Simple Ways to Unleash Your Own Psychic Power (And Why You Should)

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Did you know that illusionist Uri Geller had the whole world mesmerized in the 70s as he bent spoons, keys, and other objects with the power of his mind? He was one of the first to bring the notion of psychic powers to the public eye. 

While his feats are probably not the result of actual psychic power, real examples of psychic power are all around us. They just operate in more subtle ways. The power of the mind is real, and like any skill, you can train it and harness it.

Read on to learn how and why you should do it! 

Psychic Power in Academia 

J.B. Rhine was a professor at Duke University who coined the term ESP. In fact, along with psychologist William McDougall, he created the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke. Here, he would perform more than 90,000 experiments

His results concluded that parapsychology was real. These results remain controversial to this day and some of his experiments haven’t been repeated, but they set a precedent. Parapsychology was an official field, and it had scientific backing.

Rhine, along with his colleagues, created a deck of cards with simple shapes: a star, a circle, wavy lines, a cross, and a square. These cards, called Zener cards, were used to conduct ESP tests to see if students could use their minds to guess what cards were in front of them.

The research showed results beyond what probability would deem normal. In other words, the students performed better than they would if they were just guessing.

The suggestion that ESP was real and could be quantified was exciting, to say the least. Grants poured in, and the research continued. 

After several books, Rhine finally retired and his parapsychology lab closed down. His legacy remains though, and he is forever known as the man who made the power of the psyche into a tangible and legitimate field.

Why Work on Your Psychic Power

Many people think that if you work on your psychic power, the only application is to become a fortune teller. This is certainly one application, but it’s not the only one. Imagine how much easier it would be to navigate life if you had advice on how to approach every situation.

Your psychic power is a little voice that tells you how to navigate a conversation, who you should trust, what investments you should make, and what opportunities will be beneficial to you. Honing your psychic power is one of the best ways to become more confident in the choices you make as you live your life. 

How to Hone Your Powers

Have you ever had a feeling someone was going to come to your door before they did? Or have you ever had a dream that ended up coming true? Have ever just felt that you’re psychically sensitive?

If so, you may have hidden psychic powers. Tapping into your psychic powers can be more than just a fun party trick. With a bit of practice, you can become more tapped into the world around you.


The universe is always talking to us, but we rarely have the mental space to listen to it. You have to be open to receiving input from the universe. The best way to do this is through mediation.

Professional psychics enter a meditative trance when they channel messages from spirits, loved ones, or angels. By practicing clearing the mind and quieting their thoughts, they make way for the universe.

Consider adding some meditation to your routine. With just a few minutes a day, you’ll find yourself more relaxed, and you’ll notice that your mind is less chatty. This means you’re more able to hear intuitive messages. 

Trust Your Gut

Psychic powers are rarely clear and well-defined. Often, they are subtle nudges and gut feelings.

Have you ever had a gut feeling that you should avoid a certain street on the way home? Or have you had instincts that someone was a good and trustworthy person? More often than not, this is your mind registering a subconscious message that your conscious isn’t picking up on.

The more you trust your gut, the more you’ll be able to experience subtle, intuitive feelings that nudge you through the world.

Practice Reading People

You can use your gut feelings about people as a way to practice your skills. Challenge yourself every day by trying to read the energy of people around you. Try to go beyond the way they look or how they dress.

Instead, focus on the vibes and energetic feeling you detect. Then, try striking up a conversation with them and seeing how correct you ended up being. Were they as friendly as you predicted, or were your energy readings off?

Ask for Help

Psychic powers can be difficult to train by yourself. There’s no tangible yardstick for success or progress, so you have to intuit your way through the whole thing. For that reason, having a mentor is invaluable.

Consider taking psychic classes and learning how to develop your powers with tried and true methods. 

Develop Your Psychic Powers With Experts

Psychic power isn’t flashy and it isn’t a matter of illusions or showmanship. It’s a very real way to navigate the world with a second sense. Through a bit of practice, you’ll find yourself intuiting more than you ever thought possible. 

If you want to experience what a fully trained and authentic psychic can do, check out our handpicked professionals. After your first psychic reading, you’ll be both amazed and inspired! 

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