The Legacy Of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce, 1877 to 1945, is, and remains, the premiere psychic in American history. A devote Christian who barely got beyond a ninth grade education, Edgar Cayce would change the landscape of how Americans thought about psychics. He would lovingly be called, ‘America’s Sleeping Prophet’. His writings, predictions, readings and health advice given while in a trace state leaves a legacy still studied today … and some of his predictions about what is yet to come remain both enlightening and controversial.

Today, if you Google ‘psychic reading’, you will be find millions of web pages on the topic. It was Edgar Cayce who coined the term ‘reading’ for a psychic reading. Such is the impact Mr. Cayce has had on American culture, though few are aware of exactly how influential Edgar Cayce was. Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet He was, in his time, the first psychic celebrity. Some wonder if he could not be considered the father of the New Age movement, given that much of what the New Age movement embraces today, Edgar Cayce introduced at the turn of the century. In the 1900’s concepts such as reincarnation, astral projection, alternative medicine, askahic records, spirit guides and, yes, psychic mediumship, were considered too strange and controversial for the average American. And, yet, Edgar Cayce would go on to consult Presidents, famous inventors, artists and thousands of average people in need of help.

Edgar Cayce was a rare type of psychic, a ‘trace psychic’. Though highly intuitive in his waking state, Cayce always entered a sleeping state or trace state when providing psychic readings. Cayce was not a clairvoyant in the traditional sense. And, yet, in his trace state he would converse with spirits and access a wealth of knowledge on subjects he could not have known. A psychic reading with Edgar Cayce was all about questions and answers. Clients would ask their questions once Cayce entered his trace state. Cayce himself never remembered his psychic reading upon waking or exiting the trance state. It was until 1923 that Edgar Cayce supports began recording his readings (especially so Cayce could review the information he provided). Between 1923 and 1945 there are nearly 14,000 preserved Cayce readings, many available through A.R.E. (Association For Research And Enlightenment) which was established to preserve and continue Edgar Cayce’s work.

Among some of Edgar Cayce’s most famous predictions were: The Great Depression; The rise of Hitler and a world war which Germany would lose; the fall of communism; eventual peace between the U.S. and Russia; the Jews returning to the Promised Land; the rise of China as a world power; and he predicted his own death. Interestingly, one of Edgar Cayce’s most unusual (or considered unusual at the time of the prediction) is still unfolding – Climate Change – and how destructive it would become. Some of Edgar Cayce’s predictions seem to partly come true such as finding a path that Cayce said would eventually lead to the Legendary Atlantis (the Bimini Road was found in 1969 – Cayce said "A portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime of ages and sea water near Bimini… Expect it in ’68 or ’69"). Other predictions remain in question. But, the stunning accuracy of many of his predictions remain impressive.

Being a devote Christian, who also taught Sunday school, Edgar Cayce did not initially believe in reincarnation. If it were not for his insistence on accurate recording of trace readings (which he began until he was in his mid-forties), he would never have considered the possibility of reincarnation. Recorded readings by Edgar Cayce reveal a fascinating look at the possibility of life after death and why the soul so often returns to this world. In the Edgar Cayce records of trace readings are some fascinating stories of people who’s past lives included incarnations in the mythical Atlantis.

Edgar Cayce had critics and skeptics aplenty, as all psychics have and likely always will, yet he never seemed bothered by them nor even to aggressively engage them. Being a humble man who considered his trace psychic abilities a gift, he seem to prefer to let the psychic readings and predictions stand or fall on their own merit. Interestingly, there is like possibility that anyone like Edgar Cayce could be seen today in America given so much of his assistance to others involved healing and health (another part of Edgar Cayce’s legacy is being considered the father of holistic medicine). No doubt in America today he would be arrested for ‘practicing healing without a license’ as he was preaching diet, attitude, emotion and exercise and providing specific advice on dealing with particular ailments. Considering the medical knowledge and practice of Edgar Cayce’s time, his advice back then was considered ‘revolutionary’ by some and ‘crack pot’ by others. Nevertheless, today the movement towards combining mind, emotions, medical knowledge and spirituality to create a comprehensive approach for better health and healing is undeniable.

No doubt Edgar Cayce will continue to be studied, and his works reviewed by both believers and skeptics alike. What is not in doubt is the influence of Edgar Cayce’s life on spirituality in America and beyond.

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