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Are Cats Psychic?

Famed clairvoyant Jeane Dixon authored a book entitled, "Are Cats Psychic?" Although there is no definitive answer to this question, cat owners and psychic investigators are certain that the answer is yes. Cat lovers (as well as cat haters) can attest that a cat will be drawn almost magnetically to the one person in the… [Read More]

The Book of Shadows in Modern Society

The Book of Shadows is a text that has been placed in popular culture for decades. If you have ever watched The Craft, Charmed, or The Blair Witch Project, you are well aware that such a text exists. However, it is much more than just a fictional text. It is a very real text that comprises of religious texts… [Read More]

How to Update Your Reading List With Your Zodiac Book

Are you feisty, spontaneous and adventurous? You’re sure to be an Aries! Mysterious, strong-willed and magnetic? You sneaky Scorpio, you! Our star signs and birth influences, absolutely do affect our personalities, traits and life paths, in some way or the other. Whether you believe in good old-fashioned star magic, or demand scientific explanations for every… [Read More]

10 Steps to Fix a Spiritual Burnout and Achieve a High Vibration

Whether you’re a psychic advisor yourself or are seeking the services of one, we all suffer from a spiritual burnout from time to time. Sometimes, living by the phrase “all positive vibes” isn’t as easy as it sounds. We’re listing 10 steps you can start taking today to get your life or practice back on… [Read More]

The 7 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms You Should Know

We live in a time of awakening. Many people now are more conscious and aware of issues and practices that they have the desire to change than ever. During this exciting time as the world awakens, you might be awakening too, and the spiritual world may be trying to contact you. If you think you… [Read More]

10 Top Psychic Predictions for 2017

The world can be as exciting as it is unsettling. Major political shifts, natural disasters, and even the man-made versions make headlines every day. Sometimes it helps to know what might be coming. Would you like a look into what’s possibly on the horizon? Read on for the top 10 psychic predictions of what’s in store… [Read More]

Are Psychics Real? How to Determine If Yours Is Real

When you’re looking for answers about your career, your love life, or just want to see if you can get re-centered, you’ve likely considered seeing a psychic. Unfortunately, there are many fakes in the industry, and we know you’re asking yourself, “Are psychics real?” Short answer: some are, some aren’t. Here, we’ll help you make… [Read More]

How Psychic Healing is Helping Psychiatrists with Psychosis

Is hearing voices actually something bad  — a sign of mental illness? Or might it be an internal source of support, a kindred form of psychic healing coming to us from beyond? At Yale University, a new collaboration between psychics and psychiatrists is teaming together to answer this question. Psychics help psychiatrists make sense of internal… [Read More]

6 Things You Need to Know About Psychic Children

Do you have psychic children? Anything’s possible. And if you understand how to identify the signs of psychic abilities, you can help your child make the most of his or her special abilities. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you do just that. Here are six things you need to know about psychic children…. [Read More]