Is There Such a Thing as a Haunted Doll?

haunted doll

Horror movies like Chuckie and The Conjuring have made haunted dolls a popular topic. Buying and selling haunted items online is incredibly easy. However, should you join in this paranormal practice?

Continue reading to learn about the history of possessed dolls and how to make contact with a spirit.

The History of Haunted Dolls

The idea that a restless spirit could inhabit objects or be channeled into vessels goes back hundreds of years. Different cultures have held beliefs about the spiritual power of items and their ability to possess a soul. A commonly known example is poppets.

Poppets are similar to haunted dolls as they are made to reflect a person’s image and strengthen sympathetic magick. According to Wiccan tradition, poppets are made from clay, wood, wax, fabric, or cloth, and that anything healing or charms impacts the person the doll represents. Protecting loved ones, bringing healing energy, attracting love, improving luck, and stopping the spread of gossip are reasons why one may make a poppet.

Famous Haunted Dolls

Haunted dolls have gained the spotlight recently thanks to the media, but there are stories of famous possessed dolls. Here are a few well-known examples.


The legend of Okiku varies, but as the story typically goes, the doll comes from Hokkaido, Japan, in the 20th century. A teenage boy Ekichi Suzuki gave his young sister a doll, which she named Okiku after herself.

The Okiku doll had chin-length hair and bangs and wore a traditional kimono. As the story goes, shortly after receiving the doll, the girl fell ill and died suddenly; her family kept the doll. Then, they noticed something odd happening.

Okiku’s medium-length hair grew past the doll’s waist into a discolored and tangled mess. The family had dreams about the doll, lights flickered, and weird noises and voices were heard all around the home. Nevertheless, they kept the doll, and its power strengthened as she gained popularity.

It is said that Okiku invades the dreams of visitors and that the doll’s mouth is opening, showing small white teeth. Her hair continues to grow to this day. Now, she has a private shrine in Hokkaido where people can visit her.


Annabelle is a haunted Raggedy Ann doll that became famous due to “The Conjuring” and the following movies. In the 1970s, Donna Jennings received the doll as a gift from her mother. Annabelle moved around on her own and sat herself in the living room when Donna was at work.

Donna even observed she made strange noises and odors, walked, and even made handwritten notes which said: “Help Me.” One day, when Donna returned home, she found the doll covered in blood. Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren eventually adopted the doll, and it now resides at the Warren’s Occult Museum in Connecticut.

The Haunted Doll Market

Recently, the practice of buying and selling haunted dolls has become popular on platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Instagram. They are often porcelain dolls that look vintage or family heirlooms. The listings give details about the doll’s history, supernatural encounters, triggers, and safety tips.

Antique dolls can be highly active, meaning they are likely to cause a noticeable amount of paranormal activity. Some are reported to be capable of communication, making sounds, moving objects, invading dreams, and inducing sleep paralysis.

While buyers and sellers alike often interact with the market because of their fascination with the supernatural, that is not always the case.

Some buyers seek haunted dolls or vessels to communicate with a lost person. In addition, they are often used to help grieve.

How to Tell if You Have a Possessed Doll

Objects, especially dolls, can have a quality about them that makes them feel alive in some way. Paranormalists suggest you can test your haunted doll. Here is how.

First, you will want to take some time to observe the behavior of the object you think is haunted. Keep the doll in a safe place where you can check in on it routinely. Look for signs such as

  • Fallen objects near the doll
  • Negative responses from children or pets
  • Dreams about the doll
  • Sudden temperature changes
  • Unexplainable sounds or voices
  • Changes in the doll’s position
  • Heightened emotions or anxiety in its presence

Using a good-quality camera, try taking a picture of the figure. Have another person try photographing it if you see visual disturbances, blurry photos, or other errors every time you try recording it. If all the results turn out odd, this could be a sign of spiritual activity.

Communicating with a Haunted Doll 

If you have equipment like dowsing rods, pendulums, or even an Ouija board, you can try communicating with the doll. First, ask permission to speak with the spirit; then keep your questions short and simple to answer (yes or no).

However, not all spirits should be contacted, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Spirits may attempt to communicate through different means, such as giving signs or omens. You need to be ready and willing to pick up on these signs.

Communication through a dream is a typical way of contacting spirits. Before going to sleep, request guidance for the contact and welcome vivid dreams. This method may not work at first, but make multiple efforts before ruling it out.

Spiritualists may try contact through automatic writing, Ouija boards, and telepathy. One way to produce better results is by working with a spiritual or psychic medium. Call a spirit specialist to help with finding a connection.

You can ask questions of a spiritual medium in a private one-on-one call to better understand the situation and know what to do next. Find the right person to speak to through our Psychic Directory.

You Don’t Have to Deal with a Haunted Doll on Your Own

The history of haunted dolls is long and sorted. If you are worried you have a possessed doll, contact a professional psychic for guidance. Take a look at the readers available to help now or call our toll-free number 1-866-407-7164 to speak with support and connect with the best medium for you.

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