Taurus / Libra Love Compatibility

For centuries, people have used the ideas of astrology to guide them in their everyday life. Astrology is the idea that the earth and other planets may directly affect the people on those planets, those people being us. The idea is that when a person is born, depending on the aligning of the planets at that time, it may determine their personality, beliefs, demeanor and of course, relationship compatibility.

There are twelve signs in astrology, each one determined by the month and day of your birth. Some signs are more compatible in love, and some are not. One very compatible set of signs is the male Taurus and the female Libra. To understand how these two signs fit together so well, we will first examine each individually, and then together.

Let’s start with the male Taurus. The Taurus, also known as the “bull”, is born between April 21 and May 21. The Taurus is an earth sign, meaning that they are very down to earth people, who enjoy nature and all the little things in life.

Zodiac Love Check

Zodiac Love Check

Sensuality come in abundance with a Taurus, and they take the extra time to add special little touches to everything they do. The reason for the title of the bull is because if you play games or try to rush a Taurus, the anger of the bull will definitely come out of them. In general, they are very calm and mellow.

Being so earthy, the Taurus is also considered a fixed sign, which means that they stay grounded where they are and do not like change very much. A Taurus will take his time in making decisions in all parts of his life, and once he has made them, he sticks with them as long as he can. Seeing as how Taurus is slow in decisions, it makes sense that he is also slow in other aspects of his life, meaning he takes the time to slow down and appreciate the world around him. Patience and long-term goals come hand-in-hand with Taurus, making him want more out of life, including material possessions and emotional stability in a partner. A Taurus is an excellent partner in a relationship.

Now, let’s look at the characteristics of a female Libra. The Libra, who is born between September 24 and October 23, is represented by the scales. The scales represent balance, the pure definition of a Libra. A Libra will take the extra time to think things through in order to make the best decision in all aspects of life. Libra is an air sign, meaning that they analyze everything and are full of ideas that flow out of them.

Some personality characteristics specific to the female Libra are that they ooze natural beauty and grace, and are often seen as hard to come by. A Libra may seem detached, but their minds are always working, thinking of new ideas and how to how to solve problems in the best possible way. A Libra is very fair, and not confrontational, but loves to talk. She appreciates the little things in life and longs for true romance from a real gentleman, but she also enjoys the finer things this world has to offer as well.

As far as love goes, a Libra will take her time in finding the right guy. She is one of the hardest signs to get to love you back, and also one of the most desired, since she analyzes everything to make the best decision. Only true love will get through to her heart. In a relationship, she is easy to be with and her love can withstand the test of time.

In comparison, a Taurus, in terms of love, also desires a long-term commitment making them a prime candidate for a Libra. Taurus will make the extra effort to show appreciation to Libra through the little things in life, which Libra greatly appreciates. Seeing as how Taurus is in tune with nature and simplicity, it should be obvious why he would have a strong attraction to Libra’s natural beauty and charisma.

So now it should be very obvious how a male Taurus and a female Libra can most definitely find love within one another. The two very down to earth signs are so compatible with each other that if given a chance, they’re love could last forever. The Libra’s calm sense of rationality allows her to handle the Taurus’ hidden bull so it isn’t released, making the match even more suited. The passion for romance that both signs desire lights a flame between the two that is almost impossible to extinguish.

For as long as time, people have been looking for, and finding, love. Love is the one thing that everybody wants, but not everybody gets. Finding the perfect match is sometimes an obstacle, and sometimes comes very easy, as with the Taurus and the Libra. Whether you happened to stumble upon it, or were out looking for love, once you find it your whole life will change forever.

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