No Library Card Needed

No Library Card Needed

Cathy Mantis digs into some very interesting topics as one of the writers whose work you will find featured in the Psychics Directory library of free psychic articles.  Among the topics she has written about are Halloween: Christian and Pagan SyncretismTruth and Misconceptions About Wicca & Witches and Fate in a Teacup: The Art of Tasseography.


Cathy has also written extensively about the history of palm reading.  “Though most find it hard to believe, palm reading is actually one of the oldest forms of divination tracing its heritage back to ancient India,” she writes. “From India it appears palmistry traveled to Tibet, into China and eventually to Europe. It is said that Aristotle presented a treatise on palmistry to Alexander the Great, who, historically, took a great interested in many forms of divination.”


Interested in tarot? You’ll find a fascinating article by Natalie Palmer in our free library. “There are hundreds, if not thousands of different types of tarot decks,” she reports. “As difficult as it is for some people to believe, between the sale of tarot decks, tarot art and tarot readings, Tarot is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. With so many adherents, practitioners and collectors, you would think tarot would get some form of respect, but unfortunately, through history there have been numerous efforts to make tarot ‘evil’ and even outlaw tarot reading (even outlawing a person owning a tarot deck).”


Natalie has written about many different aspects of tarot – from the Meaning Of The Magician Tarot Card to Popular And Famous Tarot Decks.  If you’re new to the world of tarot, be sure to check out her article Understanding Tarot Readings For Beginners.


BTW: The library of psychic articles isn’t the only thing that’s free here at Psychics Directory.  While you’re visiting our website, you can take psychic tests free and jot down the number for our free psychic hotline (it’s 1-800-492-2058). You can even sign up for your free daily horoscope.


You may also see Sue Priestly’s name if you’re delving into the fascinating topics included in our free library of psychic articles.  Sue has written intriguing stories like Put Money Magick And Luck In Your LifeA Better Understanding Of Magick And Spellcasting and Rising Popularity Of Wicca.


She also covers topics related to astrology, including Taurus / Libra Love Compatibility.  Among the zodiac’s 12 signs there are varying degrees of compatibility when it comes to love, friendship, even working relationships.  According to Sue, one of the most compatible pairings is that of a Taurus man and a Libra woman. 


What is it about a Libra gal that will keep a Taurus man interested?  According to Sue, “Some personality characteristics specific to the female Libra are that they ooze natural beauty and grace, and are often seen as hard to come by. A Libra may seem detached, but their minds are always working, thinking of new ideas and how to how to solve problems in the best possible way. A Libra is very fair, and not confrontational, but loves to talk. She appreciates the little things in life and longs for true romance from a real gentleman, but she also enjoys the finer things this world has to offer as well.”

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