Rose Quartz: Power Of The Love Stone

Rose quartz is sometimes known as the love stone or love crystal and has a long history as a means to enhance one’s love life and rejuvenate one’s beauty. Rose quartz is also associated with health and healing, especially with those parts of the body (and mind) related to love and romance.

Rose quartz is born in the magma deep inside the earth under intense pressure and heat (between 700 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit or 400 to 700 degrees centigrade). All quartz crystals are made from silicon and oxygen, what makes each type of quartz crystal unique (such as rose quartz, amethyst, citrine and so forth) are the dash of special ‘impurities’ that nature adds at a special moment during it’s formation. In the case of rose quartz, scientists think they are close to knowing exactly how, and from what, rose quartz is made, but there is still some debate about the topic. In other words, at the moment, only mother earth knows how bake up rose quartz, and she is not giving up the recipe any time soon.
Rose Quartz - The Love Crystal
It is worth noting that there is rose quartz and then there is pink quartz (or pink crystal). Rose quartz is more like a cloudy, rose colored stone where pink quartz or crystal is more like a clear, pink crystal. If you create a ‘crystal ball’ from rose quartz you will discover that, when the rose quartz ball is struck by a beam of light, a luminous six pointed ‘star’ will shine from within the crystal (sometimes called an asterism). Pink crystal is more fragile than rose quartz and can chip. The clarity of pink crystal has made it popular with jewelry makers. Both rose quarts and pink quartz can range in color from light pink to purple to reddish. Both rose quartz and pink quartz have been used as ‘love crystals’ through out history.

The mythology of rose quartz is ancient, some myths dating back to the ancient Greeks. Adonis, god of plants and rebirth, was said to be so handsome that women’s hearts ignited with desire the sight of him. Golden skinned, childlike and forever young, Adonis caught the eye of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. It was a match made in heaven (or should we say Olympus). They fell in love and were hardly seem apart. On day Aphrodite had a duty on earth she needed to perform. Adonis, considering himself a great hunter, decided to enter the forest and hunt, even after Aphrodite warned him to avoid any beasts that ignored his status as a deity. The ex-lover of Aphrodite, Ares, god of war, saw his chance for revenge against Adonis for taking Aphrodite from him. Disgusted as a wild boar, Ares attracted Adonis, mortally wounding Adonis.

Hearing Adonis screams, Aphrodite raced to save the wounded Adonis, tearing her clothes and flesh on the thorny bush. Aphrodite tried sprinkling the nectar of the gods on Adonis wounds and singing to him. But, Aphrodite had arrived too late, and the wounded Adonis passed into the land of the dead. It is said where the blood of Aphrodite touch the ground rose quartz were born. And, where the blood of Adonis, mixed with the nectar, soaked into the earth, the first red anemones, a deep red flower associated with love, was created.

Another ancient Greek myth tells of how Cupid, god of desire, brought rose quartz to earth from Olympus in order to spread more love and passion through out the world. An ancient Egyptian tells of how the goddess Isis used rose quartz to preserve her beauty. The tradition of women in Egypt rubbing rose quartz around their eyes and cheeks continues today.

It is easy to see how the use of rose quarts for rejuvenation; to help promote love or ease the loss of love; as a healing crystal for the heart and circulatory system; to protect newborns and ease them into this world; and so forth, can all be traced back to ancient mythology. To many, a mythology is created to explain reality. So, perhaps rose quartz may have energetic (or magical?) properties the ancients discovered and used stories to explain these unique properties?

In the Middle Ages rose quartz was considered a potent love charm, often given as a gift in the form of jewelry. It is said that holding rose quartz in one’s hands helps reduce stress, anger and turn one’s thoughts towards forgiveness. Often you will see rose quartz carved into a heart and worn as jewelry. Wearing a rose quartz heart as a necklace or ear rings is an old, magical tradition and is thought to attract love and/or hold on to the heart of one’s lover. Placing rose quartz in all corners of a room is thought to bring a more loving energy into that room (which is why you can often find some people place rose quartz carvings and art around a bedroom).

The ancient Romans thought rose quartz had some form of healing properties. Among the New Age folks it is not uncommon to find those who feel rose quartz has special powers for rejuvenation, especially with the heart, circulatory system and can be used to help someone heal emotionally from a broken heart. Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra and many feel wearing, holding and/or having rose quartz close by, helps stimulate that chakra. (If crystal metaphysics interests you, check out The Power Of Crystals)

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There is a reason that rose quartz is considered the love stone … the stone of unconditional love … the gentle love stone … and so forth. Who knows? Maybe Mother Nature has created not only a beautiful crystal in rose quartz, but also a magical means to magnify and enhance one’s ability to love? Maybe Cupid was right, and his plan to bring humanity more love and passion actually worked.

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Hope you enjoyed this exploration of rose quartz, the love stone.