Using Psychics To Find Something… Or Someone

To some people, contacting a psychic to help you find something, or someone, many seem very unusual. Yes, it may seem a bit excentric, however, there is a logic behind this choice few appreciate. There are a surprising number of people who do utilize psychics to find anything from lost cell phones to lost pets to locating people. Psychics are never 100% accurate in such efforts. If they were, nothing in this world would ever be lost. However, you might be shocked at how often talented, professional psychics can, and do, provide accurate information often leading to finding what seemed lost.

Now, I mentioned how nothing in this world would ever be lost if psychics were 100% accurate all the time. Let me tell you something my grandmother taught me. My grandmother didn’t like psychics. Which was odd since she was a very spiritual woman and often betrayed her psychic streak. Psychic Help Finding People And Objects It could be that she didn’t like psychics because they too often acted ‘psychicish’ and she found that pretentious. When anyone in the family said they’d lost anything important my grandmother would become very still and quiet and say something like, "Everything in the universe is where it is suppose to be and never lost" … or … "Divine Mind knows where everything is and nothing is ever lost". Then, my grandmother would start listing off several places the lost item likely was to be found. Sometimes she would just say ‘go look there’ and, far more often than not, the lost item was found.

Years later, after my grandmother had passed on, when I thought I’d lost my wallet in a foreign country, I was, shall we say, ‘freaked out’. I’d wasted 1/2 a day and several trips around the area talking to merchants and hotel staff trying to find it. Feeling terribly frustrated and defeated, I was just about to give up when I suddenly flashed on the image of my grandmother, standing there very still saying, "Nothing in the universe is ever lost. The universe knows where everything is". Just as suddenly I finally understood what she meant. Of course nothing can be lost. Just as quickly I had an image of me, fumbling around in the dark, putting my wallet in the hotel dresser drawer. Only the wallet does not go in the drawer. It goes into the space behind the drawer. That is not how I remembering it happening. I remember placing the wallet under my clothes. Nevertheless, the vision of me fumbling with my wallet and it flips behind the drawer is the image I got. I go look and, bingo, there is my wallet behind the hotel drawer.

Most people think that something they lost is a matter of just remembering where they left it. There is no spiritual dimension to finding something. I suppose for people who do not believe there is any spiritual dimension to anything that makes sense. But to people who do understand there is a spiritual aspect to everything, then spirituality can be applied to something as mundane as finding something that seems lost. It only makes sense … but only to those who understand that there really is a spiritual dimension to our material existence.

Many of those who have contacted a psychic about loosing something important understand what I am talking about. True, professional psychics are all about spirituality. That is not how the media or skeptics portray them, but anyone who has honestly explored the mystical world of psychics knows that psychics are all about spirituality. Psychics know spirituality is the only rational explanation for their gifts. It is beyond rational, actually. The spirituality of psychic gifts is almost physically felt by those given such gifts. And, it is perfectly understandable that most people do not understand this.

When it comes to finding people, the same spiritual ‘rules’ apply. However, often a more powerful spiritual aspect can be involved: Love. Forgive me for evoking my grandmother again, but she so often seemed to know when family members were in trouble or needed help. My grandmother may not have seem a family member or close friend for days, weeks, years, and suddenly would calling someone to check on them. Sure enough, something would be amiss, some tragedy looming. When I ask her about this my grandmother went into ‘spirit-speak’ which I admit that at the time I usually didn’t understand or tuned out. What I do remember is that ‘love’ for my grandmother was not what it was for other people.

To my spiritually oriented grandmother, love was a refection of Love. She often refereed to God as Love or Truth or All-in-all or any number of other synonyms. Love was not something that people carried around inside themselves. That was to limited, to self-centered. Love was something that people radiated outward from within. Love was something that was everywhere, like deep pools or oceans that people moved through as they went about their days. Her perception of love was that we not only move through places full of love, but that the love often moved through us. She would say of people who returned from some place full of love that they "still had the shine".

Given that love is a connecting thing that is everywhere, it shouldn’t be surprising that some talented psychics can tune into that connection and help find lost loves, lost relatives or people we think we have lost contact with. And, that naturally includes pets, who are often just as important to us in terms of love as any person could be. The point is, it is the spiritual dimension that psychics tap into, which is why they can prove so valuable in assisting in finding people we think are lost.

The Universe may know where everything is, but it may not always want you to know where something or someone is. It is rare, but it happens. No matter how good a psychic may be, if the universe wants something hidden from you, it is going to remain hidden. For myself, I’ve learned there is often a spiritual reason for this. It could be that another’s fate is not something you are meant to be a part of. Or, that there is something special for you to learn (or something new for you to gain) by losing something. It may not be easy to accept, but if you pay attention and move forward, something special will unfold, and you’ll know why it was necessary to accept the loss.

If you think there is a spiritual dimension to life then contacting a psychic to find something, some object, or even a person, makes sense. Even if you have little grasp of spirituality you may likely find working with a psychic helpful in finding what is lost. If you think there is NO spirituality to finding and losing things, then I’m very surprised you made it this far in this article. I’m impressed with your open mindedness. Having read this far, hopefully you understand there is nothing odd, strange or weird about getting psychic help with anything.

Should you not have a psychic you currently work with, then may I recommend Psychic Finders and psychic locator Betina. I have found these psychics helpful not only with locating seemingly lost items and people, but are also fantastic readers about relationships. Psychic Aina Jean with Psychic Finders is a very impressive clairvoyant and spirit medium.

Whatever or whoever you are looking for, you have my sincere best wishes you find what you seek.