Muscle Tension Treatment: A Brief Overview of Metaphysical Healing

muscle tension treatment

Do you have chronic muscle pain that doctors can’t pinpoint? Maybe it manifests in your shoulders or neck, it’s usually at a joint.

Your problem may not be wholly medical – it could be emotional. Emotional trauma and tension mess with our energy flow and get stuck at different points.

Before fancy things like cortisol shots, people used energy healing. Learn about what could be causing your pain and energetic muscle tension treatment below.

Pain from Trapped Emotions

Avoiding feelings, pushing them away, or trying to brush them off is impossible. If your brain refuses to deal with it, your body will take over.

Ancient wisdom and now, scientific studies, prove that emotions process in the body. In fact, a study came out a few years ago saying that emotional trauma can even get passed down in DNA.

Chronic Pain Locations and Emotions

Now that you know that your pain could be more than physical, take a minute to self-analyze. Where does your chronic pain manifest most?

Once you have the answer, find it in our micro-guide below.

  • Shoulder tension & emotional or social responsibilities
  • Neck tension & fear and repression
  • Upper back pain & Sadness
  • Middle Back & insecurity
  • Lower back pain & guilt or shame
  • Stomach & emotional processing
  • Legs & vulnerability or impatience
  • Butt tension & rage

Did any of those pain locations and causes make sense to you? Even if you can’t think of anything you’re impatient about right now, think back.

Emotions get trapped for years, was there something you were impatient about years ago? Don’t leave any emotional stone unturned.

While we encourage you to do this work yourself, an energy healer can help. They’re skilled at finding stuck points and you can come back to this guide once you’ve found them.

Since energy healers release stuck energy, it’s likely you won’t need to revisit. As the energy comes unstuck, the body will flood you with the stuck emotion or event.

Not sure what energy healing is? Keep reading to learn!

Energy Healing

Physics tells us that everything is made of molecules and those molecules have a frequency. In simpler terms, every piece of matter vibrates.

Those vibrations are where we get the phrase “good vibes”. A person who’s happy and doesn’t have any repressed issues has a high vibration.

These are the kind of people that make you feel good when they’re around you.

The same goes on the opposite spectrum. Someone with low energy flow gives off bad or unhappy vibes. If you’re highly empathetic, or sensitive, their mood can affect yours too.

Energy healing exists to recharge your vibrations and move them out of stuck places. There are many types of energy healing, but they come from two different schools of thought.

Pranic Healing

Master Choa Kok Sui created the idea of Pranic healing in 1952, on the principle that your body is all powerful. You have everything you need to heal yourself, along with elements the earth provides.

Pranic healers believe this happens by using prana (life force) to heal broken energy.

If you go for a Pranic healing treatment, you’ll go through six steps. The first one is clearing your mind (as any first step should be).

For any energetic healing, you want to be in a meditative-like state. Clear any negative emotions or thoughts and do your best to empty your mind.

Pranic breathing has special rhythms and timing meant to activate your life force. These breath patterns are step two.

Third, the practitioner clears the energy around the body, moving the air in shapes and circles. They’re encouraging the vibrations to increase or decrease in a certain area.

Fourth is energetic hygiene. Like any other part of your body, your energy needs cleaning. You can do this with elements like rock salt or healing crystals.

Sound and fresh air work too. The fifth step is meditation and the sixth includes exercises, like visualizations and yoga.

It’s not uncommon for a Pranic practitioner to assign homework (so to speak). They’ll encourage you to do your own energetic cleansing at home daily.


Reiki is more publicized since it’s been around since 1865. It’s not unlike Pranic healing in practice, but the source of energy differs.

In Reiki healing, the practitioner believes a divine force channels energy to the body. It doesn’t focus on energy from the inside out, but from the outside in.

Depending on the practitioners training, they may not even be in the same room during treatment. They believe they can move energy towards you through the power of intention.

Most of the time, however, you’ll see Reiki practitioners moving the air around clients. They do this with special hand-drawn (in the air) symbols and other methods.

It’s possible to have acupuncture or acupressure and Reiki healing at the same time. It’s like different layers of intensity.

Choosing Muscle Tension Treatment

While reading the two types of energy treatment, which did you identify with more?

Whichever one it was, that’s the type of muscle tension treatment you should seek out. You’re more likely to see results if you can fully emerge your mind in the practice.

If your pain is from very old or deep emotional wounds, you’ll need multiple treatments. Don’t give up too soon!

If you’re seeking out energetic healing, it’s a good idea to work with a psychic too. They can help you unpack whatever old or hidden emotions arise during treatment.

With some dedication, energetic help, and good vibrations, you’ll be on your way to feeling better soon!

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