Put Money Magick And Luck In Your Life

When it comes to money and business, we could all use a little magick. For many of us, magick is a bit like luck. People find that doing certain actions at the right time can appear to enhance our chances that good luck comes our way. You are unlikely to find any professional sports team that does not have it’s share of lucky charms and lucky rituals quietly going on within the club house. True, as Louis Pasteur once said, "chance favors the prepared mind", but also, there is the saying, "I’d rather be lucky than good … ". Doing something a little extra in an effort to create more abundance in your life and business won’t hurt.

The whole idea of lucky charms, lucky rituals and so forth is as old as human history. We do, and always have, sought to find that touch of magick in love and money. Sometimes the increased abundance in our life can be money, sometimes it can come in ways that just make our lives feel more valuable, like accomplishing a life long goal. If you are interested in creating a bit more abundance in your life then consider giving what is considered the supernatural a chance.

Here are a few simple ‘spells’ and magical rituals you might try.
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Here is something simple. To attract money to you find or buy both a hematite and obsidian gemstone (a small piece of both gemstones is perfect, size doesn’t matter). Purchase or make a small white pouch. In the white pouch place the hematite, obsidian and a penny. Keep this poach close to you. Carry it your wallet or purse and allow this ‘charm’ to work it’s magick and attract prosperity to the holder of this poach.

Another spell to attract money and/or help with financial success is to acquire a piece of loadstone and keep it handy. Whenever you are about to do anything financial or involving money, wrap a dollar bill around the loadstone and keep it in your pocket. This little piece of magick is great for a number of occasions like job interviews, when completing a business deal or making an investment. Some of my friends swear by it when they go shopping. And, many a gambler has been known to gamble when they have a loadstone wrapped in a dollar bill in his/her pocket.

One of the oldest and best known spells (or charm, if you prefer) is to nail an old horseshoe above your front door. The story goes that the horseshoe facing the two prongs upward (forming a cup) holds prosperity in the home and keep poverty away. It is said the horseshoe must be inside the home and above the front door or main entrance to the home. This traditional spell, lucky charm, what have you, has been well known and respected all over the Western United States. Some in the horse community say there are many stories involving the magic and luck of horseshoes. Some say the ‘cupped’ horseshoe places a blessing of prosperity on all those who enter and leave a home. Some say the horseshoes with 7 nail holes are best and that an old horseshoe you personally find is best of all to place above an entry door. Others say a lucky horseshoe above a fireplace radiates good fortune into a home.

Here is a bit more involved abundance spell. Get a calendar which shows when there will be full moons and new moons. Find out when the next new moon will be. In case you do not know, a new moon is there is when the moon has disappeared from the night sky and the next ‘new moon’ will begin. Get a bowl, any size will do. Buy a package of sesame seeds. On the night of the next new moon, pour the sesame seeds into the bowl and place the bowl somewhere near your front door. Whenever you walk by the bowl you stir it with your ring finger of your RIGHT hand. Continue this ritual until the last night of the next new moon then take the sesame seeds from the bowl and toss them respectfully into running water like a stream or creek. Replace the sesame seeds in the bowl and begin the process again. Many notice the beginnings of more abundance within the household within the month. It can be money, successes for the family members, more love and general financial improvements. The longer you continue this ritual, the more your home seems to attract abundance.

Do these simple money spells work? That strongly depends on whom you talk to about the subject. Wiccans have been working with charms, spells and channelling the forces of the universe for generations. Others offer different explanations as to why certain lucky charms, talisman and spells seem to work. Some say a ritual sharpens our visualization of our goals and desires leading us to manifest these goals and desires. Others claim money and prosperity rituals create subconscious programming that leads to achieve our desires. And, the true, harden skeptics say that lucky charms, spells and prosperity rituals do not do anything. Things just happen the way they happen and such superstitions do nothing to alter how things will work out. However, you will find few people in sports, business and life who, at some time or another, catch a glimpse of good luck, good fortune, falling their way. And, everyone would like to know how to make that happen more often than not.

So, go ahead. Try a bit of magick of your own. It cannot hurt and if it helps, that is a good thing.

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