What to Expect From a Past Life Regression Session

past life regression session

Reincarnation is a belief held by many of the world’s major religions. Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism all hold beliefs in reincarnation. The major tenants of these religions are that the souls recycle after death. 

To the individual, this belief means that they may have had a previous life experience. And, this life (or lives) may have impacted them in ways they do not fully understand. 

A past life regression session intends to guide the participant through their past experiences. The intent is to discover the fundamental experiences from before their reincarnation in the present. 

What can you anticipate from a past life regression therapy session? This guide will help you prepare! 

Why Do People Choose To Do A Past Life Regression Session?

People choose to “go under” to get a better understanding of themselves. Past life regression therapists believe past traumas need examination. The patient may need to revisit the past life to find peace.

The practitioner guides the participant through a set of inquiries and suggestions into their subconscious. The subconscious is the storehouse where they store the past.

While under hypnosis, patients are more open to suggestions and analyses. Many therapists believe these memories lie buried in the subconscious. They are true because the subconscious mind cannot lie.

By revisiting these experiences the participant can sort out their attached energies. These energies connect the person to their old life and the energy of that life. This energy is a collection of karma gathered in each life. 

This karma may be good and bad. This is why it is so important to make peace with these experiences to move forward. 

Do People See Past Experiences? 

Most hypnotherapists say patients have some past life experience during their sessions. But, these experiences vary based on the client. 

Some clients are not able to go completely into the past experience. These participants tend to analyze their past experiences as indifferent observers. 

This is described as feeling a lot like watching people from a distance. Or, even as watching a movie. The experience is not something you become immersed in. 

Others become a participant in the experience. This is an indirect experience with your past self as a separate individual. 

This is far more immersive than the one discussed above. But, it is not full immersion. This level is beneficial for those who do not feel ready to fully become a part of their past self. 

Last, there is full immersion. This level includes the participant becoming one with their past self. 

At this level, the participant’s current self experiences what their old self experienced. This is the most enlightening experience. It allows the participant to know what their old self knew and felt. 

It also allows the participant to empathize with their old self. By doing so they are more capable of forgiving their old self and empathizing with themselves now.

How Do You Prepare For A Past Life Regression Session?

For most participants, the success of their session is dependent upon their knowledge of themselves. This is because the better they understand themselves now the more likely they are to understand their past self. 

Past life regression is a serious undertaking. Before going through the experience, the participant must do a little introspection. 

The more understanding the participant has of their trauma the more likely they are to have a positive experience. This is not to say they would otherwise have a negative experience. But, they may not feel the same level of insight. 

The participant needs to be prepared to reevaluate their previous understanding of themselves. They must be an open-minded individual who is willing to participate with the therapist. 

The participant will want to be able to understand the scenes of their past through the lens of their present life. That’s why many therapists suggest maybe journaling or other acts of self-analysis before their session. 

Is This Type Of Hypnosis The Same As Stage Hypnosis?

Fundamentally, both forms of hypnosis utilize similar tools and methods of suggestion. Participants in stage hypnosis do not have control. They willingly permit the hypnotist to manipulate their thoughts through suggestion.

]Similarly, in past life hypnosis, the therapist uses suggestions on the patient. This acts to guide and lead the participant through their experience. 

Past life hypnosis is not entirely the same as regular hypnosis, though. In traditional hypnosis, the participant is not the active master over their own mind or experience. 

Rather, they become a suggestive individual open to doing the suggestions and bidding of the hypnotist. These are the hypnosis sessions people think of when hearing the term. 

In a past life session, the participant is the master over the experience. They steer the experience through their mind. The therapist is merely watching and guiding. 

They may give insights or suggestions about how the patient should or should not behave with their past life. But, ultimately the patient decides how deep they wish to go and what they wish to analyze. 

Should You Have A Past Life Regression Session?

Most people have had or know someone who has had a strange and reoccurring experience about the past. For many, this experience may be deja vu or vivid personal recollections of someone who passed away. 

Regardless of how these experiences manifest themselves, they have a deep impact on a person’s life. And, going through the work of past life regression therapy is important for living a full life. 

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