A Better Understanding Of Magick And Spellcasting

Few subjects have been the target of as much superstition and misunderstanding as magic (or magick as we shall refer to it in this article). This includes the various practices and spirituality associated with magick and spellcasting. Magick, spellcasting, Wicca and other Nature based spiritualities and practices have been maligned and, in many cases, persecuted, for centuries. Much of this is due to the ways in which magick and related practices have been distorted through-out history by those who felt threatened by nature based or alternative concepts of spirituality. A lot of the surviving literature we have inherited pertaining to witchcraft, spellcraft and so forth, was NOT written by self-avowed witches, shaman or healers but rather by members of the Catholic clergy and the Inquisition who actively persecuted un-Christian beliefs and rites.

Adding to this confusion is the inevitable misunderstanding that occurs when we live our lives separate from any deep understanding of our own creative power. Wicca Magick And Spell Casting Magick is really about tapping into the essence of Nature, and how we are a part of nature. Magick refers to the divine gift that each one of us possesses: The innate ability to create our own reality from within. Magical practice and spellcasting in its purest and simplest form, seeks to foster an awareness of this gift and to help us to focus our creative energies in creative ways. Working magick can be described as the act of creating our life experience consciously, of doing so with intent, using what nature and the universe has given us.

The various trappings often associated with magical practice – invocations, chants, the use of aroma, ritualized movement, spell casting, etc. – all aid us in focusing our consciousness upon certain desired goals. Ritual practices help create a kind of sacred mood wherein our energies are directed and also brought into line with our desires. The primary "rule" of practice is that our inner reality will be translated into the life that we experience in the outer world. If we want to better understand the life we have created for ourselves, and perhaps learn how we can change it, then we must grow better acquainted with our inner reality. Certain divination tools, such as Tarot and I Ching, accomplish precisely this. They hold up a mirror that reflects not our physical appearance but rather our inner condition.

Natural magic is the inevitable expression of our natural selves. This is also at the heart of Wicca, Pagan and other Nature based spiritualities. Our thoughts and feelings weave "incantations", forming our lives in every particular, as surely as our breath steams up a mirror. All of us, to some extent, are magicians when we work with natural forces like gravity, electricity, nutrition and chemistry. How often has someone said that if a caveman were transported into today’s world he would likely think he’d arrived into a magical kingdom. This is also true when we work with any form of ritual from daily positive thinking exercises to prayer to the simple rituals of cooking or wood crafting (such as laying out tools or selecting the perfect ingredients for a meal). Even science could be a ritualist search for materialist truth. The difference with magick is that one deals with mystical forces and powers, within and without ourselves. Magick and the forces at work are usually poorly understood, or misunderstood, or not widely understood, or have been lost in the mists of time.

Part of our magical nature revolves around our innate freedom. This freedom, ironically, can turn us away from the magick within us because we are free to hold any beliefs, including those that say (in one way or another) that our divine creative power does not exist. Natural magick belongs to us. It is our birthright. However, we free to reject our natural selves if we wish, including the innate powers within ourselves.

No one lives at the mercy of a world "out there". What we experience in life is our inner reality made manifest. This is the essence of magical theory and practice. The miracle is that magick is all around us and within us and we cannot "fall out of" or escape.

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The worst we can do is ignore or forget our connection to the divine aspects of nature, the world, the universe. The loss of connection to the spiritual is, unfortunately, enough to cause most people a lot of pain, confusion and a deep sense of helplessness. The antidote can be the recognition of our true stature as magical beings who can discover all we need all around us. Armed with this knowledge, we would never blame any person or circumstance for our unhappiness because we would see our lives as our personal creations – the products of our natural magick. And, the tools, rituals, power and answers are both within and without us to create the life of joy we are born to have.

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I hope this article helps you appreciate the spirituality and insights into Magick.