The Power of Numerology and Repeating Numbers

Did you know that the practice of numerology is technically a science? Not an art form or belief system? For example, In ancient Greece, numerology was a central part of life, guiding business decisions, marriages and companionship. What if there were no coincidences? Ever have weeks or maybe even multiple weeks where the same number… [Read More]

Take a Deep Breath In: 10 Tips to Help You Carve Out a Sacred Space at Home

It’s been one of those days. Your alarm didn’t go off and then your car wouldn’t start so you were late to work, your boss got smart about it, and to top it all off you were so busy playing catch-up all day that you didn’t get a lunch break. You are exhausted and frustrated and you kind of just want to scream. Do… [Read More]

Communicating with Spirit: 10 Types of Divination Tools You’ll Encounter in Readings

Divination tools have been around since the earliest stages of civilization as a way to interpret the will of the gods.  Sometimes they are used to foretell the future and other times they are used to reinterpret the past. Those who use divination tools are often called shamans, seers, medicine men, sorcerers, witches, and priests. They… [Read More]

Tapping Into Spiritual Readers to Make Life Changes

Technology lets us access a limitless stream of information from all over the world. Yet, uncertainty about our lives, our decisions, and our futures still plague us. This is why the psychic services industry has grown by 2.0% in 2018. The forecast suggests it will continue to grow in 2019 and the coming years. There are… [Read More]

Buddhism 101: Buddhism Basics for the Blossoming Beginner

Eastern philosophy holds some of the best methods for finding inner peace and attaining peak spiritual development. And, inner peace is vital if you’re looking to become a well-rounded individual. Specifically, Buddhism is a way of life that is guaranteed to help those who adhere to its tenants find the enlightenment they are searching for…. [Read More]

What Is Your Spirit Animal? How to Find and Embrace Your Totem

How connected are you to your spiritual self? Do you know what animal aligns with your spirit in this life? From health care to mental health, spirituality plays a big role in the quality of our lives. One of the most poignant ways to invite heightened spirituality into our lives is to figure out our… [Read More]

7 Easy Spells for Beginner Witches

All 134,000 of us started our magical journey somewhere and we understand how overwhelming it can be to be a new witch. A simple google search for witch spells will easily overwhelm you due to the sheer volume of information. We know it can be hard to find where out where to start but don’t get… [Read More]

Wiccan Success Spells That’ll Improve Your Professional Career

On average you’ll spend 90,000 hours at work throughout your lifetime. Time at work can fly by when you love your career. Unfortunately, though, studies show most employees aren’t happy in their current job roles. Sixty-three percent of workers claim they are generally unhappy and 24 percent of workers say they passionately hate their work. Are you… [Read More]