Psychics And The Sixth Sense

What is ‘the sixth sense’? Besides making a wonderful movie title, there really is no agreement on what ‘the sixth sense’ is or could be. One could say the term ‘sixth sense’ is summed up by the word ‘psychic’. Understanding what that means is a difficult, if not impossible, task … unless you have experienced something akin to a sixth sense.

When we talk about a sixth sense we are talking about a way of knowing or experiencing life outside the five senses. The five senses are taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. The Western world is dominated by the philosophy that ONLY the five senses are real and there is no way to ‘sense’ or ‘experience’ the world other than through the five senses. The philosophy that dominates Western thought is called ’empirical science’ or more broadly called ‘Empiricism’. I am enough of a Wicca fan to know words have power, and we will return to the magick of that word ‘Empirical’ in a moment.
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The question whether there is such a thing as a ‘sixth sense’ is one that cleanly divides people into three categories: There are those who say there is no such thing as a sixth sense; there are those who maintain that there is a sixth sense; and there are those who are no sure. If you have had a ‘paranormal’ experience where what you saw or heard or sensed was not limited to your five senses, then you would likely be someone ready to argue that there IS some sort of sixth sense. Maybe you saw or heard a ghost … an experience that could not be a purely part of the five senses. Or, perhaps you knew what was about to happen before it happened … which is considered (for the moment) scientifically impossible (since it is thought that time can only flow in one direction and at a fixed rate). To have such an experience would clearly put you in the category of those who believe in a sixth sense. Not to worry, though, since there are billions who do feel that a sixth sense is not only possible, but a fact.

Now, those who have never had a ‘paranormal’ experience are, generally, those who spend their lives believing that ONLY the material world is real and ONLY what the five senses can tell us what is real. They say that, “seeing is believing”. Logic would dictate that the reverse must also be true, “believing is seeing”. For a person who believes that only the five senses are real will only see that. But, what if one believes in ghosts, spirits, angels, precognition, clairvoyance, reincarnation and so forth? Well, then, a person who believes in such things has a chance to see those things, to experience those things. It is no coincidence that in different parts of the world such as India or Asia where the philosophy of ‘Empiricism’ is NOT the dominate philosophy are the same places where you find the majority of people know that ghosts, spirits, reincarnation, ki energy, etc are real.

I said I’d return to the power (and magick) of that word ‘Empirical’. The word is from old Latin. In ancient Greek the word was ’empeirikos’ meaning ‘experience’. The same for Latin. The word was ’empiricus’ meaning ‘experienced’. In ancient times these were word applied to those who had experience in the ways of the world. Later, the word empirical would be associated with healers who believed in practical results over theory. The whole idea there are only five senses and that was the limit of human experience would come much later, and it would be pounded into the heads of Western school children for centuries as doctrine. The argument there is or could be a sixth sense would never get a chance to be discussed, at least not in respectable circles. Anyone who had such experiences was delusional or deceived. Never mind that for someone who had an experience of a sixth sense that such an experience would be ’empirical’ (based on the original meaning of the word).

Is it possible that gifted psychics do have some sort of sixth sense? Why not? The problem is that if you limit yourself to ONLY the five senses, then no sixth sense is possible. Trying to explain a sixth sense experience to someone who limits themselves to the five senses would be like trying to explain the color red to a person blind from birth. This is exactly the situation psychics face when trying to explain what it is they experience and how they experience it to those who refuse to believe any such ‘extra sensatory perception’ is possible.

So, is there such a thing as a sixth sense? That depends largely on you. If you feel only what the five senses tell you is ‘real’, then any experience of a sixth sense would have to be ‘unreal’. Right? If you admit to the possibility that there could be more to the universe than what the five senses reveal, then, you at least have a chance to experience such a thing.

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