Runes And Rune Stone Readings

Runes used in Rune stone readings can come in many different forms such as actual smooth stones with raised or indented markings, pieces of bone, or even pieces of wood with wood burnt markings on the flat sides. The traditional runes are thought to have originated in the 4th century, and continue to this day on a small scale, although their popularity has greatly waned after World War II possibly because the Nazi party adopted the a double ‘sig’ rune symbol for their well-known and ruthless SS troops.

Although runes are best known for being used for divination today, runes first use appears to be for grave markers and tablets to mark special events, battles, or to tell stories. Runes in the past were also worn by warriors for strength, carried for luck and used as charms for protecting a home. Many in the Wicca community have come to embrace rune stone readings (and runes in general) as a more natural and traditional form of divination and magick.

Divination RunestonesThere are many different ways to read the runes and interpret their meanings, as well as different ways of laying the rune stones out, depending on which tradition the diviner is following. Some common ways to do the rune stone readings are the one-rune draw, the three rune-draw, and he yes-or-no draw. Some professionals believe that having a Norse/Germanic background means the runes will be truer for that person, and they will have a natural knack for casting the runes with good results. Some people also feel that lighting candles or a stick of incense helps them concentrate when attempting a reading.

The runes themselves are based on the ancient magical alphabet of north and central Europe. Runic alphabets are called futharks, since the first six letters of any version spell out the very word. There are three main futharks: Elder, Younger, and Anglo-Saxon, although there are many individual variations, especially those based on geography. Rune sets can have either 24 or 25 pieces, and as described above can be made of many different materials.

One thing to note is that modern sets usually have 25 because they have a place for the “blank rune” called wyrd. There are runes for nearly every aspect of life, such as Fehu (meaning wealth, luck, and creativity), Raido (meaning the ability to control, taking charge, or being the one that others answer to) and even Kenza (meaning kinship, family learning, teaching and/or passing on knowledge). Each individual rune holds its own power, although there may be some vague overlap on concepts when inquiries are made.

The runes are used to help make decisions, because the believers of this form of divination believe they hold considerable power. The twenty four runic signs are specifically arranged into groups for 8 runes. These groups are called Aett or Aettir. Each set is ruled over by its own specific spirit or Norse/Celtic god. Some examples are Freya and Frey (god and goddess of fertility), Heindall who is the watcher and keeper of the bridge to heaven, and Tyr who is the war leader and the spirit of the victorious. Many of these names can be difficult to pronounce because they are in their original Norse or Celtic tongue, however the use of the original name is said to increase the effectiveness of the reading and the accuracy of the runes.

Noted Runestone Psychic Reader Denise

Noted Runestone Psychic Reader Denise

Runes are cast traditionally from east to west, facing the sun because the ideal is optimism and the sun is an optimistic symbol in the traditional cultures. The runes must be read as they are cast, and cannot be moved or inverted because that actually changes the meaning. The inverted rune basically means the opposite of the original meaning, and it is important that it be read like that in order to avoid confusion. For some people, the runes are rad more easily if you lay a cloth down in the area you will be casting them, white seems to be a favorite of casters.

Divinational runes should be kept in a secure box or leather pouch for protection and ease of casting. When they have been cast, they do not specifically tell the reader what to do or how to react to a situation and their meanings are more fluid and up to interpretation however they are hailed as quite effective by their users. People have been looking to runes for many centuries to help them make decisions, point them in the right direction, and answer questions both catastrophic and trivial for them. No doubt runes used in rune stone readings will be a valuable source of information far into the future.

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