The Psychic Horse: Lady Wonder

There are two distinct types of people. Those who feel there can be some sort of ‘psychic’ connection between pets and owners – and – those who think there cannot be any sort of ‘telepathic’ connection between pets and owners because there is no such thing as telepathy or psychic abilities. There are those who… [Read More]

What Is Claircognizance?

We’ve all experienced it. That….feeling. The less mystic-minded may describe the sensation as a gut feeling, or perhaps simply intuition. But, those that believe in psychic abilities have a clear term for that feeling a person gets when they just know that they are right about something – regardless of the fact that they have… [Read More]

Psychics And The Sixth Sense

What is ‘the sixth sense’? Besides making a wonderful movie title, there really is no agreement on what ‘the sixth sense’ is or could be. One could say the term ‘sixth sense’ is summed up by the word ‘psychic’. Understanding what that means is a difficult, if not impossible, task … unless you have experienced… [Read More]