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The Psychics Directory is pleased to introduce you to Psychic Source, providing access to quality, authentic psychics since 1989.
You can call Psychic Source at:

800 Psychics Toll Free:
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24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A live support available to answer questions. Make sure to ask if there are any current, discounts for first time clients. Great personal service and support. If you're not happy with your last live psychic reading, it's free!

Fortune Tellers Learn More About Phone Psychics

Free Reading Live Psychic Chat And Readings

Chat with psychics online, live, with easy to use text chat. Hundreds of professional psychics to choose from. Numerous specialized psychic readings and chat. If you are ready for fast, easy, affordable psychic readings online, then you need to check out these psychic chat pages:

Clairvoyant Natural Born Psychic Clairvoyant

Call Me Now For A Personal Reading For Only $10 Born a natural clairvoyant, Betty uses the tarot, runes and a connection to spirit guides to give direction to her readings. Nonjudgmental, accurate and candid, Betty will get to the heart of your issues ... even issues you did not know you had. Betty's clients speak very highly of her.

You can reach Betty at:

Betty's Ext. 7514
Learn More About Betty

Psychic Chatline Ask Psychics Now

Do you have questions about love, romance, relationships, family, career, business, the afterlife? Whatever your questions at Ask Psychics Now you will find the psychic specialist to help. Psychic readers available 24/7 for personal readings, any question, anytime. Chat also available.

Ask A Psychic A Question Live Online ask psychic Ask A Psychic, Now
What is the spirit world like? Will your lover return? Are we born with a spiritual purpose or mission in life? How do we fulfill that purpose? Does love continue beyond death? Can we find true love in this life? Psychics Directory in association with Ask Psychics brings you professional psychics who will answer your questions and provide psychic readings 24/7, live. Chat and phone psychics.

Master Psychic Master Psychic David James

Master Psychic With over 20 years of professional experience, psychic David James is one of the most highly rated psychics at Psychic Source. David is a natural clairvoyant though he also enjoys working with tarot, runes and other forms of divination. He is direct, honest and available for both chat & phone readings.

Ghost Help Ghost And Haunting Help

Have you seen a ghost and want to talk to someone about it? Ghost Help Trouble with a haunting at home or in a place of business? Interested in making contact with spirits? These talented psychics and ghost investigators can help.

Email Psychic Readings Email Psychic Readings

If you are looking for quality email readings, few can equal Psychic Sabra. With over 40 years experience offers general readings for as little as $10. She also offers specialty readings on love, pets, soul path relocation readings and more. What do you want to know?

Psychic Reader Psychic Starella

Psychic Star Noted for her radio and TV appearances, Psychic Starella is a clairvoyant and clairaudient who has an uncanny ability to tune into clients and callers almost instantly. She is also a skilled practitioner of Tarot. With clients world wide Starella is always trying to make additional time to help those in need of answers and counsel.

Psychic Selection Psychic Selection Help

Unsure of which psychic to choose? Want help with a question to ask a psychic? Would a spirit medium or a tarot reader be the better to talk with? This unique, handy FREE service with help you select the perfect psychic, tarot reader, astrologer for your needs. They will even connect you directly to authentic psychics or help make an appointment. Free to try.

Spirit Medium Psychic Ricky - Spirit Medium

Psychic Ricky A very talent spirit medium, Ricky is connected with the spirit world. Good natured and compassion, it is difficult to find someone more committed to his clients and his craft. Psychic Ricky excels at spirit medium readings and providing spiritual counseling.

professional clairvoyant Clairvoyant Psychic Shannon

Experienced Professional Clairvoyant Shannon Is Ready To Take Your Call People can deceive each other (and so excel at it). Things are rarely what they appear to be. However, nothing is hidden from spirit guides. Professional clairvoyant Shannon and her guides and angels feel it is Shannon's life work to help guide others towards better choices. If you want those answers ... Call!

Shannon's Personal Ext. 9081
More About Psychic Shannon

professional clairvoyant Psychic Derek Calibre

Experienced Professional Clairvoyant Derek Is Ready To Take Your Call Derek is a noted psychic and author who works in New York and Japan. You may have seen him on CNN or NBC or run across one of his many online interviews. Derek offers phone and in person readings. Visit his site for more details.

Psychic Psychic Shirlet

Psychic Shirlet, a noted spirit medium located in Pennsylvania, provides readings via phone or you can arrange a personal reading at her office. Shirlet also provides group readings, workshops and is provides help on spirit guides and hauntings.

PSYCHIC Gay Psychic Readings

Providing psychic gay readings for the Psychic Gay Readings gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community comes natural to psychic Ricky. Those who say they know claim that in the spirit world the words "gay" and "straight" do not much meaning. In this life sometimes it helps to talk with a psychic medium who is a kindred spirit and understands your particular needs. Visit psychic Ricky to learn more.

Angel Readings Heaven's Angels Spiritual Readings

Check out Heaven's Angels Spiritual Readings for readings on love, finances, relationships, careers or whatever is on your mind. Free mini-readings in their chat room. Newsletter, HAR Talk Radio and more.

If you are interested Learn More About Angels

Psychic Money Reading - Call Today Money Readings The Money Psychic
Do you have questions about money? Is there money coming your way? Facing a career choice or change? Want insight into the people offering you a business of financial deal? Ask The Money Psychic. Psychic Beau, a third generation clairvoyant is ready to help. Free tips on getting money readings.

Psychic Reading Psychic Medium Marchelle

Psychic Marchelle - Experience Spirit Medium Marchelle has had a deep connection to the spirit world. Every since she can remember psychic Marchelle has been seeing, hearing and talking with spirits. Now, with years professional experience, Marchelle is a very popular spirit medium who provides intimate, detailed readings on love, family, business or messages from the spirit world.

Live Psychic Chat And Readings
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Real Psychics Authentic Psychics Network

Psychic Readings From Genuine PsychicsAll psychic readers at Authentic Psychics are hand picked and pre-screened for genuine divination and reading skills. An excellent service with top notch psychics, astrologers, tarot readers and more. You can either call their 800 number or become a Preferred Psychic Client and receive a preferred rate for talking to psychics anytime. Absolutely worth checking out. If you are new to Authentic Psychics, check out their Special Psychic Reading Offer

(USA And Canada)

(Preferred Clients Number - Learn More

More about Authentic Psychics  

Video Psychics Webcam, Phone & Email Psychics

Live Personal Psychic Readings Online One of the web's most popular psychic sites. Psychic Access makes it easy to get a professional psychic reading
... you can choose from text chat; live webcam video chat (NO webcam needed on your part); or phone readings. Your choice. Worth a visit.

Psychic Christian The Christian Psychic

Drop By For A Personal Reading - All Faiths Welcome If you are looking for a psychic who has deep Christian roots to assist you in matters of love, relationships, life questions, or help with spiritual guidance, Sofia is the psychic you want to call. Of course, you do not have to be a Christian to call ... all faiths are welcome. Phone readings only. Recommended by several of our visitors.

Psychic Finders Psychic Finders

Whether you are trying to find a person, and object, a lost love or something important you misplaced, psychic finders are ready to help. With years of years of experience in psychic readings, Psychic Lazarus and psychic Judy are ready to help you locate whatever and whomever you seem to have lost.

Spirit Guide Psychic Medium Melea - Spirit Contact

Spirit Guide Medium Readings Want to reach out to a loved one who has passed on to the other side? Interested in messages and help from your spirit guides? Perhaps you need "special" insights about love, relationships, business or career choices. Then, you want to talk with Psychic Medium Melea. A very talented spirit medium.

Empathic Reader Readings By Bella Brown

Bella is an Empathic reader who is assisted by spirit guides. She also offers tarot, astrology and numerology readings. She offers reading by phone, email and even live chat readings.

Psychic Elijah Natural Psychic Elijah

Psychic Elijah has been Natural Medium And Reader having clairvoyant visions and premonitions since a very young age. Now, with 20 years professional experience he is wowing clients and callers with his powerful and compassionate readings. Go learn more. Chat readings available.

Clairvoyant Reading After Death Contact Readings

Talk To Kalie About Contacting Loved Ones You Have Entered The Afterlife A professional psychic medium, Lily has helped numerous clients in making after death contact with departed souls. Kalie understands just how important it is to provide comfort, care and answers to those who seek a connection with loved ones in the after life. Want to reach the spirit world? Call Lily.

Psychic Reading Clairvoyant Psychic Coffee

For Honest Straight Forward Answers Call Psychic Coffee Coffee cannot remember a time she was not able to communicate with spirits. Whether it is love issues, finance or family matters, you can rely on Coffee to give you straight forward, honest answers. This honesty has resulted in Psychic Coffee having a large, loyal cliental.

Coffee's Personal Ext. 7247
More About Psychic Coffee

mystical psychic A Mystic Age

Dr. Deborah Armenti comes from a long line of women psychics. Working and living in the Atlanta, Georgia, you can call her for personal psychic or tarot reading ... or make arrangements for an in person reading.

Psychic Medium Psychic Maeve, Spiritual Advisor

Psychic Medium MaevePsychic Maeve learned from her mother that clairvoyance ran in the family back four generation. Maeve herself is clairvoyant and clairaudient. She also had the good Maeve to train in tarot with a noted tarot card creator to enhance her skills. A fascinating reader.

Psychic Psychic Sherrie Ellen

Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen, works in the Detroit, Michigan area. Not only an adept medium, Sherrie is also passionate about connecting others with skilled mystical readers. Part of the Traveling Psychics, Sherrie not only performs personal readings, but also helps with providing readers for gatherings, corporate events and more.

New Age New Age Psychic Libby

Libby can apply a variety of psychic and spiritual skills to help you New Age Psychic Readings By Libby find the answers you seek and guidance you desire. A true modern mystic, Libby is adept at getting answers about love, career, family, the past, the present and the future. Whether you want to know more about the Laws of Attraction; what messages the spirits may have for you; or need insights into a lover or friend; Libby has the talent to help.

Isabella can be reach at:

Libby's Personal Ext. 8294
More About Psychic Libby

Metaphysical Psychic Psychic Rhiannon Paille

Metaphysical Psychic Rhiannon - Live Psychic Chat ReadingsRhiannon is a noted psychic Metaphysical Therapist from Canada, as well as an author. For a psychic reading sure to get to the heart of your questions or issues, chat with Rhiannon. You can also visit Rhiannon's Home Page for more information.

spiritualist psychic Christian Minister And Psychic Rheda

Meet True Spirit Medium Sofia Rheda is a unique blend of psychic talents, cultures and spirituality. She is an ordained Christian minister and her heritage includes a long line of Cherokee Native American medicine women. This expanded spiritual awareness allows her to both understand and communicate effectively with people from many walks of life. A gifted clairvoyant medium who's connection with the spirit world is impressive, whatever question you have, she will answer.

Call Rheda At:

Rheda's Personal Ext. 8860
Learn More About Rheda

Psychic Clairvoyant Readings Clairvoyant Psychic Psychic Kerridwen

Psychic Readings Psychic Psychic Kerridwen comes from a family committed to mystical spirituality. Manifesting her talents at a young age, it became clear Kerridwen was meant to assist others with her gifts. An avid student of astrology, Kerridwen blends her clairvoyance with her insights into astrology. Questions about the past, present or future? Call Kerridwen.

Clairvoyant Ask Psychic Stella

Stella believes "where you come from is not necessarily about where you are born, Psychic Phone Readings By Stella but where you are when you find out about yourself". A natural, empathic psychic, Stella specializes in relationships, careers, family. She also enjoys reading and studying different spiritual and religious texts, especially those relating to the afterlife (should you have an interest in this topic, Ask Stella, she is sure to impress).

You can reach Stella at:

Stella's Ext. 7343
Learn More About Stella

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