an expert at transformation and reinvention.

Pisces: Kelpie

Kelpies are the shape-shifting water spirits of Celtic lore. They often appear in the form of a horse, but they can take the shape of a human.

Pieces are emotional shape-shifters. Your emotions ebb and flow like the tides of the sea. You are deeply sensitive and easily influenced by your environment.

You are difficult to pin down. But once someone gains your favor, you grace them with your unique and wondrous gifts.

Consult the Stars: Which Mythical Creature Are You?

Astrology and mythology are closely tied together. Mythology influenced the zodiac since its start over 4000 years ago.

Your sun sign reveals a lot about your personality. And it’s a great way to find out which mythical creature you are most like.

Which mythical creature are you? Did you agree with your description? Contact our skilled psychics for more insight on your astrological future.

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