Understanding Virgo Women

When we talk about Virgo Women, we are talking about women born in the Zodiac Sign Virgo which is between August 21st and September 20th.

Understanding a Virgo woman really comes down to knowing this: Virgo women love seeing things that run smoothly. They love being part of a successful system and knowing all the details about how that system operates. It does not matter if it is family, work, hobby, relationships or a vacation. A Virgo woman wants harmony and loves learning all the details about how that harmony is achieved. This, a Virgo woman hopes, will lead to her being valued.

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Get A Virgo Daily Horoscope

Want to attract or impress a Virgo woman? Value her. Be impressed with her skills in managing her life, her job and be willing to discuss those details … no matter how insignificant they may seem to you. A strong trait of Virgo women is to be endlessly running errands, helping friends, organizing everything from parties to her closet. Often Virgo women are attracted to people who appear to need ‘fixing up’ and this can be a very successful relationship ONLY if those people want some fixing up. If not, it can be a disaster. Virgo women can also be strongly attracted to those with an appreciation (and proven skills) in the field of organizing and leading.

Want to get a Virgo woman’s attention? Make a mess in her ‘domain’. Then, be ready to accept her help cleaning the mess up. Keeping a Virgo’s attention can be as easy as creating a mystery or shaking up her well organized life a SMALL amount. Big disruptions will put you in the dog house or worse. But the occasional, gentle shake up that she can fix or participate in will make her keep an eye on you.
The traditional romantic approach of flowers, a moonlight ride or expensive dinner have minimal impact on a Virgo woman. What a Virgo woman wants is action. They love someone who can join them in their hobbies or pitch in on a project. To get a Virgo woman out of her routine and help her relax is a paradox: You actually need to create a fun, interesting project like ‘puzzle night’ or traveling to a mysterious place. But always keep in mind a Virgo woman will want to return to her well organized world with you helping them with the details.

You can forgive a Virgo Woman for lacking a sense of traditional romance when you consider the great value she brings to a relationship. A Virgo woman is typically efficient, careful, well organized, detail oriented and can be a tireless worker to maintain and advance a relationship. A Virgo woman will be quick to your defense and often will organize and lead a social counter attack. Sure, you may have to allow your Virgo friend, partner or lover to reorganize your sock drawer, but you can be sure you have a real ally when times get tough.

Virgo women are often at the heart of their social networks without attempting to lead them. This only works out, however, if a Virgo woman has learned to tame her tongue. The Virgo trait to let everyone know how they should behave or preform, which many can feel is rude, must be brought under control. A Virgo woman is interested in seeing all the members flourish and that the social system run smoothly. If she has mastered her social graces and manners, she will succeed in this. Virgo women may not directly confront those who disrupt the social system, but they will find a way to either get a disruptive person to accept the ‘rules’ or get them out of the social scene.

If you are a Virgo woman dealing with someone who just refuses to be organized, or prefers his or her world be slightly off balance, here is a tip to preserve your sanity: Take a pencil, drawn a line, and say, ‘Everything on that side of the line is their business’. Then, go about your business. If your world and the world of a disorganized person do intersect, negotiate. Do not try and reform that person, ‘help’ that person or take over that person’s lifestyle. Doing so will only make matters worse. You are and always will be a Virgo woman. So, just negotiate what needs to be done, then get back to your own business. You, and they, will be the happier for this strategy. You might even find you can approach something similar to friendship.

It is not unusual for a Virgo woman to be hard on herself. They expect themselves to be as perfect and well organized as the things they choose to perfect and organize. Virgo women can be analytical, critical, fussy, nit-picking, hair-splitting, incessantly dissatisfied with things. Then, they often hold themselves to the same high standards that they wish to impose on projects or other people. It is good to, every once in while, to remind a Virgo women people are inherently imperfect, that humans are fallible and that the world always has and always will contain imperfection. I mean, really, if it was ALL perfect, what would a poor Virgo girl do with herself?

Virgos are determined to leave the world a better place. You can get behind them and help (or at least appear to help) or you can get out of way. You can almost always count on a Virgo woman to ‘get the job done’ and get the details right, especially if it is something she is passionate about. To win the heart of a Virgo woman you must truly appreciate how valuable she is and TELL HER THAT. Because, the typical Virgo girl wants her life’s work appreciated, which means she is appreciated. If you want to live with a Virgo woman long term, you need to understand that she has an expectation that you will do your part to be her partner, and help her. A compliment now and then, an effort to help her lift the load that Virgo woman puts on herself, and you will find that Virgo girl will become very accommodating. She will often take rest in your shadow and allow you to lead.

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Hope this article helps you understand that special Virgo woman in your life.

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