Mystical Powers Of Aquamarine Crystals

One could say that Aquamarine was 35 million years in the making within the depths of the earth. Aquamarine crystal is classified as a beryl crystal and part of the beryl group of minerals. As such it is considered a semi-precious stone, and the beauty of Aquamarine certainly merits that status. The word ‘Aquamarine’ is made up of two words ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘marine’ meaning ocean. One might therefore interpret the word ‘aquamarine’ as ‘seawater’. The term may have been coined as late as the 1600s by a noted geologist. No doubt the blues, greens and blue-green color of the crystals gave birth to the name Aquamarine. Aquamarine is also a word used to describe a particular color of the ocean, a clear, cool blue-green color that can be seen when the ocean is calm and clear.

Before examining the mythology and history of this unique gem, let’s take a look at some of the magical and mystical powers Learn About The Aquamarine Crystal attributed to and associated with Aquamarine. Aquamarine has long be associated with calm; intelligence and intuitive strength; protection; and restorative powers. It is thought to be a ‘cleansing crystal’ that block or helps remove impurities and poisons from body, mind and even one’s love life. Aquamarine is one of the few crystal that is thought to be ‘recharged’ or who’s power can be magnified by placing it in water.

The oldest myths about Aquamarine goes back to ancient Greece and extends into the Roman empire. Aquamarine was thought to be jewels that were lost by the Sirens (devious female creatures who lured sailors to their deaths along the rocky shoreline with enchanting, mesmerizing songs. Sirens would later be associated with mermaids, though the original Sirens were not sea creature). These gems were thought to have the blessings of Poseidon (also known as Neptune to the Romans) who was god of the oceans, brother to Zeus. Aquamarine gems with an image of Poseidon carved into the gem were worn by sailors and travelers on the open seas to bring Poseidon’s protection.

Sometimes aquamarine is called the ‘Stone of Aphrodite’ and holds special romantic properties similar to the ‘love stone’ rose quartz. This is likely do to the mythology surrounding Aphrodite, goddess of love, who’s name means ‘born of foam’. Aphrodite was born of the sea and it is said that ancient worshipers thought aquamarine crystals held the power to help a romantic relationship get off to a positive beginning (and to help a faltering long term relationship find honesty and fidelity). In some ledges, Aphrodite’s throne was "inlaid with beryls and aquamarines".

The ancient Romans thought aquamarine crystals could absorb youthful love and radiate that passion back. Aquamarine gifts were often given to newly married couples. Later, in the Middle Ages, couples seeking to reignite love would wear aquamarine. This could be due to idea that aquamarine was thought to protect against poisons and impurities (could it be thought that the aquamarine neutralize the poisons and impurities built up in a long term romantic relationship?) In the 14th century it was not uncommon for European royalty to wear aquamarine, often as a necklace, to protect against poisoning’s.

Here is where the mystical powers of aquamarine crystals gets interesting: Aquamarine was called the oracles stone during Medial Times. A crystal ball carved from aquamarine was thought to enhance the one’s psychic visions and insights. Further, there was a little known form of psychic dowsing using an aquamarine crystal. An aquamarine crystal was hung from a thin chain so it could swing freely. The crystal was then allowed to swing freely over a bowl of water. Along the edge of the bowl were the letters of the alphabet. By asking or focusing on a question the crystal would swing to individual letters and spell out answers (similar to a ouija board).

In another use of aquamarine for divination, psychics, occultists and others seeking guidance would use aquamarine crystals for a special type of scrying. An aquamarine crystal was cast into a bowl of water. A psychic reader would gaze intently at the waves and movement of the water created by the crystal’s splash and await the images, answers and guidance that would arise in the reader’s mind from this scrying technique. Aquamarine’s magical properties to calm and clear the mind and enhance the intellect must have been thought to improve the scrying experience.

Aquamarine has been a valued crystal since ancient times from Europe to the Middle East to India to Asia. During the early Christian era, aquamarine (and emeralds) was the chosen stones to represent the Apostle Saint Thomas who often traveled by sea. Aquamarine soon became known as the ‘traveler’s talisman’ and travelers carried or wore aquamarine to ensure a safe and profitable trip abroad.

In alternative medicine, for the body, aquamarine is thought to help boosting the immune system; support the healing process; aid in the cleansing of organs and assist in the control fluid retention. Aquamarine is related to the 5th chakra, the chakra for the throat, governs higher communication faith and spiritual understanding. Wearing or holding aquamarine crystals near the 5th chakra is considered a means to help balance and promote the 5th chakra. For the mind aquamarine crystals held during meditation are thought to help one to quickly reduce stress, sharpen the intellect, lower anxiety, and reduce fear. At one time warriors wore aquamarine into battle for courage and improve the chances for victory.

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As you can see, there is much to this simple, humble blue-green crystal. It is the birthstone for March and one of the key gems for the Zodiac sign of Pisces, a water sign. And, as most know, Pisces tend toward spirituality, are sensitive and often display a moral courage few can match. Odd how all these myths, stories and folklore all seem to interrelated.

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Hope this article on the mystical powers of aquamarine crystals was of help.