What Is a Patron Deity and How Do You Choose One?

patron deity

You’ve found your peace in spiritual practice. Now, you want a patron deity to call your own. That’s the natural evolution of spirituality.

There’s something like 5 billion Gods and Goddesses appearing throughout human history. You’ll have plenty to choose from! Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Mayans, Norse… and that’s hardly scratching the surface.

The list goes on and on with god figures from every country, religion, and culture dating back to early man.

So, who do you choose? Well, that can be difficult for some.

Choosing a patron deity is a very private, personal affair. If you’re ready to begin, prepare to do some work. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Patron Deity?

They are your go-to god or goddess. The one you click with on a deeper level. A patron deity is your mentor on all things spiritual. They’ll teach and guide you throughout your life. 

It will be a god or goddess that you identify with. Your patron deity’s divinity will likely match some of your own interests and choices. You’ll commune with them for advice and learn from their teachings. 

Here’s another thing to consider: You may have more than one patron deity! Human spirits are complex, and we may have many facets to consider when it comes to a patron deity.

Why Do I Need One?

Well, you don’t actually need one. You can practice without a patron god or goddess. It might enhance your spiritual practice, though.

If you find you need a deeper connection to a higher being, a patron deity is a good step. Consider looking for one to help keep you grounded. Familiarity with your god or goddess can help you navigate life choices and rough roads.

How Do I Choose One?

To know is to choose! And, you’ll need to know a lot before making your final choice. Let’s see if you can narrow down your focus.

First, Know Thyself

You may find your patron deity just by getting to know yourself a little better. Here are some areas you can look into.


Who are your ancestors? Sometimes, you’ll find yourself pulled towards a religion or area of the globe. That could be because you have ties to that part of the world.

Start with a look into your distant past. See where your people came from. Are there ancient religions in that part of the world? There could be a deity related to your family origins.

Not sure where to start? There are some amazing ways to find out about your ancient roots, these days. Try a DNA kit for help!

Themes and Causes

Gods and goddesses have various themes related to their divinity. Do you demand honorable treatment of all living things? Look into gods that feel the same about humans, animals and the earth.

Elements and Magic

Drawn to a particular element, such as water or earth? Some deities have relationships that extend to the elements. See if one is right for you.

Practicing in a particular area of magic, such as Wicca? Some patron deities are right there with you. Look into those gods in your personal magical studies.

Then, Know the Gods

Learn as much as you can about the various pantheons, cultures and the old religions of the world. You can start with the ones you’re drawn to. Keep searching and learning until you find yours.

Hey, research is more than reading books and surfing the internet. Some of us need a visual. So, don’t forget about art!

Many gods and goddesses appear in artwork. Check out paintings, pottery, statues, coins, and jewelry. You can find modern and ancient artwork depicting your potential patron deity.

Do much research and comparing when you are settling on your patron deity. Older histories of myths and their Gods may be more truthful than newer writings.

Sometimes, modern texts whitewash mythology. They strive to offend less, and that’s not what you want.

What Feels Right For You?

Some things feel right when you do them. Choosing your patron deity may be one of those things. Some people report feeling a calling or seeing a sign to help them choose.

Some people report feeling a calling to a certain God or Goddess. Though, the jury is out on mixing Pantheons.

In the end, trust your instincts. If you have a connection, then explore it!

Do a Little Practice Magic

It’s ok to try out a few gods and goddesses in your search. In fact, you’ll interact with more deities than your patron, alone.

Introduce yourself! See what happens.

Let’s face it, you’ve done a little research. Knowing something about your patron god or goddess helps you interact with them. Most have favored offerings and rituals. 

Give It Time

Some people know, others don’t. Remember, signs from your patron deity are not always clear. And, they rarely happen like they do in the movies. Most signs from your patron god or goddess will be far more discreet than that.

Practice patience during this journey as you and your chosen get to know each other. You may not immediately know you’ve found your patron deity.

Give it a little time! Continue to interact with your chosen god or goddess. See where your relationship goes after a few rituals.

Your Choice is Personal

When in doubt, keep searching! The hunt for your patron deity will be a personal one and it may be a long process. When you find them, you’ll know!

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