Pendulums And Pendulum Divination

Some experts believe the use of the pendulum for divination or dowsing goes back almost 5,000 years. The use of the pendulum is a form a dowsing (a topic worth of an entire article unto itself). Everyone seems to lay claim to pendulum dowsing or divination from psychics to pagans to Wiccans to hypnotists to therapists and more. Someone who becomes an expert in the use of the pendulum is called a ‘pendulist’. There are two main uses of the pendulum: One is for finding natural resources and is usually called ‘pendulum dowsing’ – the other is for using the pendulum for divination. In this article we will be primarily looking at using the pendulum for divination.

The pendulum is a simple tool. It is basically a weight suspended on a fine chain, string or cord. What is important is that the weight swing freely. It is very easy to create a pendulum: find a small weight and some string and tie the weight to the string. For a beginner, the string length should be about the same as the distance between your wrist and elbow. This will allow you to hold the pendulum about an inch to 1/4 inch above a table top with your elbow resting on the table. Likely you will find a seated position more conformable. You will also likely that holding the pendulum string or chain between your thumb and fore finger feels most natural.

When first using the pendulum, the key is stay relaxed. What is fascinating is that no matter how hard you try there is no way to keep the pendulum from swaying gently. And, almost as universal, is that almost everyone can ‘instruct’ the pendulum to give you a direction for ‘yes’ and a direction for ‘no’. All you need do is ask, ‘what is the direction for yes’. You will get a specific movement such as right to left or up and down or perhaps another specific movement. Once you establish the direction for ‘yes’ you need to establish a direction for ‘no’. Again, just remain relaxed and focus on the question, ‘what is the direction for no’. Once you have established how the pendulum will communicate yes and no answers, you are pretty much ready to start asking questions … but only for yes and no questions. Let’s be clear that this is the very, very basics. For more on establishing pendulum direction for questions visit pendulum divination.

Exactly how pendulum divination or dowsing work is still a mystery, despite a good of research into the phenomenon. Within the scientific community the movement of the pendulum is called a ‘psychosomatic reaction’. It is not uncommon to find hypnotists and psychotherapists working with pendulums as some professionals believe the pendulum can assist people in accessing the subconscious mind. In the mystical field, many feel the pendulum is a tool to access the ‘higher self’ or higher mind’. Professional psychics who work with the pendulum claim the motion of the pendulum can be influenced by spirits, spirit guides and even mischievous spirits. How the pendulum works is all a matter of whom you talk to about it. If one leans towards the metaphysical, then the explanation leans that direction. If one is seeking a rational explanation, the there are plenty of people who have rational explanations for pendulum motions and how that relates to the ‘dowser’ or pendulum user.

Regardless of how one chooses to explain the use of the pendulum, pendulum dowsing or pendulum divination, what is clear is that there is a bonding that takes place between the pendulum, the user and the environment. This bonding with the pendulum (or any dowsing tool) is very important, especially in the area of pendulum divination. Many professional psychics who work with the pendulum feel that using a crystal as the weight gives the pendulum more potency. As one becomes more serious about pendulum divination or pendulum dowsing the need to have a personal pendulum tool that is dedicated to that purpose. Protecting and fully bonding with the pendulum and treating it with respect is considered very important. Despite the claims by some pendulum practitioners that the best pendulums must be hand made to be fully effective, many other skilled and professional pendulum divinationalist say it is perfectly fine to buy a pendulum that is good quality. Frankly, I am in agreement that store purchased if fine but I am also of the opinion that, for whatever reason, crystal weighted pendulums do seem to work best.

As one goes deeper one goes into using the pendulum the more there is to discover. One can use the pendulum with maps and charts. There are dowsing boards (many of which resemble ouija boards special crystals, gems and chains, pendulum alter clothes and specialized pendulum charts. Pendulums are used over chakra points in the body. At one time, there was a moment by doctors to used the pendulum to diagnose diseases called ‘Medical Radiesthesia’, and there are still some today who thing there is some validity to this practice (although I am not sure I would keep my doctor if they took out a pendulum to determine if I need a heart transplant). In recent years, there has been an explosion in the exploration and use of the pendulum for divination.

So, how potent is the use of the pendulum? There is a story told of how Famed American pendulist Verne Cameron (1896-1970) was invited to South Africa to help locate mineral resources using his pendulum dowsing skills. However, the American government denied him a passport to travel. Why? Because during the height of the Cold War during 1960’s Verne Cameron had demonstrated his pendulum skills to the U.S. Navy. Using his ‘map dowsing’ skill Cameron used his pendulum over a world map and located every submarine in the U.S. Navy had at sea. Not only that, Cameron also located every Russian submarine in the world. The CIA decided that Verne Cameron was a national security and he was forbidden to leave the country. The story rises even more interesting questions. Was Cameron using the pendulum to tap into a psychic talent even he was unaware of to find all the U.S. submarines? Where did the information come from that revealed the location of what is considered hidden?

The results of pendulum ‘magick’ are quite ext ordinary and some even consider it all paranormal. Yet, you will find a wide array of people who either become experts in pendulums and dowsing, from farmers to Wiccans to psychics to hypnotists to professionals. You, too, may discover a special affinity for pendulum dowsing or divination. Who knows?

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