Meaning Of The Magician Tarot Card

Today during a tarot reading the Magician tarot card was drawn. For whatever reason, the card took on more clarity and it’s importance, particularly these days, seemed to stand out. I felt an impulse to provide some general information about this unique tarot card to others … and here we are.

The Magician tarot card (sometimes called The Magus, or The Juggler) is a Major Arcana card. As such, it can often indicate what is going on in your personal life. The Magician is all about power, action. An often overlooked aspect of this card is that it is also about the imagination and the power of imagination. Everyone has heard of the ‘power of visualization’. Consider that the Magician is a master of what we can accomplish with the power of imagination, especially if we can organize our resources and focus.
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However, the downside of the Magician is illusion (which is literally when our imagination has been lead astray). When the Magician is dealt upside down in a reading it can indicate that we are being fooled or are fooling ourselves. In readings it can indicate either the greed of others or the greed within ourselves is taking us into dangerous territory. Of course, much of this depends on what other cards are drawn during a reading and the type of tarot spreads are being used. Greed is about hording or seeking to horde more than we need or deserve and that can include love, someone’s affections, time, power, praise or any other number of things.

For many tarot readers, the Magician tarot card strongly suggests something about attaining goals or the destruction of our dreams is taking place or about too. We are being given a warning that the Magician is at work somewhere in one’s life, for better or for worse. The wonderful thing is, should the Magician appear upside down, we often have time to correct a situation before it is too late.
If the Magician is drawn right side up often in can mean the resources, intelligence and power (or powerful people) are close at hand to help you attain our goals. We only need to look and see … visualize and utilize that power of imagination. It could be a new job opportunity or promotion or business deal is at hand (should the reading be about one’s career) or it could mean a positive turning point in a love or relationship (should that be the topic of the tarot reading). But whatever it is, it is us who need to do what is necessary to push the event from possibility into reality … and the Magician is on our side.

It always pays to spend some time studying the imagery of tarot cards and it is no different with the Magician tarot card. It makes no difference what tarot deck you are using. The imagery can often help draw out richer meaning to the tarot reading from within you.

So, as you can see, the The Magician tarot card is quite potent and it’s meaning very important. When the Magician appears you can be played like a fool, or be nobody’s fool and cease the day. On a personal note, lately have I seen a number of Magician tarot cards appear and the underlying message is that greed abounds … it might be that all of us need to be on guard not to allow such a vice rule the day.

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I hope this quick lesson in the meaning of the Magician Tarot Card has been helpful.