Spiritual Enlightenment: 7 Ways it Helps Your Life

What does spiritual enlightenment mean to you? For some people, spiritual enlightenment is a connection to a deity or higher power — a god that helps direct their lives through prayer and worship. For others, it’s a connection with nature and the world around them. For some, spiritual enlightenment is a connection to deceased relatives… [Read More]

9 Differences Between Eastern Religions & Christianity

There are over 2.3 billion practicing Christians in the world. However, no matter what you believe, it’s important to see things from other perspectives. You may even find that certain aspects of other religions resonate with you. Eastern religions, which include Buddhism, Hinduism, Taosim, and more, are filled with spiritual richness. Plus, they make up… [Read More]

Wiccan Gods and Goddesses: The Complete Guide

Wicca is often looked at with skepticism by those raised in more traditional Christian settings. But there is a lot to be learned about Wicca and it’s severe foundation in belief in higher powers. With only 1 in 3 Americans claiming to be truly happy, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your spiritual life. Wicca is… [Read More]

How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading Preparing in advance can have a real impact on the outcome of your psychic readings. How should you prepare? Several of our psychics offer these suggestions: “A psychic reading is a very special time and you should prepare. Get yourself into your most spiritual place – then call… [Read More]

7 Ways to Use Positive Crystal Energy at Home

Humans have harnessed the power of crystal energy for thousands of years. Almost anywhere you go on the globe, there will be a culture that recognized the power of crystals. Ancient Romans used them for protection in battle. Egyptians used quartz to slow the aging process. And we can’t forget the Greeks — language is… [Read More]

Is an Angel Card Reading Right for You?

Is an Angel Card Reading Right for You? Angel cards are oracle packs inspired by the angels themselves. While the number of cards in a pack may vary, each pack features a variety of inspiring and uplifting images and messages. Who better to explain about this unique form of reading than the gifted psychics who… [Read More]

Is Wicca and Witchcraft the Same Thing?

There is lots of confusion and misinformation about the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft. The most simple understanding is that Wicca is a religion while Witchcraft is a practice. However, many dispute this simple distinction. They also argue that it merely raises the further question of the difference between a religion and a practice. It… [Read More]

An Introduction to Dream Interpretation

Have you ever been confused by a dream? You’re not alone. Everybody has dreams that give a glimpse into their psyche. Even if they don’t remember them. Experts believe that we dream four to six times per night. That means the average person has over 1,800 dreams per year. While everybody dreams, few people actually take… [Read More]