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Guide to top, professional, online Astrologers. Birth charts, relationship/compatibility charts. Free Horosopes

Phone Horoscopes Free Phone Horoscopes

Telephone Horoscopes One of the best daily horoscopes available ... and all you have to do is call. All horoscopes are free, 24/7. You will also be able to contact gifted, experienced astrologers (and clairvoyants) if you have questions or want a detailed, personal reading. Go learn more at Horoscope Hotline

(Free Daily Phone Horoscopes, 24/7)

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live phone horoscopes Personal Phone Horoscopes

Go beyond generic horoscopes. Get a personalized, phone horoscope reading from a professional clairvoyant astrologer.

(USA and Canada Accepted)

Psychic Mona Astrologer Clairvoyant Mona

Astrology Readings Astrologer and Clairvoyant Mona has 30 years professional experience helping clients answer the most difficult questions and well as charting a course for a successful, joyful future. Mona specialize in Horary Astrology and Electional Astrology. You may have heard or seen psychic Mona during her numerous radio and TV appearances. She is now making time to help additional clients find their full potential and brightness future.

You can contact Mona at:
USA And Canada
Mona's personal extension:  16543
About Psychic & Astrologer Mona

Love Reading Vedic Astrologer Kumari

Call Me For A Personal Vedic Horoscope Since 1988, Kumari has studied and practiced the 5,000 year old ancient predictive science of Vedic Astrology, and has impressed her clients with it's high level of accuracy.

You can reach Kumari at:
Kumari's Personal Ext. 7530
(Toll Free For USA And Canadian Callers)

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live horoscope chat Horoscope & Astrology Chat

Psychics Directory in association with Ask Psychics Now makes it VERY easy to get a personal, online horoscope reading ... easy to use text chat and phone readings available. Find out what is in the stars for you today. Get your questions answered.

Astrologer Psychic Taja Astrologer Psychic Taja

Whatever Your Question Psychic Taja Will Answer You are unlikely to meet a more skilled and honest astrologer and clairvoyant than Taja. She is compassionate, yet straight forward and to the point. Whether you want a quick answer to a love compatibility question or want to know about future possibilities, Taja will deliver. She even enjoys giving pet astrology readings (if you want to know more about that new puppy's personality and future). An accomplished astrologer, you will also find Taja adept at numerology and Feng Shui. Very popular.

You can call Taja at:
Taja's Personal Ext. 7337
(USA And Canada Callers)

More About Astrologer & Psychic Taja

Astrology Chatline Astrology Chat

Psychic's Chatline offers their Astrology Chatline. Review astrologers profiles before you call, read free articles on astrology and the benefits of astrology. Free to join. Worth investigating.

Live astrologer Astrologer Intuitiv5

Astrology ReadingsIntuitiv5 has studied astrology for over 15 years. She has been featured on radio shows; is a published author; is an astrologer for noted celebrities; and has a world wide clientele. Provide Intuitiv5 with birth dates and locations and she will amaze with her predictions.

Personal Horoscopes Personal Horoscopes By Moira

Astrology Readings When not charting the weekly horoscopes for Psychic Source (visit weekly horoscope links above), Moira is also available to give YOU a personalized horoscope reading by phone. Moira's skills extend beyond astrology, she is also a psychic medium with 30 years of solid experience utilizing spirits to guide her readings

You can reach Moira at:
Ext. 7776
Learn More About Moira

Live Psychic Chat And Readings
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Live Astrology Chat Live Astrologers:
Astrology & Horoscope Chat

If you are interested in meeting and chatting with astrologers about astrology, get personal horoscope readings and ask horoscope questions, then our Live Astrology Chat is for you. Fast, simple, easy to use text chat connects your with astrologers, anytime!
Chat with astrologer free, get to know them, before getting a reading.

A selection of types of Astrology Chat!

Clairvoyant Astrologer Psychic Clairvoyant Astrologer Suzi

For A Personal Astrology And Psychic Advice You Can Use - Call Me Maybe you have heard her on the radio, or caught her interviewed on TV. Then, you already know that clairvoyant astrologer Suzi offers both insights and practical advice. Now, you, too, can get a personal reading. Rare combination of psychic, astrological and down-to-earth advice.

You can contact Suzi at:
Suzi’s Personal Ext. 8046
(Toll Free For USA And Canada)

More About Psychic Suzi

Psychic Jullielle Psychic Astrologer Jullielle

Astrology Readings Love? Career? Health? Family? Partnerships? Home? Fun? Business? Astrologer and psychic Jullielle is ready to tackle even the most difficult questions and predictions. For 30+ years Jullielle has been helping clients and callers find the answers they need. Utilizing her skills of astrology (and with the guidance of her spirit guides) Jullielle can literally shock you with her readings. A very popular astrologer and reader, if you can arrange a reading with her, do so.

You can contact Jullielle at:
USA And Canada
Jullielle's personal extension:  16060
More About Psychic & Astrologer Jullielle

Love Reading Peg's Astrology Love Readings

Contact Me Personally For An Astrology Love Reading Have you meet your soulmate? How would you know for sure? Maybe Peg can help. Let her put her gift for astrology to work for you. Love should be a beautiful thing, not a source of unhappiness.

You can reach Peg at:
Peg's Personal Ext. 7696
(Toll Free For USA And Canadian Callers)

Learn More About Peg

Indian Astrologer Biswarup Tarafder Vedic Horoscopes India Astrologer

Indian Astrologer Biswarup Tarafder has clients in the US, Canada, UK and India, and offers a pure Vedic astrological reading. His ability to pinpoint time frames for future events is said to be impressive. Go learn more. Very informative web site about Vedic Astrology.

Phone Astrology 1800 Astrology & Horoscopes Readings

If you are looking for top, professional astrologers you can call for personal readings, anytime. Specialized readings in:
When you want to know what's in the stars for you, visit

Intuitive Astrologers Intuitive Astrologer Maya

Astrologer Maya WhiteWith 25 years experience, karmic astrologer and spiritual guide Maya White is ready to help you understand and maximize your unique astrological blueprint. Custom astrological reports and personal readings.

astrology chat Ask The Astrologers

Ask An Astrologer Questions Live Online Now is your chance to ask an astrologer live any question you want. Where is your love life going? What is your perfect Zodiac love match? ... and why? Why not get a PERSONAL horoscope about money or love, live.

Horoscope Reading Psychic Horoscope Readings Kristine

Kristine utilities astrology as a If You Have Love - Carerr - Or Personal Questions Call Me a way to provide dates and timelines to her clairvoyant visions. What you receive is a detailed reading unlike any you have ever received. Client's love Kristine's warmth, humor and advice.

Kristine's Ext. 8223
(Toll Free For USA And Canadian Callers)

More About Astrology Psychic Kristine

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