What Is Claircognizance?

We’ve all experienced it. That….feeling. The less mystic-minded may describe the sensation as a gut feeling, or perhaps simply intuition. But, those that believe in psychic abilities have a clear term for that feeling a person gets when they just know that they are right about something – regardless of the fact that they have literally no factual or concrete basis for their feeling. That psychic ability is Claircognizance.

Claircognizance is often described as a paranormal or extra-sensory capability. For those who claim to be claircognizant most often describe it as a spiritual gift … and it is a gift nearly everyone has in various degrees … it just a matter of claiming that gift and using it wisely. The word claircognizance quite literally means ‘clear knowing’. Some examples of claircognizance would be knowing your boyfriend is cheating on you without having any evidence of cheating. Maybe the feeling comes on when you know someone is going to behave in a particular manner, before they even have the opportunity to do so. Or, perhaps, it’s the feeling that the late actress Natalie Wood often experienced (it was often said knew that she would die by drowning and eventually, tragically did die of accidental drowning). Or maybe it’s just knowing that there is life after death. While a religious person might call that particular sense of knowing ‘faith’ – a person who believes in psychic abilities would call that sense of knowing claircognizance.
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Claircognizance is one of several specific reported extra-sensory senses. The most common are clairvoyance (clear vision or seeing) clairsentience (clear feeling) and clairaudience (clear hearing). Lesser known and more recently reported are clairalience (clear sense of smell) and clairgustance (clear sense of tasting). Those who work in the psychic or paranormal report that clairvoyance and claircognizance can sometimes be interchangeable, though they describe slightly different extra-sensory perceptions. Clairvoyance is generally more visual and often is experienced as powerful images or in seeing spirits, ghosts or visual impressions others just cannot see.

Some psychics believe that claircognizance represents strong spiritual progress since the person who begins to be increasing accurate with claircognizant predictions are mastering one of the most difficult (and potent) psychic talents. This particular school of though is that claircognizance requires a sustained higher consciousness to be able to master this gift. Others in the psychic field disagree and feel that some people are just more gifted in one particular ‘clair’ sense than another.

A good example of a claircognizant may be Joan of Arc. Although Joan of Arc did speak of having visions and hearing messages from angels or saints, what Joan of Arc also often did was provide warnings or predictions with a certainty as if she just ‘knew’ what the future held. Additionally, Joan of Arc was a mere village girl from a farm and yet she seem to know instinctively how to be a military leader and achieve victories that the best generals of her time seemed unable to accomplish.

Naturally, skepticism abounds as to the existence of any paranormal abilities. The study of paranormal activity is often called pseudoscience by the mainstream media and scientific community. What’s interesting is that there has been some testing of psychics done by parapsychological researchers which has yielded some interesting results. Some ESP studies showing that some individuals were statistically correct an above average amount of the time is also dismissed my skeptics as just a random anomaly. Given that clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience and so forth are so often considered spiritual gifts, the question has to be asked: Can spirituality be tested? Is there a scientific test for the existence of God? Or any form of spirituality?

Many people fervently believe in the existence of paranormal sensations like claircognizance. They believe if you have a question, and if you clear your mind to accept the true answer to that question, the answer is usually the first or strongest thought to present itself. Whether or not you believe in paranormal activity or claircognizance, there’s no denying that many other people do believe in it, or are at least talking about it. And, this has been historically true for centuries. As of the writing of this article, Google currently has about 41,600 results for the term claircognizance and the term “clairvoyance” brings up about 9,390,000,000 articles.

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