What Is Clairaudience?

Many people believe that there is more to the human mind than what science has already uncovered. It is the firm belief of many that humans possess extraordinary powers that allow them to exert their influence over the world with the power of their will alone. These powers are collectively known as psychic powers. These powers comprise a wide variety of different abilities, each of which demonstrates an expansion of human perception. Clairaudience is one of these psychic powers.

clairaudient psychicsClairaudience is considered one form of extra sensory perception, or ESP. It involves the sense of hearing. A psychic with clairaudience can hear beyond what a other are capable of. A clairaudient may use their skill to hear a distant conversation (similar to remote viewing), music of strange origin, what others are thinking, or most often, spirits speaking or providing messages.

The word clairaudience comes from the French “clair,” which means clear, and “audience,” which means “listen.” It literally translates to “clear listening.”|A person with clairaudience can clearly listen to sounds that far exceed the capabilities of the human ear. In the Buddhist tradition, a practitioner may develop clairaudience through meditation, allowing them to listen in on the celestial chorus. This is the music made by the movements of the celestial bodies, like the sun, moon, and earth. Other forms of clairaudience involve hearing inaudible things that become sounds in the psychic’s mind. For example, a clairaudient may “hear” a person thinking, and therefore will be capable of picking up on a person’s motives, inner desires, and secret thoughts. This form of clairaudience is also known as telepathy.

Clairaudience is very difficult to explain, and even if explained, seems scientificly impossible, which makes someone who experience clairaudience feel that it is best not to mention they are so ‘gifted’. Since the clairaudient individual hears things in their mind alone, there is no known method of scientifically determining if clairaudient individuals are actually experiencing a paranormal sense, are imaging it, or are somehow tapping into a talent that few other people have experienced. This makes clairaudience, and all psychic phenomena, a sticky issue for rational reductionists and scientists.

Scientists have no explanation for the perception of clairaudience, with the exception that it is all a delusion imagined by the supposed psychic. The scientific explanation could be a correct analysis of the situation, but it would be limited to the idea that there is ONLY the physical universe. Science has yet to fully unlock the secrets of the brain, let alone the mind, and the mind-brain duality problem is still a common topic of philosophers. It is unlikely science can ever ‘understand’ clairaudience until there is some framework to include a ‘spiritual’ reality.

There are several forms of ESP that are related to clairaudience. Each one pertains to a specific sense. For instance, there is clairvoyance, which is the ability to see through paranormal means. Clairsentience is the development of a supernatural sense of touch. Clairescense, also known as clairalience, is a paranormally developed sense of smell. Claircognizance deals with the sense of knowledge, and those with this ability have intrinsic knowledge and heightened instincts. Finally, clairgustance is the ability to taste an object without the tongue. A clairaudient psychic can hear things no other person can, making them truly remarkable individuals. Whether or not clairaudience is an actual phenomenon or not, those who claim to have it experience a slice of reality that is more complex and layered than normal humans. This is a truly remarkable thing, and a purported psychic is sure to provide an immense amount of fascinating conversation to psychic researchers, psychologists, and even the curious.

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