Can All Psychics Contact Departed Souls?

If there is one common misconception about psychics is that ALL psychics are mediums. Being psychic, or having a psychic ability, is not the same as being a medium. Psychics who are specialized in being a medium, or having the ‘gift’ to contact those who have passed into the spirit world are just one of many types of psychics.

When you tell someone you are psychic often the first thing they assume is that you can ‘talk to dead people’. Are all psychics able to do this. The answer is actually somewhat complex. The short answer is ‘no’. Not all psychics are mediums. There are, according to the psychic community, many types of psychics. All mediums are considered psychics. But not all psychics are mediums.

find psychics to contact after life The complicated part is that, according to many psychics, all people have so-called psychic talents. And since all people have the capacity to tap into their dormant psychic potential, there is no telling who or when someone may open up to the reality there is another spiritual dimension where we can communicate with departed souls. I understand perfectly if you are shaking your head going, "What?" O.K., let us see if we can clear this up a bit.

Generally speaking, psychics are able to access information outside the use of the five senses. This information can come in a variety of forms. Some psychics have what seems to be the ability to ‘read’ others feelings, intentions and thoughts. These types of psychics often refer to themselves as ’empathic’ or ‘intuitive’. Some psychics have empathic talents and can also have a talent for remote viewing, or seeing events taking place elsewhere. From the end of World War Two into the 1970s the U.S. government funded a number of secret programs to develop ‘remote viewers’, ie, people who could see what was happening in a location some distance away. Yes, they were working with psychics. Some reaseach was to find out if this ‘psychic’ ability to remote view could be taught to others. Although eventually abandoned, the research did yield some fascinating results.

Then there is the whole issue of ‘clair’ (or clear) senses. This refers to HOW a psychic may experience their psychic gift. Some psychics are clairvoyant meaning they have ‘clear seeing’. This is why many psychics have historically been called ‘seers’. Some clairvoyants may see those who have passed into the spirit world. Other clairvoyants may see things that take place in the past and/or future. Some clairvoyants seem to be adept at remote viewing. Other clairvoyant psychics may ‘see’ how certain circumstances will unfold, but not necessarily be adept at seeing spirits. There are also clairaudients (those who hear spirits or receive information in an auditory form); claircognizants (one might call this ‘gut feeling knowing’); clairsentients (those who have ‘clear feelings’ and/or can receive information by some form of physical contact be it touch, voice or being close to a person, object or location).

Even among all those who have a ‘clair’ sense in one form or another there are also those who seem better attuned to spirits and the afterlife than others. All of those who exhibit a ‘clair’ sense (or several ‘clair’ senses) are considered ‘psychic’. They are people who are getting information outside the normal use of the five physical senses. However, psychic mediums are unique in that they seem able to access information not just outside the five senses, but outside this physical world.

Even among psychic mediums there are different methodologies. Some psychic mediums are channelers meaning they ‘channel’ a particular spirit or spirits. There are trance mediums (those who go into what seems a hypnotic trace and either speak for those in the afterlife or in very rare cases allow a ‘spirit guide’ to speak through the medium themselves). Edgar Casey is perhaps the most famous, historic trance medium. There are psychic mediums who can literally ‘see’ and ‘hear’ spirits and can relay these messages to others. Some psychic mediums use automatic writing. Ruth Montgomery is perhaps the best known of the automatic writing psychic mediums.

What is important to understand is the word ‘medium’. Although we typically think of the word ‘medium’ as something average or in the middle. In fact, the word ‘medium’ is derived from the word ‘middle’. An artist chooses a medium to express themselves. For example, a painter chooses painting as his/her medium to express their creativity. The paints are the medium, or, inbetween the artist and her/his creativity. An artist has a vision or feeling about what he/she wants to create but MUST use a medium to express that creativity. Otherwise all the creativity is in one’s head but never expressed in this physical world.

A psychic who can be a medium is one who can stand in between, or in the middle, between this physical world and the world of spirits and the afterlife. They act as the medium by which the spirit world or afterlife can be expressed in this world. Some psychic mediums can uses trace states, others may use a pendulum, others automatic writing. Still other psychic mediums just seem to be part in this world and partly in another, spiritual dimension where the dead are still ‘alive’ and spirits are the main residents.

Within the psychic community there is a general consensus that all ‘psychics’ have the ability to reach out to spirits and the afterlife. However, not all psychics may specialize in tapping into that type of information. Some psychics may work with any number of divinational tools like tarot, astrology, pendulum, numerology. Working with divinational tools these psychic may reveal past events and potentials for the future. Almost all psychics work with shedding light on the complex relationships between people (and on the how’s and why’s of particular events). Mediums are psychics who specialize in contacting spirits and those souls who have crossed into the after life.

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Some psychic mediums may use their own unique tools for gathering information about and from a spiritual dimension outside this physical world.

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