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When you decide you want to contact someone who has crossed over to the afterlife you are likely going to seek out a psychic medium. It is possible you have doubts about there being an ‘after life’ or ‘spirit world’. Most people do. Oddly, you rephrase the question, "do you believe in an afterlife?" and make it "do you believe in heaven?" suddenly the answer changes. Where the majority do not believe in a spirit world or afterlife, the majority of people will answer ‘yes’ to the question about heaven. ‘Heaven’, for some odd reason, is not considered the same as an ‘after life’, largely because those that define heaven on a religious premise will dismiss ‘after life’ as something different. But, I digress.

Psychic ‘mediums’ are psychic mediums because they act as a medium between this world and the spirit world. Psychic mediums come in may types. There are channelers, trance mediums, clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients and those who use automatic writing or pendulum, just to name a few. Navigating your way around the world of ‘psychics’ can be challenging. Help Selecting a Psychic Medium When your interest is making contact with someone in the afterlife what you want is a psychic medium. What type or style of medium they are does not really matter. What matters is they are gifted in reaching beyond this world into a spiritual realm where souls reside after death. For myself, I want someone has the confidence to call themselves a ‘professional psychic medium’. Their style, how they are categorized or how they categorize themselves does not make much difference.

Some who seek out psychic mediums want these mediums to have degrees or credentials. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you are aware there are NO accredited university in the western world which issue a BA in psychic talent or a doctorate in mediumship. What you are dealing with is a reality that there is nothing scientific about spirituality. Some of the most famous psychics in history did not have a degree in being a psychic. All psychics seem to be in agreement that psychic ability is a ‘gift’. Either you discover it within yourself, or you don’t. What you are looking for is a psychic medium who feels they have been so gifted, who has spent some time working with this gift and is willing to work with you.

Your first and most important consideration is that you have a good feeling with any psychic medium you contact. Naturally, you will want to ask, point blank and up front, if this psychic is talented with reaching those who have passed on into the afterlife. Do not be shy about it. Besides being very comfortable with the psychic you work with, the next most important question is, ‘Does this psychic have confidence in their gift to reach others in the spirit world.

Most psychic mediums work with a spirit guide who assists the psychic in navigating the spirit world and provides protect for the psychic. Some psychic medium, such as very gifted clairvoyants and clairaudients, can make often make some direct contact with those in the spirit world. Again, whether the medium uses third party spirit guides or whether the clairvoyant medium tries a more direct type of contact with a spirit, does not matter. What matters is how clear a message can be passed from a loved one who has passed on to you, and you to them. Just for the record, even talented clairvoyants who feel they can make some direct contact have spirit guides who assist and protect them.

Psychic mediums who are gifted with the ability to communicate with people (and pets should be included in this discussion) on the other side should give you enough specific information and significant messages from your loved one that you are able to recognize the truth of the contact. Keep in mind that the loved one is not suddenly different in their communication. If a loved one was quiet in this life that will continue in the other world, so it may be more difficult to gain information. If a loved one did not want you to know something in this life, that secret may remain a secret. What most people are looking for from a medium is reassurance that your loved one is okay. Believe it or not, but love does transcend this world and into the next. If you are looking for the medium to be able to heal any problems between you and the one who passed over, well, that may happen, but you should be prepared for disappointed. Healing what went wrong in a relationship is work you must do in your own heart. What you may find is some degree of understanding and forgiveness.

Again, make sure you are comfortable with the psychic medium. Be open and respectful, answering the questions the medium may have for you. It should not be necessary to tell everything you know about the loved one who passed over to the other side. Avoid testing a medium by having a specific word that must come up during the session. If you are so skeptical that EVERYTHING becomes a test or some sort of experiment to prove the psychic ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, then you are better off not getting a psychic reading. You are playing a game within your own mind with your own rules and until that is done there cannot be open mindedness.

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Do not be surprised if a particular psychic medium says they just cannot make a clear connection with someone who has passed-on. A medium willing to tell you this honestly is one you should respect. If you feel a psychic medium is stringing a reading on too long do not be afraid to terminate the reading by saying, ‘I can see you are having trouble making a clear connection. Perhaps let us try it another time’. Do not be surprised if you find you want to try several different psychics. However, the key to this is to only take the best of each reading and leave the rest. Once you have been reassured your loved one has passed to the other side safely, work to let them go … at least in this world. You will see them again in the next. You job is to live this life to the fullest. Love will take care of itself. It since time began.

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