Finding The Perfect Psychic For You

Finding The Perfect Psychic In Three Easy Steps

So there you are looking through the bios of dozens of different psychics, tarot readers, astrologers looking for the perfect perfect psychic. You want answers, maybe some ‘special’ help with an issue. Perhaps a lover has been remote, or your dreams have been vivid and seem to have a theme but you cannot make out what these dreams mean. Pretty soon you realize you are not sure what you are reading and which bio goes with which psychic. You begin to wonder if throwing a dart at a list of psychics would not be a better approach. And, if you found a psychic you liked, what would be the best way to proceed?

1) Clearly Define The Questions You Want To Ask A Psychic
Write down the questions you have. If you find you have more than one topic, they try and narrow down to one topic and save other topic(s) for another reading. What you want is clarity in what you want the psychic to help you with. You want specific questions and/or be able to clearly tell a psychic about the issue which you want help with. Free Help Picking The Perfect Psychic Now, the type of questions you have and the topic can help not only save time during a reading but also can help with the type of psychic you want to contact. Many psychics encourage their clients to have specific questions and write out thoughts before calling for another reason. A client who clearly has the issue and questions in mind brings a certain focus to the psychic reading. Many psychics can ‘sense’ that you are there about something specific and that your thoughts and feelings are not bouncing around from love to career to family and back to love.

2) Understand The Type Of Psychic You Are Working With
If you are interested in contacting a departed love one like a family member, friend or even a beloved pet, then generally you want to talk with a psychic medium or spirit medium. These are psychics who are in contact with the spirit world. Most have spirit guides who assist them with spirit contact. Psychic mediums are often clairvoyant, clairaudient and/or clairsentience. These types of psychics are also excellent with spiritual advice and spiritual counseling. Sometimes they may even have messages from those is the spirit realm or even from your spirit guides. If you have questions more about ‘this world’, psychic mediums can be very helpful, but be aware that nearly all answers with come with a spiritual tone. Clairvoyants, clairaudients and so forth also can have great insights into your life’s purpose or journey.

For specific questions about people, love, business and forth, often the best psychics for these types of questions are skilled in tarot, astrology, numerology, runes and other forms of divination. This is especially true if your questions involve the past, why things are the way they are now, or what the future may hold. Often a psychic with clairsentience can be very helpful with understanding what other people around you are feeling, perhaps even revealing what the intentions are of someone near you. Clairsentient psychics are sometimes called empathic psychics as they deeply sense the feeling, even the thoughts of others. Psychic pendulum divination, which is considered a form of dowsing is also very potent in answering specific questions.

Naturally, when you have questions about dreams, reincarnation and past lives, ghosts, finding people or things, then it often pays to check out psychics who specialize in those activities. Even though some psychics have made a reputation on understanding dreams or finding lost object does not mean that they are not excellent psychics with answering other questions. A couple of my favorite psychics for personal questions I originally discovered when looking for a specialist. It turned out my ‘dream psychic’ proved to be an excellent love advisor. That’s just the way it is in the mystical field.

3) Make Contact, Test The Waters And Consider Keeping Notes
There is nothing more important in selecting a psychic to work with than feeling a solid connection. One should feel comfortable and at home with a psychic because you will often share with a psychic things you would not share with anyone else. Whether you want to think of it as ‘having a good vibe’ or feeling positive energy or whatever, it is important that you, as a client, feel that with your psychic. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular psychic, stop the reading, thank them and move on. When you are testing the waters (checking out new psychics or psychic networks) feel free to have a quick, short readings and if the reading is not working for you, just move one. If you have a strong connection with a certain psychic, maybe extend the reading a bit and see where it leads.

If a psychic seems to be avoiding dealing with your specific question or issue, be polite but firm that you would like answers about the questions you have today. Never be afraid to stop a reading if you feel it is going off track, perhaps ask the psychic why they are pursuing a certain topic when you came to them to get answers about something else. There could be a reason the psychic feels it necessary to inform you about another topic. The bottom line is that you feel good about a psychic and your reading, however that reading unfolds. Taking a few notes during a psychic reading is common. You never know when something a psychic tells you which, at the time seems to be unimportant, can turn out to be important later on. Also, the mind can play tricks, especially when it comes to details during a reading. You may think the psychic told you that you might meet someone important named Fred, but when you check your notes the psychic really told you the name was Ted. If, during a reading, something seems unclear, it is perfectly find to ask the psychic to explain or to go into more detail, if possible. People who enjoy using psychics often have several favorite psychics. There is no reason that you should have only one psychic advisor.

Consider that in history Alexander The Great had numerous psychics. If fact, Alexander The Great actively sought out psychics, oracles and new divinational arts throughout his travels from Egypt to India. He had his favorites who often traveled with him, but he also was never shy about what other oracles had to say.

One tip, though: It is very rude to interrupt a psychic during a reading and say, "well, So-And-So psychic told me this and then this other psychic told me that". Psychic readings are NOT a competitive sport where you try and pit one psychic against another. You might say that such a tactic will bring you not clarity but bad karma. Be polite and listen to what each psychic has to say. Take your notes. And then privately consider what each had to say. Some psychics can be extraordinary with one gift or one form of divination like tarot or astrology. Other psychics find their strength in understanding and working with many gifts and divination. Psychics are often like artists and can be great with many mediums where others are excellent with a single, pure gift. Trying to choose a psychic based on how many things they seem to know is not a good way to go. It is far better to judge each psychic individually and on the reading provided and the relationship you feel between you and the psychic.

Free Help Finding The Right Psychic
Just so you know there is a number you can call for free help picking a psychic, 1-800-340-8374, who work with Psychic Selection and 1800 Psychics. You can call toll free and get free help with your questions and picking the right psychic for you. Ask A Psychic also offers a similar service free help picking a psychic and you can call them at 1-866-953-4960. I hope this article helps in your search for finding the perfect psychic for you.