Are Cats Psychic?

Famed clairvoyant Jeane Dixon authored a book entitled, "Are Cats Psychic?" Although there is no definitive answer to this question, cat owners and psychic investigators are certain that the answer is yes. Cat lovers (as well as cat haters) can attest that a cat will be drawn almost magnetically to the one person in the room who is either allergic to or petrified of cats. Strays often flock to the one human in the neighborhood who will adopt them, even though the person may not put out food or otherwise provide signs of welcome. And, most cat owners have experienced a time when a cat has sensed that the person is unhappy and made an effort to comfort him or her.

psychic cats There have been a few scientific studies conducted exploring the interrelationship between cat and human, but only a scant handful have probed the possibility of psychic or telepathic communication between cats and humans. Famed psychologist and parapsychologist Dr. J. B. Rhine studied the phenomenon of "psi-trailing," or the ability of a cat to travel long distances through unfamiliar territory in order to locate its human owner. Rhine and his research assistants documented and verified over 50 accounts of domestic cats that had trailed their owners to a new locale. These cats had either been re-homed in the previous owner’s old town or they had escaped or gotten lost in transit. In one case reported in 1971, Clementine the cat traveled from Dunkirk, New York, to Denver Colorado – a 1600 mile trek – to find the exact house of Clementine’s owners had purchased 4 month’s earlier. (Go HERE to learn more).

Telepathic communication between cats and humans is also apparently at play when a cat senses its owner’s intention and reacts accordingly. Most cat owners have experienced the futility of trying to find their cat on the day they are scheduled to go to the veterinarian’s office. Even before the cat carrier has been dragged out, a cat seems to sense that it needs to go into hiding and tucks itself into a cranny that is nearly impenetrable by a human.

A cat can also sense when something good is about to occur. When a human thinks about cooking a particular kind of food, such as chicken or fish, it is common for a cat to begin meowing in anticipation. Often in this situation, the cat will go into its feeding area and pace around its bowl as well. Humans tend to think in pictures, and the thought of delicious food frequently is accompanied by a vividly imagined plate of the specific menu item. Along with the visualized meal come the remembered sensations of how the food tastes and smells. It’s possible that if an imagined scenario evokes strong emotions and sensations in a human, the cat can pick up that energy and become equally excited.

Finally, it is fairly common for a cat to be able to sense a natural disaster. Cats have often been observed to behave differently just prior to an earthquake. Some scientists theorize that the cat can feel the seismic activity long before the actual quake occurs, so their reaction is one that was learned and conditioned due to previous exposure to earthquakes. However, the same behavioral changes have been observed in cats living in areas that don’t frequently experience earthquakes. One normally friendly and mild-mannered cat turned inexplicably mean and angry a minute before a fairly significant earthquake hit the area. The cat and his owner were outside in their western Indiana garden when the cat suddenly began hissing and lashing out at the owner with his front paw. He then hid in some shrubbery. Shortly thereafter, the earth lurched with enough force to rattle the freight cars parked in a rail yard. The New Madrid fault ran just south of the area and had triggered the earthquake, an occurrence that happened every 10 years or so. Since the 6-year-old cat, which quickly regained his composure and was once again docile and friendly, had never experienced an earthquake before this time, he couldn’t have been conditioned to be fearful.

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Anecdotal evidence that has been collected seems to indicate that there’s more to a cat’s stare than meets the eye. That animals possess a psychic component not unlike what humans report experiencing has always been a truth to experienced psychics. Just as in humans, the potency of an animal’s psychic talent will vary between each animal. Just as cat people report on psychic connections with their pets, so have horse lovers reported similar connections with their horses. When you read the story of Lady Wonder the Psychic Horse, you can’t help but come away with the impression Lady Wonder was gifted with extraordinary psychic talent. It’s not such a stretch to believe that some cat’s are also so gifted … only cats would never give away their secret like a foolish horse.

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