Wiccan Gods and Goddesses: The Complete Guide

Wiccan gods

Wicca is often looked at with skepticism by those raised in more traditional Christian settings. But there is a lot to be learned about Wicca and it’s severe foundation in belief in higher powers.

With only 1 in 3 Americans claiming to be truly happy, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your spiritual life.

Wicca is founded in encouraging people to connect with the Gods and Goddesses around and within us. Wiccans believe that God is made up of two equal parts: a male part, and a female part.

Wiccans believe that God was never just in male form, but also has a female aspect. However, you can come to the Wiccan world of worship with whatever belief you have in God.

Wicca doesn’t have limitations or boundaries when it comes to personal interpretation. Wiccan Gods are specific and detailed, but they do not wish to force ideas upon anyone. It’s a practice for people to come home to.

If you’re interested in getting past the norms of the religion you were raised in, the Wicca way may be for you. The evolvement from there on is from within the worshipper. Here is a guide to help you get to know a few Wiccan Gods and Goddesses:

The Females


Hecate is often thought of as a Wiccan God to be fearful of. Hecate encompasses both dark and light. This Goddess has a nature that reflects both good and bad. She is a Greco-Roman Goddess. Wiccans who heavily identify with a more Gothic side tend to be huge fans of Hecate.

She is relatable because she offers both sides of any coin. Wiccan worshippers often turn to Hecate during times of chaos or when they find themselves at a crossroads. Those who enjoy practicing magic and witchcraft also heavily identify with Hecate.


Diana is such a special Wiccan Goddess that she has an entire following named after her: “Dianic Wiccans”. Diana is revered as a ferocious warrior and is the Goddess of hunting, and also the moon. She is often connected to natural elements such as oak trees.

Diana is believed to be the Goddess of virginity. She is a strong feminine Goddess and reflects a feline strength wherever she goes.


Ma’at is one of our Egyptian Wiccan Gods. She is the pillar of all justice and truth. She reigns on high in complete balance and order for the world. She transcends mundane and spiritual realms and weighs the souls of those who have passed on into the underworld.

Being the Goddess of justice and truth, Ma’at is able to determine whether a dead person’s soul was worthy to continue on into the afterlife or not. Other important Egyptian goddesses are Sekhmet, Bastet, Hathor, and Nut.


Rhiannon is a Celtic Wiccan Goddess and is in the lesser known realm of the Wiccan Gods. She represents the art of the hunt, horses, and strength. She is also associated with the moon much like Diana.

Her name means “Queen of the Fairies”. She is believed to once have been a fairy but wanted to become a wife of a human prince during her time on earth. She is thought to have beautiful, long, red hair and usually riding on a horse.

If you’re feeling down, Rhiannon is a great goddess to offer prayers to. She can bring great strength to those who have faith in her. When it comes to Wiccan Gods, Rhiannon can lift your spirits.

The Males of the Wiccan Gods


Cernunnons is believed to have horns. Christians might believe that Cernunnons looks more like Satan than a god. But their teachings of Satan having hooves or horns is unfounded in any biblical backing.

Cernunnons has horns. He is the God of life, wealth, fertility and the underworld. He is often depicted with stags and antlers. He is one with the animals as he is part animal himself. He can be found wearing torcs and seated in a crossed-legged position.

His roots lie in the Celtic region like many of the Wiccan Gods. If you need to connect with nature or are trying to get pregnant, send your prayers his way


Feeling sick or having health problems in general? If you’re having physical issues, Nodens is the god for you. Nodens is the god of healing. He is also the god of the ocean and dogs. The various dominions that Wiccan Gods hold power over are very specific.

He is often associated with ancient Roman gods such as Mars and Mercury. He was worshipped in ancient Britain for many years and is revered as a guide to a healthy life.


Maui is thought of as a Polynesian Hercules of the Wiccan Gods. It is believed that when Maui felt that the sun moved too quickly and made days too short, he attacked the sun.

Maui beat the sun and tamed it like a wild beast. He trained it to move more slowly so that we could enjoy longer days with more sunlight. There are versions of Maui’s history that claim he even lassoed the sun with vines from coconut trees.

He is the Wiccan God who pushed the sky further up above earth for us to enjoy. He slew a giant bat and gave humans fire by stealing flames from the evil burning oven of Milu (the death-goddess).

Maui even made a bet with Milu that he could enter through her vagina after the sun rose one morning and race across her entire realm and exit through her mouth before the sun could set. He said if he could do so, she would have to allow human beings to live forever.

Unfortunately, Maui wasn’t able to win his bet, leaving humans with a short-term life span. This war of the Wiccan Gods had a great effect on mankind.

Worship Wiccan

Whether you are looking for life answers or a new god to assist you in your journey here, consider the Wiccan Gods and the Wicca world of worship. There are many gods and goddesses available and willing to help you on your way.

This resurgence of this new age (once ancient) worship is available to all who want to come and partake. Paranormal prayers and worship can open up an entire new world of blessings to you. Breaking out of the limitations and traditions you thought were the only option can bring new light to your life.

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