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The psychic art of scrying, sometimes known as crystallomancy, is one of the most familiar forms of divination. You know all those images with psychics and crystal balls? There is a reason for those crystal balls … the psychic is crystal gazing or scrying. Scrying has existed for thousands of years and has appeared in many different cultures and any many different forms all over the world. Scrying has long been considered one of the most difficult forms of divination to master. However, there are some who seem to have a natural ‘gift’ for crystallomancy and it is also a form of divination that, with guidance and practice, is said to be attainable to anyone who wishes to master it. A psychic or mystic who practices scrying is sometimes called a ‘scryer’.

In its basic form, scrying can vary from a deep trance in which a person is able to decipher visions generated from a spiritual plane to a light meditative state in which the scryer receives images and impressions supposedly related to the topic the scryer is exploring. However, it is most commonly conducted using tools designed to focus the mind and avoid wandering thoughts. The most frequently used tools for scrying are crystal, mirrors, smoke, and water.

The visions attained from these tools must be interpreted by the scryer. This is where practice, study and guidance come in. The scryer must not only understand the symbols, images and impressions that appear, but also know how to correctly interpret them. The visions may relate to the past, present, or future, depending on what kind of information is attempting to be discovered, and, according to professional crystal readers, past, present and future are often jumbled together leaving the reader to sort it out.

Depending on whom you talk to, the information gleaned from scrying is said to come from any number of sources: God, the devil, a spirit, or the subconscious mind, the Akashic records, and other possibilities. How a scryer determines the source has generally depended on their culture and experience. Not surprisingly, this interpretation has undergone many changes and developments over history and across cultures. For modern scryers, it is evident that their own personal belief systems, experiences, and training also help to dictate how the visions from a scry (a session of scrying) are interpreted and used.

Like all forms of divination, scrying is far more mystical and spiritual than scientific. It could be look at as more an art form with skill than anything else. And, with any skill requires study, practice and developing the intuitive skills needed to be successful. Interestingly, some reports say that scrying has an intimate connection to the moon and that some of the best results occur at night. Experienced scryers suggest meditation as a way to calm and reorient the mind towards spiritual and subtle realities; it is argued that a disturbed and troubled mind will provoke chaotic, confused, random, and ineffective visions that can be misconstrued by the scryer. Also, the majority of professional crystal readers strongly suggest prayer for guidance and protecting when practicing scrying divination. The environment reported best for scrying is a place of quiet, calm, and to be undisturbed. This allows for the greater concentration and helps to reduce the likelihood of distractions while in the trance or meditative state. Also, the lighting should not be overly bright. If fire is the tool being used for the scry, the room should be completely dark except for the flame in which the scryer must focus.

Once the scry has begun, it is best to direct the eyes through the tool of choice, keeping the gaze steady. It is important that the scryer is gazing through the object, not just orienting their attention on the surface. It is not necessary to avoid blinking during a scry, and the mind should not be concerned with controlling it. In fact, with the exception of the question or topic in which the scryer is hoping to explore. Scrying is not about ‘thinking’, it is about allowing a mind to be completely calm and open, allowing the images, impressions, visions to freely flow through the scryer. Experienced scryers advised not to continue the scry for more than 20 minutes and that those first exploring scrying to start with only a few minutes per session.

Ancient Egyptians used scrying in their traditions, and it also plays a key role in the legend of the goddess Hathor, who bore a reflecting shield that showed everything in its true spiritual form. One of the most famous scryers was Nostradamus, who utilized scrying as a way to develop his famous predictions of the future. While it requires a significant amount of concentration, practice, and a natural spiritual orientation, many crystal gazers say that anyone can learn to use and explore this ancient divinational art.
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