Attracting And Understanding Scorpio Men

So, you met this hot Scorpio man and you want to know how to get his attention. One thing you should know before attracting and seducing Scorpio men … they can be a bit different. Scorpio men tend to be sensitive and PASSIONATE.

Let’s talk a bit about attracting Scorpio men: Scorpio’s like to look good. Appearances matter. So the quick complement on a Scorpio man’s looks and dress can go a long ways. If he shows interest in you, learn what his hobbies and interests are. Scorpions are a confident lot and love to share stories and explore mysteries.

Scropio Love Reading With Psychic Kristine

Scropio Love Reading With Psychic Kristine

Do not be surprised if that Scorpio man is willing to talk honestly about spirituality or the mystical, it is in their nature. And, Scorpio men appreciate someone who can converse intelligently on such subjects … and who share their interest in such things.

Scorpio men seem to know what people are feeling and whether they are being genuine or not. So it is important when attracting a Scorpio guy to be honest. It can be strange, but he may often know and understand your feelings before you do. So, know what you feel and be honest about your feelings if that should become a topic of discussion. This honesty and openness about feelings is cat nip to a Scorpio men. They do NOT like playing emotional games nor appreciate ‘drama’.

To keep that Scorpio man you must share his interests. Keep the compliments flowing and find small ways to show how much you appreciate him. What can be of vital importance is that you stand behind his ideals. Scorpio men tend to be idealists and want to create a better world. Often that better world includes not just people, but the natural world, too. The word ‘enthusiasm’ comes to mind. These guys are genuinely enthusiastic about what is good and right. If you find yourself fully agreeing with that Scorpio man’s values and ideals, you may have found a partner for life.

Scorpio men are a strange breed. It is as if you crossed Bambi with a Samurai warrior. These men can be stubborn, courageous and rarely back down. Remember, Scorpio was placed in the heavens for defeating the great hunter and warrior Orion. Yet, if you wound a Scorpio man’s heart, he will likely never forgive or forget. It is a wonderful combination of sensitivity and masculinity … if you handle it carefully.

It is written in the stars: Scorpio men are passionate lovers. That Scorpio sensitivity seems to reveal what you want, what you like and his passions seem to mimic the rise and fall of your own passions. A general trait for Scorpio men is that they are uninhibited about sex. They really love a woman who is also comfortable with exploring all that sexual passion has to offer. If that is you, you may count yourself one lucky woman for finding someone who will never bore you in bed. If that is not you, then you may want to rethink attracting that Scorpio guy.

It is very important to be careful when seducing that Scorpio guy: They are picky about who they share their passion with. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are noted for how they deeply bond to a partner. Be sure you want to bond with that Scorpio man before you go back for another night of passion. This not a man to toy with. If he isn’t want you want long term, be honest and let him down gently.

The downside of Scorpio men is that they can become jealous very easily. Where that can be cute in a Leo or a Taurus guy, with a Scorpio man that jealousy can get just plain ugly. Scorpio men tend to have no sense of humor when it comes to sharing someone they have fallen in love with. So, it is important never to play that game. If your Scorpio man seems to be concerned about your faithfulness, you must address the issue with force and sincerity. Knock those jealous thoughts out of his head. And, never think making him ‘a little jealous’ is ‘good for him’. That attitude almost always leads to disaster with Scorpio men.

So, to summarize, attracting Scorpio men is about complements and knowing what they like and dislike. Scorpios tend to look for partners who share their interests and are enthusiastic about those interests. Scorpio men also tend to be attracted to and enjoy the mysterious and spiritual. This is a guy who would enjoy going to a haunted house on a date or going to some mysterious place for a picnic. A strong Scorpio trait is being a passionate lover. But, they can become overly jealous and protective. Scorpios as a group want to find a loving partner and tend to bond for life.

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Hope this article helps you attract and seduce a Scorpio man and some practical tips on how to keep him.

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