Jeane Dixon: Clairvoyant Astrologer

Jeane Dixon was an immensely popular American psychic and astrologer who captivated the public’s attention for almost 30 years, from the 1950s through the 1980s. She syndicated an astrology column, was an author and her biography would become a best seller. Those who sought Dixon’s advice and readings would range from Hollywood celebrities to business leader to Presidents. And, her influence on other writers, astrologers and those interested in clairvoyance and psychic phenomena would continue to ripple through history. Jeane Dixon’s story is an interesting one, starting from humble, religious beginnings to making publicized predictions which made her one of America’s best-known psychics during her life time.

astrologersJeane Dixon’s Early Years

Jean Dixon was born into a Roman Catholic family on January 5, 1904 in Medford, Wisconsin. She was born under the name of Lydia Emma Pinckert. She often stated that when she was very young she was given a crystal ball by a fortune-teller who told her that she would one day be a well-known psychic. At the age of nine Dixon started receiving visions. What might best be described as clairvoyant visions. At fourteen she began making predictions about people she knew, but also about celebrities and coming events.

Despite these gifts, Dixon worked to lead a relatively normal early adult life. She married Charles Zuercher, a Swiss immigrant, in 1928 and quickly found she’d made a mistake and divorced soon after. In 1939 she fell in love with and married James Dixon. It was around this time she changed her name from Lydia to Jeane. Jeane and James Dixon would remain married for the remainder of their lives, and to all accounts, remained very much in love. They would have no children together.

Jeane Dixon worked with her husband and served as the president of his successful real estate business. But, Jeane Dixon’s true calling as a psychic and astrologer was just too great, and gradually she began giving readings and providing astrological advice for friends (which soon turned into a steady stream of people seeking her advice). Dixon never asked for money for her readings. She felt she was blessed to have married James Dixon and together they were more than capable of taking care of their needs through the real estate business.

As Dixon’s began to attract high profile clients she came under attack for voicing she was a devote Catholic and Christian. However, she never backed down on her claim she deeply believed in Christianity. She attended mass daily and believed in the importance of pray. Like the vast majority of psychics, Dixon felt her gifts were spiritual and given to her for good reason. After Dixon’s death it was found she had collected a number of Catholic/Christian artifacts such as Madonnas, rosaries, crosses, busts of cardinals and so forth. Friends and family members attested to the fact it was not uncommon to find Dixon reading the Bible.

Celebrity Clients

Among Dixon’s high-profile clients was the actress Carole Lombard, who met a devastating end in a plane crash after not heeding Dixon’s warning not to travel by plane on her planned trip. Dixon also had her share of political ties, and was very close to Nancy Reagan. Due to her relationship with the future First Lady, she was reportedly said to have met with Ronald Reagan before he became president, predicting that he one day would attain the highest office in the United States.

Nancy Reagan had a real appreciation for astrology and felt it could be of benefit to crafting Ronald Reagans political career. Dixon did publicly predict Ronald Reagan’s re-election as Governor of California in June, 1970. When Jeanne Dixon let it be known she’d performed a reading for Nancy Reagan (which, sadly, created a negative media buzz about Ronald and Nancy seeing fortune tellers), Nancy decided to work privately with Joan Quigley (see article Ronald Reagan and the Tippecanoe Curse).

Dixon also met with Richard Nixon on at least one occasion in 1971, and possibly even the following year when she predicted a terrorist attack on the White House (which thankfully never happened). As a result of this meeting Nixon set up a cabinet committee on counterterrorism. The terrorist attack did not materialize as Dixon predicted, however, her warning that terrorist attacks on the U.S. were possible, in retrospect, seem prophetic.

Predictions: Hits and Misses

As with most psychics and astrologers, not all Jeane Dixon’s predictions were 100% accurate. To her credit, Dixon tended to ignore her misses and seemed to understand that the future was not fixed but rather existed as probabilities. In 1942 Dixon advised actress Carole Lombard not to travel by plane for six weeks. Lombard seemed to heed Dixon’s advice and traveled by train. Unfortunately, in a rush to get home Lombard switched plans and took a plane. In a terrible store, the plane crashed in the mountains near Las Vegas killing all on board.

In 1945, in a private reading, Dixon reportedly told President Franklin Roosevelt that he had little time left to live. It was rumored Roosevelt had become concerned he would not be able to complete his work winning World War II. Roosevelt did died within a few months of meeting with Dixon.

One of Jeane Dixon’s more astounding predictions came in 1953. During a live interview on NBC, Dixon said that a silver ball would emerge from Russia and travel into space. Naturally, Dixon’s critics had much to say about her bizarre visions. The Russian satellite Sputnik launched four years later.

Perhaps best known of Jeane Dixon’s ‘hits’ was the prediction of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy made in 1956 which was published in Parade Magazine. She was quoted as saying that the 1960 election would be won by a democrat who would later either die or be assassinated while in office.

In 1977 Oprah Winfrey met with Dixon. At that time, Dixon told Oprah in no uncertain terms that she would become a world renowned celebrity with an audience of millions. It was not until 2007 that Oprah reveled on her talk show her meeting with Dixon and the prediction she provided.

In 1981 Dixon announced that actress Sissy Spacek would be giving birth to a baby girl the following year. Spacek was not amused by this prediction and told the media that she would make the decision if and when she’d have a child and NOT Jeane Dixon. In July of 1982 Spacek gave birth to her first child, a daughter.

Indeed, Jeane Dixon had a number of accurate predictions, but she also had her fair share of ‘misses’. Among some of her most off target predictions: During the 1960 election Dixon had changed her prediction that a democrat would win and instead said Kennedy would lose. She predicted that there would be a World War III in 1958; that a cure for cancer would be found by 1967; that a comet would strike the earth in the 1980s; and that world peace would be achieved by the year 2000.

Critics of Dixon love to point to the number of inaccurate predictions, her ‘misses’. However, her ‘hits’ are impressive, particularly when you take into account the statistic odds that she could make accurate predictions on such things as foreseeing Sputnik (something completely out of her area of expertise), or, that a certain individual would die on an aircraft within 6 weeks (currently you would have to select 1 person out of 7 billion with the odds of that person dying in an airline crash is 1 in 3.4 million).

The Jeane Dixon/Ruth Montgomery Connection

In 1952, Ruth Montgomery would begin publishing an annual column on Jeane Dixon’s predictions. In 1965, Ruth Montgomery would publish Dixon’s nationally best-selling biography, A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon. The relationship between the two women would prove an interesting one.

Ruth Montgomery was a syndicated columnist, respected journalist, and holder of two honorary doctor of law degrees. Many credit Montgomery for pioneer for women’s acceptance in the news media (given in the 1940s and 50s there were almost no female news reports). She was the only woman reporter invited to FDR’s funeral. Montgomery was a member of then Vice-President Richard Nixon’s media team when touring of Russia in 1959. Montgomery would write a book of her 25 years covering Washington called Hail to the Chiefs; My Life and Times with Six Presidents in 1970. She was also very much a skeptic of paranormal phenomena. That would begin to change after working with Dixon on A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon. It would prove a catalyst for Montgomery’s own exploration of psychic phenomena.

In an effort to debunk psychics and spirit contact, Ruth Montgomery began investigating psychic phenomena. As an investigative journalist, she felt very comfortable taking on this task and intended her investigations to become a book. Montgomery’s investigation took some surprising turns and she would go from being a skeptic to a believer. This journey would chronicled in Montgomery’s first book on the topic called A Search For Truth, published in 1967.

After retiring from her esteemed journalism career in 1969, Montgomery began to describe herself, much like Dixon and other psychics such as Edgar Cayce, as a ‘Christian psychic’. Although Dixon was obviously very much a reason Montgomery began to investigate psychic phenomena, it was Montgomery’s discovery that she had a gift for automatic writing which lead her to publishing a number of spiritually oriented books inspired by Montgomery’s contact with spirits.

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Interestingly, Montgomery credits Arthur Ford for assisting her in perfecting her automatic writing skills. (To learn more about Ruth Montgomery, check out Ruth Montgomery – Psychic Pioneer)

Jeane Dixon: Not Likely To Be Forgotten

On January 25, 1997, Dixon passed away. Her husband having departed before her, Jeane Dixon’s possessions went to opened up a Jean Dixon Museum in 2002. In 2009 the estate decided to auction off most of Jeane Dixon’s possessions, many fetching impressive prices. Dixon’s legacy continues on in a number of books written by Jeane Dixon Yesterday, Today and Forever and My Life and Prophecies. Whether critic, skeptic or fan of Jeane Dixon, there is no denying she made an impression in history.

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