Angels: Gabriel and Michael

Increasingly people seem to be interested in angels. In this article we will take a quick look at two of the most popular (if not the most famous) angels. That would be the angels Gabriel and Michael. Much of the discussion about angels currently regards antidotal stories of encountering angels, angel stories and even supposed angel healings. What we’ll examine in this article are the Biblical references to these two important angels and their relationship to Christianity.

The first time the name of an angel is mentioned in the Bible is in the book of the prophet Daniel (Daniel 8:16). There are two angels called by their names in the Word of God (excluding the fallen angel Lucifer who would later be referred to as the Devil). These first two angels mentioned are Gabriel and Michael. They are both mentioned by name for the first time in the book of Daniel. Both these angels appear both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.

angel gabrielArchangel Gabriel

Gabriel is an archangel. An archangel is an angel of the highest order. The name ‘Gabriel’ means “mighty one of God”. He is said to represent the ministry of the Holy Spirit and is typically seen in connection with Messianic prophesies. In the Bible, Gabriel appears to three people regarding the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament, Gabriel appears to Daniel. He appeared to Daniel twice in visions. Daniel had a vision of a ram and a goat. Gabriel appeared to Daniel and interpreted his vision for him. The ram was the king of Media and Persia and the goat was the king of Greece. Gabriel explained to Daniel what would happen in the future regarding Babylon and these two nations. The second time Gabriel appeared to Daniel was when Daniel was fasting and praying for his nation. Gabriel appeared in a vision and told Daniel about future happenings, the famous 70-week prophesy. Many believe that the last 3 weeks of this prophesy has not yet been fulfilled, and will happen shortly before the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Little known is that Daniel was captured and imprisoned by Babylonians. During his captivity Daniel became an important mystic, a soothsayer for Babylonian royalty, often interpreting dreams and visions, and even predicting the future..

Also in the Old Testament, Gabriel appears to Zechariah (also known as Zacharias), a priest married to a woman named Elizabeth, who was barren. Zechariah was chosen by lot to burn incense in the temple. Once, while he was inside the temple, the angel Gabriel appeared to him and told him that his wife would become pregnant with a boy, whom they should call John, and that John would go on to do great things in the name of God. Naturally, Zechariah was skeptical of Gabriel’s knowing he was old and his wife, barren. Gabriel answered his skepticism by saying, “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God.&rdquo. Gabriel then told Zechariah that he was sent to bring this good news. Perhaps because of his skepticism (or maybe worse, he interrupted Gabriel) Zechariah was rendered mute and unable to speak until the prophesy was fulfilled. Zechariah was again able to speak the day he and his wife named their miracle child John. And, John would go on to become John the Baptist who would herald the coming of Christ, the Messiah. Jesus would be baptized by John.

Gabriel also appeared to Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus Christ. Gabriel appeared to her and told her that she would become the mother of Jesus Christ. Mary didn’t understand how she, a virgin, would have a child, but she believed God and told the angel that it should be according to the Word of God. Mary was betrothed to Joseph, who when informed that Mary was pregnant before marriage did not believe her story that Gabriel had appeared to her and explained the importance of her child. Joseph broke off the engagement. Though, under Jewish law at the time, Joseph could have Mary stoned to death for infidelity, he kept her secret and went his way. Then, another unnamed angel appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him that, indeed, Mary’s story was true and he was to take Mary as his wife.

Archangel Michael

Michael is also an archangel, and his name means ‘who is like God’ or ‘God-like’. The angel Michael is considered a warrior and his appearances are associated with spiritual warfare and the defense of the good and just.

The angel Michael also appears to Daniel in the Old Testament. As Daniel was praying and fasting for 21 days , Gabriel appeared to him. Michael informs Daniel that he was delayed by the demon. Michael, had to do battle with a demon in order for Gabriel to get to Daniel with an important message. Daniel was told that when Israel returned to their land after the Babylonian exile, the archangel Michael would go with them to protect them.

In the New Testament, it is Michael who takes the lead in the war against Satan in the book of Revelation. In traditional Jewish history, it is the angel Michael who is tasked with protecting and defending the Israelites, the Jews.

Tradition Verse Contemporary Interpretations of the Angels Michael and Gabriel

In traditional interpretations of who the archangel Gabriel is that Gabriel brings God’s messages to man regarding the Messiah and the unfolding of God’s Word. The archangel Michael, the warrior, is tasked both with seeing that these messages are delivered and is the protector of the Israelites.

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Those who prefer the more contemporary interpretations of these two archangels see Gabriel as an angel who brings the messages and promises of God to man by dreams, thoughts and visions. Gabriel is all about goodness. The angel Michael is the ‘spiritual might’ of God, the one who defends the oppressed and unjustly persecuted. When the ‘good’ and the ‘right’ are challenged by evil or injustice, it is Michael who may be dispatched to rectify, with force if necessary, the situation. When God’s ‘goodness’ is not reaching humanity due to incorrect thoughts or actions, when men and women are being deceived, it is Gabriel who is dispatched to bring the right message … and Michaels responsibility to see that Gabriel is unopposed in bringing the good word to men and women.

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May angels watch over you and your loved ones!

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