What Is Clairsentient?

Clairsentient means “clear feeling” and may also be called psychometry. It is one of four major metaphysical senses. Clairvoyance-”clear seeing“, clairaudience-”clear hearing” , and claircognizance-”clear knowing”, are the other three. All four are considered a form of extrasensory perception, at least in the scientific community.

A clairsentient is a person who has the ability to sense or ‘read’ the energy of a person, place, or thing by touching a person, or holding an object. Some who claim clairsentient ability can also often can sense or ‘read’ the emotions, intentions and attitudes of others (almost as if they can feel the emotions themselves). Very sensitive clairsentient people can read others at a distance and the impressions can closely resemble mind reading.

Clairsentient Psychic Betty

Clairsentient Psychic Betty

For example, a clairsentience psychic can hold a watch or other article closely tied to a person tell you about the article’s owner and/or about others who have touched the object. This particular type of clairsentience is sometimes called psychometry. Many people believe we are all born with some form of ‘clair’ abilities but where some embrace it others lose these abilities over time.

Most feel as if they have had clairsentient experiences at some point in their lives. How many of us have thought of someone we hadn’t seen, nor spoken to, in a long time and then you get a call from them with in a short time? Or feeling uncomfortable, with the urge to look behind you and when you do look, someone is staring at you or mocking you. Or, upon meeting someone for the first time, you sense immediately that you like or dislike some one with out any “reason”. People can often have a sense that a place of situation is ‘not right’ without knowing why only to discover some hidden or unforeseeable danger latter. If you happen to be a comic book fan, you could say that Spiderman’s ‘spider sense’ that warns him of impending danger like a sixth sense is a type of clairsentience.

A recent TV show explored clairsentience. The show “Heroes” had a clairsentient character, Bridget Bailey, and detailed her experiences from the time she discovered her “gift” up to the time of her death. It demonstrated some of the problems that could arise for a clairsentient person. For example, she had difficulty wearing some of her clothes because of the “feelings” that were associated with the conditions in the factory where they were made. The show also explored how someone with clairsentience can have difficulty being near people who have hateful or violent thoughts and feelings, even when those negative feelings are completely concealed socially.

A people with clairsentient must, for their own sake, gain control over this ability or they may end up experiencing other people feelings to the point where it hinders their own well being. They may end up feeling emotional, stressed, and worn out for no apparent reason, when, unbeknownst to them, they are really experiencing some one else’s distress.
Professional psychics with a potent clairsentient ability often comment on how they need to rest and ‘cleanse’ their energy or minds after psychic readings. Many ask for divine protection and guidance prior to a reading (which means opening themselves up to people and energy of others) in order to protect themselves from very negative energy or feelings.

There are many ways clairsentients can experience the energy or “information” they feel. They could “see” different colors and hues that they get an emotional feeling from. Negative energy may make them feel nauseated, while positive energy may make them feel peaceful. They may feel a sense of movement that may indicate a place in time; past, present, or future. They may experience physical sensations, such as pressure.

Contemporary Clairsentient Psychic Zach

Contemporary Clairsentient Psychic Zach

Being empathic (which means to understand or be sensitive to the feelings of others) is sometimes used to describe clairsentient individuals. Strictly speaking, being empathic is different from being clairsentient. Understanding the feelings of others may provide a sense of connection to others, it is not the same as being clairsentient. Clairsentience is reading the energy of another person or object and obtaining information that was not, nor could be, acquired by the physical senses.

Some clairsentients may be able to project their senses from a short distance from their bodies to very far away places. An example may be uneasy thoughts about a loved one, who is miles away, that can’t just be ignored, and then finding out that at the same time those feelings were felt, something bad happened to that person- a car accident, a heart attack, etc.. The ability to project far away is dependant on the clairsentient being very familiar with the place or a person or object in the place. The ability to project a very short distance is limited only by the clairsentients ability.

There are a number of clairsentient professional psychics available if you would like to learn more, or get a personal reading. Psychic Betty is a gifted clairvoyant and clairsentient. You might also enjoy Psychic Zach who is very honest and a great guy to talk with. 1800 psychics is also a good place to find psychics with clairsentience talents (you can call and they will assist you, free, in finding the right psychic for your question or needs).

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