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How Does Mythology and Legends Effect My Everyday Life?

In our world of constant skepticism, it’s easy to believe that mythology and legends are the stuff of history, with no effects on the modern-day. However, mythology and all its iconography continue to affect us even now. Their names, symbols, and influence are everywhere, from the brands we buy to the stories we tell, to our daily… [Read More]

What Are the Philosophies Included in Eastern Philosophy?

Eastern philosophy and mysticism have fascinated us ever since we first learned of their existence. Whether it’s meditation, chakras, or yoga, we have always appreciated the spiritual ideas of the East. However, appreciating eastern philosophy and understanding eastern philosophy are two different concepts. Let’s explore some of the core concepts and ideologies which feed into these… [Read More]

What Do Tarot Cards Do?

When tarot first started out, it was a game people played. Today, they can be used for divination. You’ve always thought about picking up a deck and giving it a try yourself but you held off. You’re not sure how the cards work or how to even do a basic spread. Tarot is a hands-on… [Read More]

How Do Psychics See Paranormal Activity?

You’re sitting and minding your own business when all of a sudden, the temperature in your apartment drops. It’s only for a few seconds, but it’s enough to send a shiver up your spine. When you check your thermostat, you can see that the heat is still on. This could simply be a strange phenomenon… [Read More]

Wiccan Rituals and Beliefs: A Guide to Wicca

Did you know that Wicca is a recognized pagan religion by the U.S. government as an official religion? Even with the observation of Wiccan holidays, in some states? Wicca is a new reformed pagan religion. Wiccans worship nature and follow nature’s seasonal cycles. It is based on witchcraft and ritual magic performed from ancient times. In the… [Read More]

How do Psychics Work When Making Predictions Over the Phone?

In the past two or so decades, the industry of employed psychics has grown to a worth of about $2 billion. The question for many is, what’s all the excitement about? Plus, where are people finding bonafide psychics to speak with? Much of this growth in psychic readings come from the growing network of phone… [Read More]

What Are Tarot Cards and What Do They Mean?

Many spiritual practices and tools that don’t fall into the norm are often misunderstood by the general public. Methods of reaching a deeper meaning like psychic readings offer powerful benefits and aren’t as ethereal or far out as you would originally think. It might seem strange to put so much weight into a deck of cards,… [Read More]

What Are Psychics? A Guide Into the World of Predictions

Psychics and psychic activity get a bad wrap in popular culture and media. Stereotypes about how psychics operate and what they claim to do can get in the way of a person trusting a psychic service or seeking one out in the first place. Not to mention, there are a lot of individuals who claim… [Read More]