Hindu Philosophy: What We Can Learn From the Teachings

Are you curious about different philosophical doctrines and beliefs? Wish you knew more about Hindu philosophy? Do you want to learn more about the fundamentals of Indian philosophy? There are many different schools of philosophy, one of the biggest demarcations being Eastern and Western. Indian philosophy can seem very involved and complex if you have… [Read More]

Spirituality vs Religion: Finding Purpose Through Practice

The first written records of religion date back to 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia, more than 5000 years ago! We’ve had religions in some form for thousands of years. So, shouldn’t we have figured it all out by now? Instead, there are thousands of religions in the world, and even followers of the same religion disagree on… [Read More]

Foretelling Fate: What Story Do Hand Lines Tell?

The majority of Americans, over 55% percent, believe in psychic abilities to heal and foresee the future. Psychics use powers that are rooted in tradition and history to access the present and even the future. They can’t predict every little thing that will happen to you, but they can see characteristics of the future with… [Read More]

The History of Mediumship in Lily Dale, NY

Nestled among the bowers of ancient oak and white pine, on the east side of Cassadaga Lake, is a quaint little hamlet called Lily Dale, NY. Lily Dale’s year-round population is just shy of 300. Of course, that only refers to its “living” inhabitants. As a Spiritualist center for over 140 years, Lily Dale has… [Read More]

What to do When a Family Member Dies

Did you know that at the moment, about 57 percent of people are struggling to grief the loss of a loved one is the last three years? The loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things humans have to go through. If you recently lost a loved one, there are many things… [Read More]

7 Prophetic Dreams that Might Mean Your Life is About to Change

The interpretation of dreams dates back as fas as 5000 years ago, but in the early 1900s Freud published ‘The interpretation of dreams’, and the vivid cinema of nighttime images began to be unraveled by the world’s most analytical thinkers. Have you ever woken up from a dream and been left with a feeling that… [Read More]

Who Are Sufis and How Do They Differ from Other Muslims??

As of 2020, there are roughly 1.9 billion Muslims in the world. Of these nearly 2 billion Muslims, a small percentage consider themselves to be Sufis. Who are Sufis, and how do they differ from other Muslims? Is Sufism a religion? Let’s take a look at everything you might want to know about Sufism. Who… [Read More]

Talking to Those With Different Spiritual Beliefs: A Helpful Guide

Have you ever felt so different than everyone around you that it feels like you’re living on a different planet? Whether that’s because they voted for the person you think is pure evil, they refused to wear a mask during a global pandemic, or they believe in a religion that is the absolute opposite of… [Read More]