Simple Ways to Unleash Your Own Psychic Power (And Why You Should)

Did you know that illusionist Uri Geller had the whole world mesmerized in the 70s as he bent spoons, keys, and other objects with the power of his mind? He was one of the first to bring the notion of psychic powers to the public eye.  While his feats are probably not the result of… [Read More]

6 Things You Should Know About Modern Paganism

Did you know that modern paganism is the fastest-growing religion in the US today with more than 1 million practitioners? The recent boom is no surprise. In an unstable and chaotic world, paganism offers some hope that things have some greater meaning. In addition, despite being the oldest religion in the world, paganism is an evolving… [Read More]

Written In the Stars: The Truth About Astrology Readings

Did you know that 30% of Americans believe in astrology? Astrology is reading wide levels of acceptance around the world. If you’ve ever looked up your astrological sign, you probably know how uncanny it can be. How on earth do the stars know about your fundamental characteristics?  Is it just a coincidence? Are astrology readings… [Read More]

How the Wiccan Religion May Be More Similar to Christianity Than You Think

“Do what thou wilt – then do nothing else.” These iconic words were written by Aleister Crowley, one of the forefathers of modern Wicca in his book The Book of the Law. In fact, these words were said to be dictated to him by the otherworldly entity Aiwass. Although Crowley predates the official founding of Wicca as a… [Read More]

What to Expect From a Past Life Regression Session

Reincarnation is a belief held by many of the world’s major religions. Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism all hold beliefs in reincarnation. The major tenants of these religions are that the souls recycle after death.  To the individual, this belief means that they may have had a previous life experience. And, this life (or lives) may have… [Read More]

What Do People Believe About Reincarnation and Is It Real?

There are many different theories as to what happens to us after we die. Reincarnation is one of the earliest and longest-lasting conceptions of the afterlife. Its history is long and storied, and it has played a huge role in various different religions. But, what is reincarnation? And is reincarnation real? Let’s go through the history… [Read More]

A Guide to the Zodiac Symbols, Signs, and Dates

There has been a massive resurgence of interest in Astrology in the past few years. Learning about your Zodiac symbols, daily horoscope, and astrological profile is a comfort in times of strife. If you want to gain a better understanding of the Zodiac, keep reading. This article will explain sun, moon, and ascendant signs and how to interpret them…. [Read More]

Is There Such a Thing as a Haunted Doll?

Horror movies like Chuckie and The Conjuring have made haunted dolls a popular topic. Buying and selling haunted items online is incredibly easy. However, should you join in this paranormal practice? Continue reading to learn about the history of possessed dolls and how to make contact with a spirit. The History of Haunted Dolls The… [Read More]