How Did Astrology Begin? A History of Astrology

The stars have a lot to tell us. Humans have used them as a map, a planting guide, and a calendar since the beginning of time. Somehow, with modern technology, people are discounting the wisdom of the stars. Not us, though! We still believe they have a lot to teach us. As does the practice… [Read More]

Muscle Tension Treatment: A Brief Overview of Metaphysical Healing

Do you have chronic muscle pain that doctors can’t pinpoint? Maybe it manifests in your shoulders or neck, it’s usually at a joint. Your problem may not be wholly medical – it could be emotional. Emotional trauma and tension mess with our energy flow and get stuck at different points. Before fancy things like cortisol… [Read More]

What Are the Most Popular Religions in the World?

For some people, religion is a part of life. Maybe their parents drilled it into their brains as children or they chose it later themselves. There are billions of religious people in the world. We’re exploring the four most popular religions in the world with the biggest followings below. 1. Christianity It’s not surprising that… [Read More]

When Did Eastern Philosophy Begin? A Timeline

Most of the Western world is influenced by the philosophy of the Ancient Greeks, the theology of Christianity and science and rationalism of the Enlightenment. The Eastern philosophy of many Asian civilizations offers us another perspective on the world. Many of the concepts and ideas of both Western and Eastern thought have its origins in… [Read More]

Mysterious Spirits: Nats of Myanmar

Likely, wherever you are right now, most of the people around you don’t believe in spirits or ghosts. If they do, they keep quiet about it, considering it a personal issue. It’s even less likely that those around you believe that spirits can be contacted; or that spirits exist in all things; OR THAT these… [Read More]

What Do Angels Have to Do With Christmas?

You see them on top of Christmas trees every year, but what do they have to do with Christmas? Why are angels a part of our annual holiday celebration? If you are familiar with the Christian background of Christmas, you know that angels play a prominent role in the Christmas story about the birth of… [Read More]

Angels: Gabriel and Michael

Increasingly people seem to be interested in angels. In this article we will take a quick look at two of the most popular (if not the most famous) angels. That would be the angels Gabriel and Michael. Much of the discussion about angels currently regards antidotal stories of encountering angels, angel stories and even supposed… [Read More]

Reincarnation And Its Place In Christianity

Reincarnation is the belief that, when we die, our souls come back to life in new bodies. It is a philosophical concept that many religions believe to be true. Reincarnation is a core belief in Hinduism, closely linked to “karma” – the sum of one’s good and bad deeds that eventually determines one’s rebirth. Other… [Read More]