Ancient Magic Spells from Egypt: A Brief History

ancient magic spells

Ever considered casting a spell to improve your love life, boost your bank account, or cure a case of the flu?

If you’re like the majority of people today, probably not.

The mere mention of magic in modern-day society is likely to raise a few eyebrows. But, it hasn’t always been this way.

In the ancient Egyptian culture, magic was the solution to many of their problems. Ancient magic spells were commonly used to attract health, wealth, and romance. Spells

Egyptians believed that magic was a gift from the gods. In their ancient culture, magical spells and charms held immense power.

They practiced these magical spells faithfully for many years. Did the ancient Egyptians’ know magical secrets that we have not yet discovered?

Read on to learn more about the mysterious powers of ancient magic spells!

Uncovering the Powers of Ancient Magic Spells

Magic pervaded every aspect of ancient Egyptian life. They believed that everyone had magical powers within themselves. But, priests were the most respected magicians in pharaonic Egypt.

Priests were regarded as the guardians of the gift of magic. They were the primary performers of sacred Egyptian magic in temples and palaces.

Magic, the Egyptians believed, sustained the world. It was thought to be present in every stage of life, including conception, birth, death, and beyond. In fact, much of our insight into ancient beliefs and practices come from clues left behind in their tombs and graves.

Egyptian Burial Spells and Rituals Offer Clues to the Ancient Culture

Ancient Egyptians helped to define the burial process still practiced by modern civilizations today. They had a special reverence for one’s burial and journey into the afterlife.

Burials required careful and sophisticated planning and preparation.

The bodies were embalmed, mummified, and buried in tombs with grave goods and shabti dolls to help with chores in the afterlife.

Death was so significant that rituals were often practiced when families suffered the loss of a pet. Cats are especially important in ancient Egyptian culture. When a family endured the death of their beloved feline, they would often spend a week or more in mourning and shave off their eyebrows as a symbol of their grief.

Commoners and royalty would perform sacred burial spells from The Egyptian Book of the Dead. It was believed that the spells directed the spirits towards the Hall of Truth and god, who is known in Egyptian mythology as Osiris.

The people relied on the ancient magic spells to carry their loved ones to the afterlife. The burial spells held a great significance in the ancient culture.

Osiris would measure the deceased’s heart and if he found that it was too heavy, then it would be thrown on the ground and eaten by another god. If it was light, the soul would then be led to the Field of Reeds, which was the Egyptian paradise thought to mirror one’s life on Earth.

The Healing Powers of Ancient Spells

Spells were not a substitution for medical physicians, but they were used in conjunction with other forms of treatment.

Sickness and disease were believed to be caused by supernatural evil spirits. Healing spells targeted the harmful supernatural beings by luring them away from the victim. Sometimes, deities were drawn on the patient, who then licked them off to absorb power and strength.

The physician would sometimes role-play during a spell, pretending to be a god of healing.

Healing magic spells were often displayed openly so that they were easily accessible to the public when needed.

Spells Offered Protection

Often, women would surround a mother-to-be and chant spells of protection during childbirth. The ancient spells were passed to the infant to keep them safe as they entered the world.

Other times, protection was sought when enemies were nearby. These spells might loud noises and voices, which were thought to frighten the evil spirits of the enemy.

Most spells were used to help, but some were not.

Spells to Curse Adversaries

A curse is a spell used to evoke anger and revenge against one’s enemy. These spells were used with caution because they called out spirits in vengeance. One had to be careful so that the spirits would not become angry with the wrong person.

The names of enemies and traitors would be written on pottery pieces and buried. This was meant to weaken the enemy.

Although helpful spells seem to be the most popular type that was used, it was common to use curses as well.

History reveals that a curse was used against King Ramesses III by a group of priests, courtiers, and harem ladies. They used spells from a book taken out of the royal library to make potions and wax figures to use against the king. Wax figurines were often used when casting a curse on someone.

Is the Egyptians’ Magic Still Effective Today?

While not common, there are those who still practice magical spells used long ago.

If you are new to spell magic, it is not recommended that you attempt spells that call out evil spirits.

Before you try to tap into the power of spells, you should always research the spell thoroughly. If possible, speak with professional magicians or psychics that you trust to help you decipher the spell’s meaning.

Many ancients believed that spells could be harmful when used the wrong way. Whether or not you believe this to be true, it’s best to exercise caution. Better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the supernatural spirit world.

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