Strange Facts About the Ouija Board

Before Hollywood turn the Ouija board into a thing of horror, and certain religious groups labeled Ouija a "tool of the devil" (and burned it in bonfires along with Harry Potter books), the Ouija board was a game, a parlor game, which could be found in many households in the North America and England. In… [Read More]

Numerology – Searching For Meaning Within The Numbers

One of the oldest forms of divination is numerology. Numerology was, and for many still is, a way of understanding life beyond the purely material. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, numerology is the occult significance of numbers. Such a simple explanation. Yet, much is implied – like that life may not be so random in… [Read More]

Runes And Rune Stone Readings

Runes used in Rune stone readings can come in many different forms such as actual smooth stones with raised or indented markings, pieces of bone, or even pieces of wood with wood burnt markings on the flat sides. The traditional runes are thought to have originated in the 4th century, and continue to this day… [Read More]